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How can you make money online? That’s a question many bloggers ask, and answers vary. There are two primary strategies for web site owners, including bloggers: sell products, or sell advertising.

Classic e-commerce is the sale of physical products via online transactions. Such physical products are then shipped to the purchaser. Digital delivery of download products (such as PDF documents, MP3 files, or other digital files) is also a common approach for making money online. These transactions are most often by credit card purchase.

Posting informative, entertaining, or otherwise attractive content on your web site can attract an audience. You can make money even from small audiences online by selling advertising to companies that want to reach your audience to promote their products. This online advertising may include text ads, graphical banner ads, affiliate marketing ads, sponsorships, or sometimes even sponsored placements of editorial content. Popular suppliers of online advertising include Google’s AdSense and Technorati Engage.

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