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Make Magick: Spells for the Curious – Penny Good Luck Spell

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Everyone needs a little luck now and then, right? I am sure there have been times that you’ve thought to yourself, if only I had luck on my side! With this spell, you can make your own luck.


Time to cast the spell: New Moon or a Tuesday

Items needed:

Seven new pennies
red candle (taper or 4 inch chime candle)
parchment paper or any paper and pen
musk incense

In a sacred space where you will not be disturbed, take seven new pennies and place them around a red candle. Light the musk incense and then the candle.

Focus on the candle and think about what good luck means to you. Think about what you need to change in your life. Now on the piece of parchment paper (or whatever paper you are using) write your wish in detail.

Fold up the paper and place it under the candle holder or by the candle. Now say,

By flame, this luck,
come to me tonight,
I see good fortune mine
within your light.
I believe, I hope,
I trust I can.
I make good luck wherever I am.

Let the candle burn down to a stub. Carry the pennies in your wallet or change purse as a reminder. You can even spend them or leave them around as tokens of good fortune for others.

Notes: never leave a burning candle unattended. This spell works best at night. You can find chime candles at party stores or candle shops like the Discount Candle Shop.

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