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Making Money Out of Molecules

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This is a rare exception of a post–out of respect for my susbcribing readers I will never discuss stocks here–but Forbes columnist Matt Herper interviewed me for a piece that you can read in its entirety here.

Some highlights:

“…Among Wolfe’s picks are Veeco Instruments and FEI, two semiconductor-equipment makers that were supposed to merge at one point. (Wall Street punished them for the proposed deal, which ultimately fell apart.) According to Wolfe, the two companies, which currently have annual sales of $285 million and $342 million, respectively, are getting a significant chunk of the billions in government grants for research and development in nanotechnology.

“….Another semiconductor company with promising patents in nanotechnology is NVE, which is developing advanced magnetic random access memory (MRAM). This new kind of computer memory uses spintronic magnetic materials to store data even after a computer is turned off.

“…Some biotechnology companies are also pursuing the nanotechnology angle. One example is Lyon, France-based Flamel Technologies, a French drug developer that uses biopolymers to make sustained-release drugs. Wolfe thinks this company is fairly valued but may have additional upside relative to its peers. The company’s price has increased more than 1,600% in the past year.”

As noted in my last post, our monthly subscribers get my team’s Nanosphere portfolio which since being launched in March 2002 is up +137.86% versus declining NASDAQ and S&P indexes. If you are interested in joining my other readers, you can find out more HERE. Please disregard the hyperbole of the marketing.
(Josh Wolfe, NYC)

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