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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Liz and Jason Declare Their Love

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On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

After making love for the first time, it was more than obvious it really meant something to both Lulu and Logan, and equally as obvious neither had any idea how to handle those emotions. There was something sweet and innocent about the awkward way they handled the afterglow. Of course, Maxie showed up wanting to know the low-down on what had happened and removed Lulu from the apartment by telling her how devastated Spinelli was.

After Lulu went to talk to him, Logan denied he and Lulu had been intimate and told her their on again, off again, on again, off again, on again deal was off again. I was thoroughly and pleasantly shocked. Even though the Logan/Lulu pairing has been growing on me, I was sure Logan would jump in the sack with Maxie just for the conquest. Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath, this deal has been called off, and then back on, so many times, it might not be over yet.

After another heart to heart with Sonny and some coaching from Diane, Kate went with the lawyer to arrange a plea deal. They almost pulled it off too, but then Ric had to show up and remind us all why we hate him so much. He vowed to Sonny he would make him pay, by punishing everyone associated with him. I get so sick of watching Ric get all high and mighty and ignore the fact he’s been less than an upstanding citizen. He’s really gone overboard in the last couple weeks though, and I wonder if they aren’t making him hated by everyone to set him up as the next murder victim in Port Charles.

Jerry managed to convince Irina to let Carly leave so they could be alone. Somehow, all by herself, Carly was able to figure out which boat was Irina’s and make her way onto the vessel. She almost escaped with Jax too before Irina showed back up (after knocking Jerry unconscious) retaking her hostage — plus one. When Jerry finally joined Irina’s party, she informed him he would now have the pleasure of watching both Jax and Carly die.

I’m trying, I really am, but I just have not been able to get into this whole storyline, and it takes real constraint not to hit the fast forward button when I watch from DVR. Irina’s bad accent and acting hurts my ears and Carly playing superhero is really getting oh-so-old.

After a heart-wrenching and emotional exchange between Liz and Jason, one in which Jason shed real tears, they once again agreed that for Jake’s safety, they must live apart and Jason must disassociate himself from Liz and both of her children. Sonny maintained Jason was making a huge mistake, but Jason insisted it was the only way to protect his son. Later, Sam ran into Jason in the park and he thanked her for helping Liz and the kids, but then left with things still strained between them.

Having had the bug put in his ear by Sam, Lucky asked Liz if Jason’s name was mentioned by the men who accosted her, and she admitted it had. Still torn up from her declaration to Jason and the decision they could never be, she told her husband it was up to him if wanted to fight for their marriage or not. Lucky admitted he didn’t want to let her go.

I never really expected to get so involved in all this, especially since up until now I haven’t been a huge fan of the Jason and Liz pairing, but watching him pour his heart out to Liz was not an easy thing to just take casually. Jason has shown such emotional growth since losing his father and becoming one, I’m curious to see how he would react if he got one more chance to talk to Alan. (That’s a hint, writers.) But just as I was starting to feel compassion for Liz she had to go and ruin it by turning back to Lucky just moments after telling Jason how deeply she loved him. Wise up, man, your wife is playing you.

This Week on General Hospital :

Check out the promo clip below for the culmination of the Eli Love story this Thursday and Friday, with Rick Springfield performing “Who Killed Rock N Roll” from his soon-to-be-released album.

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  • Robin Kavanagh

    Somehow, all by herself, Carly was able to figure out which boat was Irina’s and make her way onto the vessel.

    Add to that, who in their right mind goes on a rescue attempt in clackity heels? Carly’s noisy feet bugged me yesterday when she was pussy-footing around the boat.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one moved by Jason’s performance.

  • Add to that, who in their right mind goes on a rescue attempt in clackity heels?

    And the clothes she wears! Don’t get me started. What was it awhile back over two weeks she wore the same over the shoulder halter thing, she had it in two colors, EVERYWHERE.

    She wore it to the hotel, to visit Jason in prison, to take the kids to the park. Oh wait, Carly, self described mother of the year, can’t be bothered with her kids unless it suits her.

    I really didn’t mean to turn this into a Carly bashing session, but your right? Who wears high heels to rescue your husband?

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