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Volume two of O’Reilly Publishing’s new Make: technology on your time magazine came out with 29 home entertainment projects inside. Especially intriguing is the article “Build Your Robot Mouse”. It has lots of good illustrations as well as photographs in the step-by-step instructions. They’ve maintained the nice matte-finish cover and crammed this issue full of eye-catching graphics. Another fascinating afternoon project is “Podcast Production Step-by-Step”. It takes you from recording your material through editing and compressing the file, tagging and packaging it, to publishing and syndicating your podcast. Other DIY projects include restoring an old guitar amplifier, improving an old Atari 2600PC console to play games and DVD’s, how to get HDTV on your Mac, and using Lego blocks for building prototypes.

This magazine fits right into a hot trend noted in a Pew Internet Project research study showing that more than half the adults who use the Internet look up DIY information. The study conducted earlier this year asked 1,450 adult internet users about their online habits. “More than two-thirds (69%) of internet users who have high-speed connections all around them (at both home and work) have sought “how-to” resources online. That compares to 61% of home broadband users and 55% of home dial-up users who seek do-it-yourself information” Pew said in a release.

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