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Make Magick: Spells for the Curious – Money Honey

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Magick is an important part of my life. As a witch, I live magick daily and believe that this communing with nature and higher-mind can make anyone’s life more entertaining and much more balanced.

Just casting a spell does not make one a witch; however a little magick in everyday life can be an absolute boon! Try it and you’ll see!

When working on a spell for yourself there is no need to cast a circle (like many witches do before spellwork) especially if you are only doing a simple spell.

Casting a circle refers to the circle of protection that most witches cast that can include calling the quarters or invoking elementals to act as a sort of ethereal protection against forces of negativity.

Since you’ll be doing this spell on your own and it is only white pure magick (White rather than magick like Black Magick or the Dark Arts) and very positive.

A sacred space is a place where you feel very comfortable and at peace. It can be outside or somewhere in your home where you have privacy. You do not want to be disturbed by anyone, so it is best to make sure you will have some alone time and to take the phone off the hook.[ADBLOCKHERE]

In the future of this series of spells and articles on making magick, I will discuss in greater detail components of simple spells, correspondents and how a spell actually works. For now however, all you need to know is that you will be the source of the magick for this spell. It responds and manifests according to your focused will and intention.

Make sure you have everything you need with you for the spell so you don’t have to hunt for something in the middle of it. Also never leave a burning candle unattended and be careful with candles and spell components around children and pets. Use common sense.


This spell is to help keep a continuous cash flow in your life. It may seem a little silly at first but once completed you will soon experience renewed vigor in your financial situation.

Items need:

  • One jar of honey (any kind with a metal lid)
  • One tightly rolled dollar bill (tie with string or ribbon to keep it together)
  • Red or white taper or 4-inch chime candle
  • Sandalwood or patchouli incense

Time to cast the spell: New Moon or a Thursday

In a sacred space (a place where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed), place a red or white taper candle in a holder and light it. In an incense holder place a joss stick of sandalwood or patchouli incense and light. Take three deep breaths and relax. Let the candle and the incense set your mood.

Since this is not a complex spell you do not need to cast a protective circle. Just let your mind relax and concentrate on the candle for about three minutes. Next take the rolled dollar bill and insert it into the jar of honey and then cap it tightly. Once you have done this tap the jar of honey three times and say, “Anum erum exum.” Say this three times.

Leave the jar of honey by the candle until the candle has burned down almost to the end. Put out the candle (best to use a candle snuffer.) Now take the jar of honey and place it in a kitchen cupboard where it can lie untouched and unviewed. Just leave it there and do not think of it again.

Money will begin to flow much more easily into your life.

I hope you try and enjoy the spells that I offer. Make Magick part of your life in even the smallest ways and you will find you can change your world.

Blessed be!

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  • Angelica

    About the money spell, etc, does this magic have anything to do with the devil?

  • mimi

    how do I use my own energy while casting a spell? Do i tense my whole body or visualise universal energy on the object? what is the best way to activate s spell?

  • duane

    Hey, I tried this spell, and now I’m down a dollar. I’m guessing that I didn’t have enough ethereal protection against the forces of negativity. Maybe I’ll try again with a $20 bill and a better brand of honey. I used Sue Bee. What’s the best way to get honey out of a dollar bill? Should I just run it though the wash?

  • Concerned

    i want to cast a spell to help my dad, he is going through some hard times at the moment and is under a lot of stress how can i help him he will be so much happier if he had money i know it wont make everything better but it will help him a lot !

  • gourav

    how can make magic