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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Spinelli Heartbroken, Sam Plays Savior

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On Monday's General Hospital:

Spinelli watched, heartbroken, as Lulu left Kelly's with Logan and later had to put up with Maxie's taunting and cruelty. In his apartment, Logan tried to push Lulu away yet again referring to the mysterious 'bad thing' he did in Iraq but Lulu remained steadfast and determined as the two fell into a passionate embrace.

In Turkey, while Jerry and Carly argued over whether or not Carly could help rescue Jax and whether or not Irina was truly alive, the woman in question busted down the hotel room door and held the two at gunpoint while she admonished Jerry for betraying her, oblivious to the point she obviously betrayed Jerry first. When Carly pressed on about Jax, Irina said she was left with no choice but to kill him.

I'm not buying it. If that were the case, it would have been something the viewers would have had a little more insight into. Besides, I still maintain the whole reason behind this Irina storyline is to redeem Jerry and that can't be done if Jax ends up dead.

Student nurse Layla crossed over from the Night Shift, it would seem for the sole purpose of annoying the crap out of Robin (and me) while she batted her big brown eyes at Patrick. First Patrick invited her along to the Lifebeat concert. When she replied she would rather run than go to a concert, he invited her running at a later date. When Robin pointed out she believed he was reconfirming his freedom in response to the pregnancy scare, he tried to soothe her jealousy by suggesting a romantic getaway immediately following the Lifebeat concert.

I'm been putting up with Layla on Night Shift by reminding myself it is an alternate universe and her interference in my favorite couple's relationship is short lived and will be gone when that series ends. Seeing her roaming GH's halls during the days irritates me, especially when she puts the moves on Patrick and he's too dumb to see what she's up to.

While discussing Liz with Spinelli and later Emily, Jason allowed himself to entertain the idea of actually perusing a future with her. When she called and asked him to meet her at the lookout, he was unaware she had just been threatened by two goons in the park who said they intended to use her and the kids as leverage against Jason.

When Jason arrived at their meeting place, before allowing Liz to speak, he carried on about how much he loves her and how he wants to care for her and her boys. Tearfully she replied that as wonderful as it sounds, she knew he would take it all back when he heard about what just happened in the park. Which he does, amidst being shocked that it was Sam who came to Elizabeth's and the kid's rescue.

At episode's end, Sam paid off the big thugs, congratulating them on a job well done and telling them it's not the police they have to worry about, but Jason Morgan. The fact it was Sam behind the attack didn't surprise me too much. It seemed too convenient for her to be there to play hero. What I don't know is how she's going to explain interacting with the attackers to Lucky who walked up on the scene before the final credits rolled.

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  • Robin Kavanagh

    Sorry, Connie. I couldn’t wait for your post about Tuesday’s show. I had to say, OMG, OMG, OMG.

    I don’t know why, but this honesty between Jason and Liz is affecting me. I didn’t think it would, since by now I’m ready for this whole baby/cheating controversy to be over. Steve Burton really does the Stone Cold thing well, so well in fact that I can’t read Jason most of the time. I didn’t think that he was in love with Liz, not like what he showed on Tuesday’s episode. Damn you writers! Taunting us and then pulling away! My bet is that Jason finds out Sam set up the thing at the park and goes back to Liz, realizing there really was no danger.

    What I didn’t like was that Liz went back to Lucky after she knew it was over with Jason. The honorable thing to do would’ve been to leave Lucky and just go out on her own. But then, remarrying him was a mistake to begin with. Ugh! What a mess!

  • Robin –

    No problem! I’m working on Tuesday’s review now and hopefully it will be up soon (Sorry I’m behind today). Believe me I will talk more about the Jason/Liz scenario there, but I do have to agree with you.

    The writer’s have started allowing Jason to show emotions here and there more ever since he found out Jake was his son and Alan died. For awhile I thought we were going to see him have some sort of breakthrough and recovery from his closed head injury… but I guess that is just too far out there, even for a soap.

    My heart was breaking for Jason, especially went he went back to the lookout alone. And yes, Liz upset me by going back to Lucky. She’s done nothing but string him along and play with his emotions ever since she slept with Jason.

    Your predictions for the future are right on in my book. I think we’ll see Jason and Liz together before too long, especially since they’ve both declared their love.

  • I want jason and liz together with the boys but not right now because of the mob war that is going to go down.after the mob war is over I want spinelli to find criminal evidence against rick so liz could get off of perjury and then for jason to sign jake birth sirtificate so and then have half custody of cam so when lucky decide to sue liz for custody he would have big problem getting custody of liz boys because lucky don’t deserve does boys in his life because before he and liz start having problems he didn’t treat his family as number one priority in his life it’s always his job or some one else.so no one can really blame liz for wanting some to listened to her or make feel needed and love.as for her lies it’s wrong but who can blame her for not wanting to tell lucky the truth have you people for get when liz tell lucky she was leaving him and when she was leave he became so angry he grabed her and she trying to get away from him out of their first home she took 2 nasty fall while she was pregnant with jake and then the third nasty fall when lucky try to frame jason for drug posation because lucky believe that jason was a easy traget because of jason lifestyl but then maxie tell liz what lucky is up to and then instead lucky look who was coming he went and fire a harmed weapon at liz and then she took that third nasty fall because of his jealousy over jason.and now when lucky didn’t get the response he wanted from liz he keep on telling people he might as well sleep with sam including his wife and then sleep with sam and after words tell sam he didn’t regret happened between them and then forget to about telling liz about not regreting about sleeping with sam or the fact that he want to continue sleeping with sam while married to liz.as for liz latest feelings towards lucky it is understand able because find sam watch her son jake get kidnapped and her paying off two thugs to threaten her and her boys in the park to get revenge angainst her and to find out lucky her husband sleeping you would have act worse if you were in her shoe.beside all that time sam keeps on show up at her and lucky home when jake was kidnapped and saying those mean things like jake were dead already would set any mother off and as for lucky he cuold put his angry aside and listen to liz reasons why sam hate her so much and try a little to understand even if it means for a secon but no look what he’s doing with sam now.I’m not saying liz is not also having an affair too but you don’t see liz having sex with jason she only kissed him and convesing her love to jason and I’m not saying that what liz did is right but at least she not sleeping with jason with she married to lucky and also she and jason only kiss twice since the one night stand with jason and after lucky find out about it at jason trial is because ric sick twist obession to win liz heart over so he could have liz and her boys him self he didn’t care who gets hurt as long as he win .as for lucky because of his ego and him putting him self in denial he couldn’t see what right in front of him and what ric was up to and sam.but I know I’m a liason fan no matter what so I hope when lucky finds out liz is off perjury charges and liz win custody of the boys and jason out of the mob and liz and jason are married then thats when I want lucky find out about jake being jason son and sam watching jake kidnapping and paying off the two thugs to threaten liz and the boys at the park and how many times sam come into there home and making trouble with liz and find out jason and liz is married so when he finds out the truth about liz and sam .he’s definetly going to be ferous with liz but at the end he going to understand why she lied to him but as for sam he will never speak to her angain because what sam did is horrible, distrubing and unforgivable because she lied about jake kidnapping and about those to guys at the park that sam was talking to and thanking them for scaring off a mother and two boys and then lucky going to feel even worse because find about what sam did to liz and jason he’s definetly going to be angry at jason and liz but sam doing going to make lucky get over liz and jason lies because what sam have done.

  • when lucky finds out sam’s dirty deeds we all know he’s going to try come up with some excuse even if he’s ferous with liz but then he’s going try to get over liz betral and going to want her and the boys back as a family after learning about sam dirty deed’s but as I said in my first comment about liz getting off of perjury charges and jason getting out the mob after the mob war is over and liz win’s custody of the boys and she and jason are married . then after all that he find out after all those things happened and then he try to win liz over because he realize everyone was right about sam and also realize he he have lost the family that could have been his if he was treating them right in the first place and listen to every one they were warning him about sam and that’s when he’s going to lose every thing because he let his anger and ego’s destroy his family that could been his and lost it to jason and as for liz I hope feel sorry for lucky and guilt herself into taken lucky back and as for jason I hope he stop her from feeling guilty and want to take back lucky because he don’t deserve it because everyone was warning him about sam and her scheme so if he felt for it that’s his falt and also sam doing so lucky not supose to complain because that also his doing and letting his ego gets in the way and because of his jealousy he sleep’s with sam to get back at liz and jason .when learns everything he’s going to realize sleeping sam to get back at liz and jason for what they have done it was a huge mistake but it will all be too late to realize his mistake and that’s what going back fire on lucky because he’s going to lose every thing as for sam she is going to prison for life because of her criminal records in the past and now including attempted murder and accessory to jake and false report she gave to the police.