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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Cold Hard Truth

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Jax came home to an ecstatic Carly who had been researching fertility and taking her temperature. Pleased as punch he had timed his return with her ovulating, she all but jumped him. It was probably a whole lot easier for Laura Wright to do those scenes with Ingo; I know I sure was happy to see a familiar face bearing the little fertility god in his pocket and an insane story to go along with it to try and take their minds off the goal and put them in the right mood for the process. Over the years Jax has had many a heartache in his attempts to become a father and I’m really hoping things move in the right direction for him rather quickly. He’s long overdue to hold his own child in his arms.

Is that something Patrick will never know? Robin seemed completely cool with allowing him to believe her pregnancy was a result of a trip to the sperm bank. The doctor’s daddy-fears allowed him to put a mental block on their one-night-romp not all that long ago, but you could tell the knowledge that Robin was truly moving on and forward with her attempts to be a mother hurt him. I’m hoping Patrick gets a moment of clarity soon, or Robin gets a guilty conscience and spills the truth. Maybe then we’ll get an idea of what really lies beneath Patrick’s fear of becoming a father.

Lucky pressured Liz to tell him what she was arguing about with Sam. To her credit, Liz tried to avoid getting involved and told him it was a conversation he should be having with Sam, but as he continued to force the issue, she came clean, filling his ear with Sam’s bad deeds and breaking his heart in the process. Meanwhile, while confiding in Alexis, Sam took her mom’s advice and headed over to Lucky’s to bare her soul. Too little, too late, I imagine. We’ll find out if it’s something he’s willing to forgive, when we tune in to watch Thursday’s show.

Kate also showed up on Alexis’ doorstep, looking for advice about her relationship with Sonny. Before too long Diane also arrived and the three power-women of GH sipped their drinks and dished men with a refreshing spin for a daytime soap. I’m so happy to see a friendship being built between these three, instead of them being on the fringes of storylines and used as window dressing.

Kate took the advice offered and went to Sonny’s hoping she could repair their relationship. Sonny, still heartbroken over her refusal to marry him, lashed out at her defensively and insulted her, cutting her deeply, before telling her to go back to Manhattan and leave him alone.

Sonny’s obviously spinning out of control, as Kate wasn’t the only one he lashed out at. He also tore into Jason, furious that Johnny Z. was still walking around and not six feet under or lying next to Alcazar at the bottom of the harbor. Hopefully he took heed of Jason’s advice and will make an effort to reach out to his son, before the Internet rumors come to pass and something “tragic” happens involving the gun his son now has in his possession.

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  • jiggy

    I’m so gald elizabeth exposes sam scerets to lucky and if you haters don’t like it the next time sam decided to do that kind of disgusting things to others she should be prepraid for the down fall even if its good or ugly because you people cann’t expect sam should be the only one to get away with her disgusting ways because her fellings got hurt. and second I know you liz haters are saying sam is better than liz but there are know were in hell sam is better than liz.

  • jiggy

    Drank alcohol & smoked cigarettes while underage.
    Stole the invitation to Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos’ wedding that was meant for Ruby Anderson (September 19, 1997).
    Stole Sarah Webber’s lucky pen and planted it the teachers lounge and stole test answers and planted them in Sarah’s backpack so it would look like her sister stole the answers (October 1, 1997).
    Put a box of condoms in Nikolas Cassadine’s sweater for Sarah to find (October 29, 1997).
    Accidentally stabbed Lucky Spencer when she thought it was her rapist coming back to rape her again (1998).
    Held Tom Yergin at gunpoint (1998).
    Stole the Ice Princess diamond from Helena Cassadine (August 31, 2001).
    Helped Lucky get his father Luke out of prison (October 2002).
    Slapped Courtney Matthews (January 9, 2003).
    Held Jason Morgan at gunpoint (June 23, 2003).
    Slept with Zander Smith while married to Ric Lansing (October 31, 2003).
    Hit Zander with a pipe and thought she had killed him in self-defense (February 2004).
    Stole an incriminating file on Jason from the Port Charles Police Department and shredded it in order to protect Jason (Summer 2006).
    Slapped Maxie Jones (August 9, 2006).
    Slept with Jason while married to Lucky (August 11, 2006).
    Lied about her baby’s paternity (October 13, 2006-October 31, 2007).
    Stole Ric’s cell phone and gave it to Jason (November 2006).
    Helped Sam McCall escape from General Hospital after she was arrested again and got her to Jason so they could go on the run (November 10, 2006).
    Lied to Ric and Lucky about helping fugitives Jason and Sam escape from the police (November 2006).
    Aided and abetted fugitive Jason and hid him in her art studio after he was shot by the police on Ric’s orders (November-December 2006).
    Snuck a cell phone in to Sam so she could call Jason while she was in lockup (November 2006).
    Stole Lucky’s police badge to see Jason in prison (July 13, 2007).
    Committed perjury by lying about Jake’s true paternity (August 2, 2007).
    Fought with Sam (October 31, 2007).
    and thats all her crimes elzabeth webber committed

  • jiggy

    Crimes Committed

    Arson [prior to 2003 arrival; charges dropped when it was revealed her half-brother had started the fire]

    Murder; set a fire that killed her mother. [prior to 2003 arrival; charges dropped when it was revealed her brother had started the fire]

    Pick-pocketing [prior to 2003 arrival]

    Charged with 19 counts of grand auto theft [prior to 2003 arrival; charges dropped in exchange for her testimony against the leader of the grand theft auto ring, her ex-boyfriend]

    Entered pleas of no contest to multiple counts of petty theft and fraud in several states [prior to 2003 arrival; never convicted]

    Has a history of bad debt [prior to 2003 arrival]

    Pleaded no contest to solicitation in Texas [2002]

    Faked a suicide to break out of a small-town jail [1 October 2003]

    Stole the Jack of Diamonds, a card that is a part of the Dead-Man’s Hand, from Jax’s apartment [October 2003]

    Threatened to shoot Jax [October 2003]

    Trespassing; snuck into the Quartermaine Mansion [October 2003]

    Drugged Jax and then stole the two cards he had from the Dead-Man’s Hand set [October 2003]

    Impersonated a math tutor to con Georgie, then stole the other three cards from her room [October 2003]

    Attended an illegal auction; was present while Luke was auctioning off the Dead-Man’s Hand [31 October 2003]

    Broke into Jax’s car [November 2003]

    Sabotaged Jax’s car [November 2003]

    Arrested for aiding and abetting Sonny Corinthos [2 December 2003]

    Stole the sunken Courage’s treasure from her father, Cody [30 December 2003]

    Adultery with Sonny Corinthos during his marriage to Carly [Spring 2004]

    Took out a taser switch and shocked Luke in the back of the neck to knock him out [5 February 2004]

    Stole the Azure Key’s treasure from Luke [5 February 2004]

    Shot and killed Diego Alcazar when he came after her and Jason [17 September 2006]

    and not only that but watch jake gets kidnapped and pay off goons to threaten liz and her boys in the park . that the kind of crime sam committed

  • jiggy

    and on top of all sam’s crimes are these are the other crimes sam committed too.

    Sandra McIntire
    Angela Monroe
    Susan Curtis
    Linda Powell
    Linda Black
    To clean out rich old men bank account and I keep on reading that sam only did those things because of danny but no matter what sam fans says thats still wrong and it didn’t exccuses sam actioms or bahavior.

  • I don’t think I ever said in one of these reviews that Sam is better than Liz. Hey, they both get on my turns. What I have said is it is unfair for Liz to preach to Sam about lying, when she lied to Lucky about Jake for more than a year and a half.

    I also said I thought that Sam had developed real feeling for Lucky and that she wasn’t playing games with him anymore. I thought if she had told him the truth before Liz outed her, Lucky might have been able to forgive her… but that didn’t happen. Judging by Lucky’s reaction to the truth, I now doubt it would have made much of a difference.

  • I understand your point of view but some viewer’s who is still a jasm fans or even lusam fans and even some the people who is judging liz and jason for there lies and I’m not say that they should have but the truth are out now and on the sence of 1-28-08 when liz was at the hospital and was talking to lucky on her phone about the boys liz heard jake crying and then sam voice and after what sam have done it pissed liz off knowing sam going to be near jake and cameron and lucky knows liz don’t want sam no were near her boys because the confrontation liz and sam have on the 1-9-08 because sam went to tell carly about jake being jason son out of spite. Thats why I said lucky shouldn’t let sam near the boys.

  • and another thing those who hate liz call her a liar and a cheater who cheat on lucky and lie to him about jake paternity and they are right but its not like lucky neaver cheat on liz or lie to her and also liz is not the only one was lieing and cheating lucky was also lying and cheating but the only make it bad on liz part is that she lie about jake’s paternity and her feelings for jason but now lucky knows the truth about jake’s paternity and he chooses on his own to ask liz to let him to continue to make people believe jake his son.

  • Kitty,

    You got the facts messed up a little bit. Liz was upset when she came to Lucky’s house and found Sam watching Jake. She didn’t hear anything over the phone.

    Sam telling Carly about Jake was definitely wrong, and now that Lucky knows everything, his trust in her is broken. Unfortunately, it looks like now he may want Liz back and when he finds out she’s seeing Jason on the sly, he’s only going to get hurt again.

  • and on the sence of 1-29-98 when sam went to visit liz in the hospital to ask liz to not to let lucky knows her scerets and liz wounldn’t let the past go or forgive sam or not tell lucky the truth of what sam did all liz haters start to bash her for not forgive sam and always bring up things about how sam save liz and her baby and every body else at the matro court but the seems to always left out the some other people try to stop liz from giving birth to jake early and they keep forgetting that its was not sam who save the people them at metro court.

  • I didn’t I was just trying to go back to that seen and when sam told carly about jake being jason son and liz and sam confontating about sam telling carly about jake and lucky was at sam appartment when liz confont sam about it and they way things was with sam and liz that day so lucky should know not to asked sam to watch jake for him and he should have called liz grandmother back and tell not to leave because would just bring jake over like how he was leaving any way.

  • and actaully liz heard jake crying and then sam knock on lucky’s door and asked if lucky was there and thats why she left the hospital to tell lucky she would be watching the boys her self even the she still need her rest and shouldn’t be moving arround but when she got their she saw sam coming out with jake with a smile on her face and then liz tells sam to hand her son and then asked about cameron but sam said cameron was at his friend house and liz and then liz tells sam to get out even though liz shouldn’t kick sam out.and then they got into a arguement

  • and also I liz shouldn’t preach to sam about lying but when sam do all her disgusting missdeeds involving liz and her boys sam been preaching about liz lying about the most inportant thing to lucky and about being in love with lucky and that was the truth but sam did the same thing and I know sam was not the one was married to lucky or make him believe that jake was his son but sam indanger jake by watching get kidnapped and pay off goons to scared liz off and end up scaring liz children at the same time and didn’t want lucky and liz to appear on every day hero to find jake.

  • I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. By the time Lucky and Liz spoke on the phone, Jake was sleeping. Remember he told Liz he had been upset, but he remembered something his mom use to do with Lulu and it settled him right down.

    I’m not saying Liz was wrong to be upset about Sam watching Jake. I understand why she was, but you just have all the facts that led up to it wrong.

  • and sam knows how jake is important to liz and jason and lucky and every body else who love him but sam didn’t care because if she did she would have told the police of jake wear abouts and also to liz,lucky,jason but sam didn’t instead she talked to her mother about legal advice and sam have days after to to her mother and when jason asked sam two times and sam looked jason in the eyes and lied.and also people are blaming only jason and liz for sam and jason relationship but they are forgetting that sam also the cause of the fail relationship.

  • and sam knows that her relationship with jason wasn’t the same and that it was over because things have change between them after they have admitted they have slept with someone else and after sam found out that jake was jason son sam could have walked in liz hospital bed room and yelled at jason even hit him or tell lucky or even said to jason you know what I have had it with you and putting every body else be for me and even how were relationship and now you lie to be about a child we talk about having but you didn’t want one with me any more and now I know why and its because now you have your own little family with elizabeth and now we are over and then move out but sam decided to continue to act like she doesn’t know about jake paternity and decided to keep her mouth shut so she could find away to get jason to tell her so she could get jason to sue liz for full custody so her and jason could take care of jake together but jason didn’t fall for that and thats when sam reach to her disgusting ways.

  • now actually I remember correctly when sam visit lucky at the spencer’s house sam saw that jake was there when lucky brings jake out and after lucky got jake to go to sleep and put him in those things that they put baby’s in after are wake so they could keep a eye on them .but sam saw lucky was busy so they make plane together for diner and sam said yes. and the next day and I think it was at night time when liz called lucky to chick on her boys few minutes later you here some knock on the spencers door and that time jake was also sleep down stairs and then sam yells lucky’s name and asked if lucky is there and lucky says to liz to hold on and then he put his hands over the phone then answer sam but lucky’s hand didn’t cover the phone very well and thats when jake wakes up because was in the living room inculding his thing when sam knocks on the door and yelling out lucky’s name .

  • I know lucky said that about what his mother used to do when lulu was a baby to get jake to fall a sleep but when he did jake was down stairs in the living room sleeping when he was on the phone talking to liz about jake and cameron and that when sam knock on the spencer’s door and yelling out lucky’s name and thats when lucky told liz to hold on so he could answer sam when sam asked if lucky is there and lucky cover the cell phone with his hand but he didn’t cover it up well so liz didn’t here any thing.

  • Kitty, I do get the heart of what you’re trying to say. Yes, Sam deserved to lose Lucky. She lied and manipulated the situation and that was wrong. All I’ve ever said on the subject is 1) Liz has no right to criticize. She’s done her share of lying to Lucky. 2) I believe Sam has developed real feelings for Lucky. Time will only tell if I’m right or not on that one. and 3) After everything Lucky’s been through the last two years, he deserves to have a woman who truly cares about him. Maybe it’s someone completely different than Liz or Sam.

    As far as the sequence of events that led to Lucky breaking up with Sam. Maybe you need to watch this weeks episodes again on the Soapnet ‘catch up’ marathon either today or tomorrow.

  • I not saying liz should lied to lucky for so long but sam did the sam from the time found out that jake was jason son she should of walking and said to jason and liz that both of you are busted and tells jason its over and move out and build her life over with the job she have and search inside her self and figure out in life what she want and what she want for self and not about other people because all that times she was with jason she eith obbesses over jason or the lifsyle he lived to to me its both because sam complain to lucky how she always life in fear when was with jason then she would been trying so much to get him to take her back or keeping saying she didn’t care about the danger as long as she was with jason.

  • Connie Phillips -I don’t care about lucky feelings gets hurt because liz is seeing Jason because thats none of his business because liz and lucky is not married any more and not because they made a agreement concerning the boys saftey doesn’t mean liz should listen to lucky while he’s getting his freak on with someone else and I not saying liz doesn’t love her boys and her boys safety doesn’t matter because it does to liz and you cann’t stop your self for loving someone just like liz cann’t stop herself from loving jason no matter how hard she tries. as for lucky he doesn’t give a damm about those boys only thing he cared about is getting back at Jason because I read a old soap magazine and it was about george death and also about the killer and inside were it ask on page 36,if jason can stay away from liz and I skipped to the part where greg vaughan said about his character lucky witch he said:Lucky had to know he was pushing his luck requesting any such thing from jason or elizabeth.”He really screwed me,so I want to get him back,” says greg vaughan {lucky}.”In hind-sight,I don’t think lucky really expects it to happen. so that alone make me really believe lucky only telling liz he loves those boys to guilt her so he could control her what better way to get back at jason by using to reason liz and jason chose’s to lie about jake paternity.

  • Connie Phillips -but how is it fair for sam to be preaching to liz about lying when sam been doing the sam concerning the boys because sam put them in danger and keep’s on lying to lucky.as I said it none of lucky damm business who liz decided to date or sleep’s with because liz and lucky is done there is no turning back for them no matter how those pahetic fans keep saying so they could have jason and sam together witch is never happening again and I’m not saying you.

  • Connie Phillips – you said liz shouldn’t preach to sam about lying and I agree with you but the point is none shouldn’t preach to each other about lying. sam judge liz for lying about jake’s paternity to lucky and every one but she and some viewers seem’s to forget sam did the sam the yes sonny did know he is the father of sam baby including jason and yes sonny and jason think it would be best to keep quiet about it for micheal sake but san still lie no matter how viewers want to slice and dice it or sugar code it sam still lie about whose the father of her baby until the truth came out about sonny been sam baby dady and yes sam didn’t want to lie but she did Jason and sonny didn’t hold a gun to sam head or threaten to take her baby away and then kill her no they didn’t so no one can’t say sam didn’t lie about her baby paternity too and secondly I would hate it if lucky forgive sam for putting jake and cameron in danger and it doesn’t matter it was fake or not the main point is the boys matter and cameron didn’t have any clue if the ambush was real or not and it still doesn’t because sam cross the line and that should never be forgiven and if lucky do he doesn’t love those boys because when lucky and sam have there convosation on the docks on 1-11-08 and lucky said to sam that she need to let go her anger and need of revenge against liz and jason and then he tells sam that if any body put or her the boys and liz in danger or hurt them he will make sure they pay and never forgive the person who did it no matter who they are so for lucky to turn back on his word it mean that it was nothing but crap coming out of his mouth and want the viewers that he love those boys as if they were as his own so I will say hell no and if he forgive sam that will be a slap in the face to the viewers and liz and especially the boys who he claim to love more than his own life.

  • Connie Phillips -yes liz don’t have no right criticize sam and yes liz have done her share of lying to lucky but sam have criticize liz from the monemt sam found out about Jake and the disgust part is sam fans or Just the viewers make excuses for sam and talk about the reason why stud there and watch the crazy lady took liz and Jason way for days not knowing were there son was and make them think of or wonder if jake dead or alive and all those crazy sanoreos and whether or not sam intent on letting a innocent baby gets kidnapped it was still wrong and not only that she told maxie that she was going to blow liz little fimally all into hell and the worse part sam went on a pay off the thugs to scare liz and the boys in the park and after that sam was all laughing and saying to the thugs thank you for making the whole seen in the park look good and for making liz believe the threat was real so for people saying sam was sorry for what she done I don’t by that crap because if she was she would rethink her plans of threaten liz and her boys in the park.

  • Connie Phillips -you said: it looks like now he may want Liz back and when he finds out she’s seeing Jason on the sly, he’s only going to get hurt again.why would these too want to get back together and I’m not saying that you think they want to or is I’m Just saying.Secondly liz and lucky are divorce and its none of lucky business who liz befriends with or don’t or even date and liz doesn’t of to answer to lucky about her personally life or who she hangs out with and if lucky get hurt by finding out liz is still seeing Jason then so be it because its none of lucky damm business and not because they made agreement that liz and Jason needs or have to listen to lucky because they don’t and I’m glad that there not listen to unlucky.

  • Goodness girl! I hear what you’re saying. How can I not, you say it over and over and over again.

    The problem is your comments are as irrelevant as this article is now. The article is on a show that aired TWO MONTHS AGO. Time moves on, plots move on, I write on the show five days a week. If you want to be part of a relevant discussion, find the most recent article at the very least.

    As far as I’m concerned the way Sam and Liz were going at each other yesterday, I wish both of them would have been blown sky high in the cannery explosion. They’re both getting on my nerves.

  • Connie Phillips – I don’t need to watch Soapnet marathon either today or tomorrow again because I watch it already.sam was shot and Jason push sam away to protect her whether it was right or wrong or whether its was the help from alexis or not it already happen and done then sam slept with ric and alexis see ric and sam sleeping together and also Jason. elizabeth find out from carly that lucky is sleeping with maxie but liz didn’t believe that lucky would hurt her liz that or cheat on her with some one else so she went up stairs at kellys to prove to carly that she was wrong about lucky & maxie sleeping together so liz went and check for her self and find maxie and lucky sleeping together so she left and run into lulu on the docks crying and lulu see that she was crying and upset so she try to find out what was wrong but liz lied and said she was oak and went back to the apart but ending catching maxie walking in her and lucky apartment and saw them about to have sex again so liz leave and went to see Jason they talked then one thing led to another and then Jason & liz have sex together after that couple week later liz found out she is pregnant then she take a paternity test jason prove to be the baby’s father liz get scared lied to Jason and everyone then when the hostige crises happened and Jason and liz get stuck together liz taught she was going to die so she tells Jason the truth and Jason was angry as he state it but he said that he was going to Judge her because thats the sam thing he did with micheal. after that crises is over sam find out she will never be able have kids Jason then blame himself and decided not to tell sam and liz tries to tell lucky the truth but lucky keeps go on and on about almost losing his life if liz and the unborn child at that time didn’t make it out alive and liz feels all guilty about lying to lucky about her night with Jason and about the baby beening Jason and also luke brings up lura rape and how she forgives him. and then liz start to think about every thing her and lucky been through together and thats why liz remarried lucky and then they went to carly wedding then days after that liz admmitted that she loves Jason to Jason after that liz went into labor and then have some complications during giving birth to Jake and after that and then after liz wakes up and lucky leave liz thank Jason forgiving up his son even though it is mest up but it is over and done but sam over hear’s liz and Jason talking about the baby been his so sam gets drunk tells amelia about jake being Jason and I can keep go on and on about it but I’m not the point it doesn’t really matter how this mess start it happened already and lucky now knows and also when sam break up with Jason in prison sam could have taking her self out of the mess by telling lucky the truth about knowing about jake kidnapping but sam didn’t she kept it a sceret and then went on and try and ruin liz life and paying off goons to scare off liz and her boys away from Jason.

  • Connie Phillips -sam have planty of time to tell lucky about knowing about Jake kidnapping and the thugs that threaten liz and the boys in the park and even when after lucky finds out sam told carly about jake paternity and lucky talked to sam on the docks on 1-11-08 about leting go of her anger and hate of both Jason and liz and sam need of revenge and even when lucky made that speech about leting go and geting help and about not wanting any harm comes to elizabeth or the boys by any one includy sam and that would of been her perfect time to tell lucky about pay off thugs to threaten liz and the boys in the park but sam kept her mouth shut about it.