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Make Money Online – Only Not

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Anyone that spends a great deal of time on the Internet would like to try to find some way to make some money just doing what they do every day. There are many types of programs online right now that are supposed to allow you to do just that. Make money while online. You can take surveys, read emails, or use some type of program while you surf online. Over the years, I’ve tried them all. Since I’m online upwards of ten hours a day I figured I might as well try.

The question though is this. Do any of these programs ever really work? Some might, but you won’t see any great amount of money from them. About a month ago, I found one such program called Surf Junky. The program sounded easy enough. You log in, and you let their browser window run in the background on your screen. If an ad pops up that interests you, you click on that website and you surf to it. For each hour you run the browser you earn 45 cents, and that amount goes up the longer you surf in the program. Sounds easy right?

In theory, yes. The program is fairly simple. I used the browser the last two weeks of March, and I built up about twenty-eight dollars in earnings. Twenty-five is the minimum you have to earn in any month to get paid, and payment is made either by check or through Paypal. When I saw I had earned enough by the end of the month, I was excited to get my payment.

However, this is when it became hard. After the month turned to April, I started having many problems with the program. The site wouldn’t allow me to login, the browser wouldn’t load, or the site wasn’t available at all. I tried contacting the site several times through their contact page, and I never heard back once. The problems stopped for a few days, and then I wasn’t able to login at all, and I was told my login information was incorrect. I looked in the FAQ, and it said if this happened your account was probably suspended. Once again I tried contacting them, and I heard absolutely nothing. I decided to wait a few days, and see if my payment came through as scheduled on the 15th of the month. It never came, and I still can’t login now.

The site gave me more headaches than it was worth. Their customer service is next to nil, and once again it shows you that you won’t get rich with those pay to surf programs. I wasn’t looking to get rich. If anything I probably figured I’d get forty to fifty dollars a month, and I’d refer a few friends and that might get me just a little bit more. Maybe enough to cover my Internet costs, and a DVD or two every month. Programs like this rarely works, and if they do they won’t be around for very long.

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  • I wouldn’t mind working online for a LEGIT company, most of the the ones out there expect money and have produced little results.

  • Still there are some other autosurf sites that are worth a view and its been quite a long time they are holding up.

    Autosurfing is process by which you will automatically view a fixed minimum number of websites each day to get paid a fixed % return of investment, ROI of your membeship level.There are a lot of autosurf sites out there , some of the top ones that i refer are listed here


    Of course you will have to invest a small amount first, but then you can choose to or not to depending on your detective work.some of the good autosurfing sites that i am member of are listed here and they have been paying its members without a complaint for atleast 5 months and atmost 3 years.there are several ROI schemes to chose from such as 1%,5%,6%,10% & 12%.
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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Gina and sorry you had such trouble – I think this highlights how immature the Internet still is from an economic standpoint

  • Emily Veinglory

    I have tried several of these services and the survey taking ones and never made a cent. The only way I have found to make money over the internet was to provide some sort of service through an internet vendor (writing, stock photography etc). I guess that saying about free lunches still applies 😉

  • 55 hours doesn’t even amount to two hours a day, so anyone that can be on two hours a day can and will make it. I made it in not even two weeks. It is kind of sad they resort to those kind of tactics. If they had even bothered to contact me once in one of my problem requests I might have understood my issues. None of them were ever addressed.

  • Probably they figure that most people won’t bother to use it enough to actually get their payment (The minimum to get any payment translates to 55 and a half hours a month), so those that do they simply disable the account to avoid paying out money.

  • Thank you for the ASINs, DrPat.

    And yes there are more scams than real opportunities for money making Kevin.

  • kevin fortuna

    agreed. scams and incompetence abound!!!!

    kevin fortuna

    kevin fortuna

  • Gina, some free ASINs: 0766015904 (Savvy Surfing on the Internet); 0735713995 (Search Engine Advertising); 1873668945 (Internet Scams).