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Make Immigration The Liberal Issue

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By December of 2005 it was evident that the Republican Right Wing was getting ready to create a new “crisis” afflicting our country. In that light, I wrote the following article “Right Wing Republican bait & switch? Not this time".Given

• that during the majority of the Bush administration, the Republicans controlled the Executive & Legislature (both Senate & House),

• that 9-11 occurred 5 years back with no substantive improvement in border security in said period (neither the Canadian or Mexican border),

•that the largest border of all, our coastline and ports, remained porous

It is laughable that the Right Wing would have the mitigated gall to use this issue as a wedge in an attempt to corner liberals into the trap of being against the population. Their idea is to plant stories throughout the mass media about the strain illegal aliens are putting on society at large as well as the security implications. After this false impression has metastasized, they then challenge Liberals as being soft on illegal immigration and security.

In watching the discourse in the mass media and in the blogosphere, I fail to see an emphatic response specifically hammering every Right Winger that brings up the immigration issue with their specific failure, being the party in power, to submit or effect legislation to protect the border. This one issue packaged appropriately can show their incompetence and hypocrisy.

The reality is that the immigration issue is a complex issue that is not easily explained in sound bytes (the preferred language of communication perfected by the Right Wing). As such, it is best not to be forced to address issues of citizenship but hammer on border security as well as homeland security. We do not need to get wordy or nuanced on this issue. We should make the immigration issue our issue.

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  • http://jpsgoddamnblog.blogspot.com JP

    It not only cannot be summed up in sound bites, but it defies the “for us or against us” mentality of the Right.

  • gonzo marx

    a decent analysis…

    but there is a need to express it in a more communicative fashion…

    something like…”securing the borders and ports should be a priority for national security concerns, if nothing else. the GOP has had complete control of WH, House and Senate for years and has still done nothing to secure us from illegal incursion. one must ask, why is the GOP soft on national security in these matters”

    something like that, at least


  • http://www.richardbrodie.com/ Richard Brodie

    Democrats have always been known as “pro-labor”, so you’d think they would be naturally against American-job-destroying, cheap illegal workers.

    Of course taking the long view, their short-sighted, productivity obstructing “pro-labor” bureaucratic regulations have resulted in a continual lowering of working people’s standard of living. So their sympathy for open borders, and their salivating over the delicious possibilities of a huge new underclass to win votes from with promises of free welfare, is not surprising.

  • gonzo marx

    Richard sez…
    *Of course taking the long view, their short-sighted, productivity obstructing “pro-labor” bureaucratic regulations have resulted in a continual lowering of working people’s standard of living.*

    i would have to disagree….more influence can be traced to the Wall Street Journals blaming “low profits” for management on the cost of labor since the early 70’s…and their advocating the disposable culture of production…all the way up to the current corporate mentality of offshoring and outsourcing

    trade agreements made by corrupt officials from both parties that have hurt the american business environment from both production and labor by allowing unfair competition as well as “flooding” tactics have not helped either

    Richard sez…
    *So their sympathy for open borders, and their salivating over the delicious possibilities of a huge new underclass to win votes from with promises of free welfare, is not surprising.*

    to be factually accurate, you might want to acknowledge that for all the dems share the blame, the WH and GOP leadership in the Senate are the ones who have pushed for our current state, at the bidding of their lobbyist masters who want cheap, illegal , labor for exploitation as well as the artuficial suppression of labor costs induced by those illegals in the work force

    that is NOT to say the dems are blameless, but it is dishonest and disingenuous to try and lay this all at their feet when Bush has blatantly singed on to sell out the working people in this matter

    but i digress…


  • Joey

    How do you defend the most pourus borders… the ocean….

    Concentrate the Coast Guard in the Ports!

    The Coast Guard has been preoccupied with “Deepwater” carving large chucks out of the ocean… that is the NAVY’s program.

    Write your congresmen, and Senators and tell them.. the CG belongs along the Coast and with their DHS partners… namely Customs should be hitting the Ports exclusivly.

    Tell them that the CG has made more drug interdictions inspecting cargo in port than it ever did roaming the bounty main. That all those years and dollars clamping down the choke point strategies is a failure. We don’t need no stinkin’ Deepwater (at the cost of BILLIONS). We need PORT SECURITY and PORT ASSURANCE! Exclamation MARK!

    All this horse crap about the “Bermuda Choke Point” and carving troughs and sloughs in the ocean… has been proven to be bunk. Port Security and Port inspections and Coastal Patrols are working. Scrap Deepwater… take those dollars and apply it to coastal and port ops and you will see successes and not fiscal irresponsibility. WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TONIGHT!!!!

  • http://www.richardbrodie.com/ Richard Brodie

    it is dishonest and disingenuous to try and lay this all at their feet when Bush has blatantly singed on to sell out the working people in this matter

    I lay it at the feet of politicians in both parties. Republican policies primarily encourage unfair competition in labor, while Democratic policies primarily DIScourage FAIR competition in business. Both thrusts have in common the fact that they are sponsored by big, established industry interests, which enlist the services of lobbyists to write the legislation which their lackey congresspeople introduce – always cloaked, of course, in the most high-sounding and idealistic language.

  • Cindy

    Neither party can claim to be tough on illegal immigration. In fact, both parties Clinton and Bush encouraged illegal immigration due to the treaty that has been signed to make US-Canada-Mexico one nation. Yes, you read that right. We are being sold out. They purposely allowed immigrants in over the years to get us use to this. As of Jan. 1, 2010 the US as we know it will be dissolved. Bush did this without consent of Congress and the American people. There is an excellent up-to-date site
    http://www.immigrationwatchdog.com I highly recommend it. On that page, there is a video section on the right. Watch the VIDEO AZTLAN (only 5 mins. long). You’ll see why we need to be extremely concerned about illegal immigration.

  • http://bonamassablog.us Joan Hunt

    I’m not sure what world you live in, but this HAS been a left wing issue, to the extent that it has resulted in plenty of sound bytes for the left.

  • http://www.richardbrodie.com/ Richard Brodie

    Just saw on the news where its going to get a lot more expensive for employers to hire people. Because our borders have been left wide open for so long, and so many criminals and potential terrorists have been allowed to infiltrate, new requirements for extensive, costly, time consuming background checks will now have to be complied with. Such business killing and thus job killing and standard of living lowering bullshit is just one more hit that American citizens are going to have to take because of the flood of human sewage that has been allowed to swamp our country, just like Katrina swamped New Orleans, from all the overpopulating third world Hispanic shitholes to the south of us.

    Let’s stop paying HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS to protect the borders of Israel and Iraq, bring the troops home, and deploy them to protect OUR OWN borders!

  • http://www.codexalimentarious.com/ Richard Brodie

    When Bush’s “comprehensive” immigration “reform” results in amnesty and citizenship for 12 (probably more like 20 or 30) million aliens, in all probability these illegals will be allowed to start out with a totally clean criminal record – one which will contain no mention of them having broken our Federal immigration laws.

    By contrast, OUR OWN AMERICAN children, who may have had a “controlled substance” possession charge or two when they were just coming out of childhood, will have to carry that anchor around their necks for the rest of their lives.

    They will be subjected to DOUBLE JEOPARDY, essentially being retried and sentenced to costly, interminable “criminal background check” delays (EXCESSIVE FINES DEPRIVING A PERSON OF HIS LIVELIHOOD), every time they need to apply for a contractors license, certain kinds of jobs, etc.

    They will be denied their right to PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, by being required to “explain” or “justify” their youthful transgressions, provide “proof of rehabilitation”, etc. – essentially having to prove their innocence OVER AND OVER AGAIN for the duration of the ONE HUNDRED YEARS that State DOJs keep all this dirt on file after a person has ALREADY served their time, handed over their fines, and otherwise paid off their “debt to society.”

    Mark my word, the most treasonous traitor ever to occupy the office of President of the United States WILL GIVE this kind of first class preferential treatment to children of the citizens of OTHER COUNTRIES, while doing NOTHING about the CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT that the children of AMERICAN CITIZENS are subjected to as a result of an abrogation of the most important FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF JURISPRUDENCE upon which our civilization has operated since King John signed the Magna Charta.