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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam Schemes, Diane Dances

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On Friday's General Hospital:

Sam continued to work over Lucky, playing on his grief and sympathy for her and his own pain to forge a bond between them. Alexis, with a bit of encouragement from Elizabeth, tried to sway her daughter, but Sam would hear none of it. She was determined to exact her revenge, even though Alexis warned she could be hurting herself the most. All the while Nikolas was giving Liz some sage advice, encouraging her to give Lucky space and time to come to terms with what happened between her and Jason.

The thing is there really isn’t one innocent party in this whole mess, save poor baby Jake. They've all played some part in their relationships falling apart, so it's really hard for me to place sympathy anywhere, though I'd find it just if all four of them ended up alone for awhile.

While trying to give Spinelli pointers on how to answer Diane's questions when he's called to testify, Sonny discovered he gave Carly information before she headed to Venezuela with Jerry. Sonny's threats to off Spin if anything happened to Carly terrified the poor kid. If there is anyone with more on-screen chemistry with Spinelli than Jason, it would have to be Sonny. It's so much fun watching these two interact.

Diane's goal of the day was to shake the testimony of Ric's eyewitness, the one who Jason suspected was cooperating with Ric out of vengeance. She did a pretty good job of it too. She got even better news, however, when a package was delivered to her in court. At episode's end she asked to admit evidence that would prove Lorenzo is still alive.

Sort of hard to convict someone of murder if the supposed victim is alive. Rest assured this is all an illusion put together by Carly and Jerry however. I've heard of no plans to actually bring Alcazar back from the dead in typical soap style.

It was the kind of high tension Friday ending you can expect from GH. While Lulu was telling Spinelli she's interested in pursuing a relationship with Logan, Cooper walked in on Logan and Maxie in a passionate embrace. While I'm glad Coop is getting an eyeful of the Maxie we all love to hate, I hate to see Lulu's heart broken when she finds out the truth about Logan and Maxie's on again, off again, back on again plan.

Across town Kate was doing what she does best, resisting Sonny's temptations as she packed to run away from him and her feelings when Mac showed up with an arrest warrant. What could the fashionista be wanted for? We'll have to tune in Monday to know for sure.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • The verdict in Jason's trial comes down this week. Do you really have to ask?
  • Fans have been hoping for a pregnancy story line for Robin and Patrick; it looks like we'll have to wait even longer. Though she will think otherwise this week, the test will be negative.
  • Irina continues her vengeful plan against Jerry. Carly and Jerry team up again to save Jax.
  • Don't forget the big pay-off to the Eli Love story will happen August 24 when Rick Springfield will perform "Who Killed Rock N Roll" from his new album due out next year. The real question is which will role will it be in – as Dr. Noah Drake or rock star Eli Love? Personally, I got a sneak preview Friday night when I caught Springfield at Meadowbrook Music Festival where he opened his show with the song in question, and now can't wait for the mini-concert on General Hospital. "Who Killed Rock N Roll" is also available as a single on iTunes.
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  • Lis

    a little late to this post but sexy, ur rant could have been shorter.we get ur point. In regards to Jasam fans insulting Steve and his wife when Jasam broke up. I find that appalling because I am also a Jasam fan myself. But the EXACT same thing is going on right now with the reuniting of Jasam and the ending of Jiz, where are ur hypocritical comments now? or are u on twitter being one of the cyber stalkers who continue to insist that that steve hates working with Kelly.

  • Becky is super hideous.

    Ha yeah right. Bucky looks like a anorexic bimbo with triangles for cheekbones. I would hardly call her beautiful, or a good actress. But you continue with your delusions. We all know you aren’t sexy!

  • not try bash kelly manoco but ever sence the jasam break up and L&L break up and how the storyline is writen the viewers been pretty harsh towards steve burton and rebecca herbst and talking about how becky is draging down steve and how she is a bad actress and why steve would want to do ronance sence with becky and not kelly monaco and also some viewers have been insulting steve and his wife which they need to stop completely because kelly monaco is not all that and she maybe be pretty but she doesn’t look better than rebecca herbst or act better and kelly monaco is not worth some loosing a great acting job over and never will. and sorry if I sound insulting to you are the actress and I’m not siding with any body I just trying to get people stop going off the deep end because there favorate couple splite up and them to stop throwing insult’s at them over a god damm Soap opera.

  • and I know steve burton must find the things you guys said personal who wouldn’t and second of all kelly monaco be maybe pretty but she is not all that and for who out there think steve burton injoy kiss kelly monaco why would he I me she doesn’t have nothing that steve burton want and why would steve burton choose kelly monaco over his wife who steve have love since the first time he see’s her an thirdly kelly monaco is good actress but she is no were better than rebbeca herbst and certainly not prettier than rebbeca herbst or in better shape.

  • and that when she going to need jason for protection and I don’t really me to insult you guys but thats how I feel about you guys being a hypocrites because now that steve burton charactor is not pair with kelly monaco charactor you guys throw nasty insult at steve burton and his wife witch I’m very disgusted by and a shame of all of you people because guys went way out of line insulting steve and his wife. I know you guys are upset over jasam break up and how things end between them but that doesn’t justiffying insulting steve burton and his wife.

  • sexy

    I’m glad steve burton didn’t listen to you Jasam fans because you guys are bunch of hypocrites because when Jason was pair with sam you guys never throw insult at Jason for being with sam or wanting to have a child together even though their was always danger around jason.I know Elizabeth always saying jason life too dangerous for her boys but as any parent you are always going want to protect your child but in the end I thinking liz would want to come out in the open about her and jason because sooner or later the whole town will know about jake.