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Major Pol Chick Prevails In Germany; Improves Hillary’s Chances

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So Angela Merkel, expected to step down as party leader for turning a comfortable lead in the polls into a near-miss at election time, will now be Germany’s new Chancellor. And Schroeder’s party will get 8 of 14 ministries in the new government in exchange (the important ones of finance, foreign affairs, labor and justice, while Mrs. Merkel gets economy, defense, interior, agriculture, education and family).

This lady obviously has a lot of steel in her, and before you think it’s a sexist comment, you could say that of a guy, too. Many counted Angie out after the election — in fact, Schroeder insisted on staying on in the job of Chancellor — but she has prevailed.

Quiet determination, they call it.

Which is something you can say about our Hillary, too. In fact, this all augurs well for Hillary’s run for president, along with the new TV series starring Geena Davis as our first woman president. This series, if it’s a continuing success, will basically operate as one huge long ad for Hillary. Priceless. It will get the red states used to the idea of a woman as president.

So, after 2008, the two most powerful Western nations might be headed by women. We will then be living in a Major Chick World, and that, my friends, will change the world more than you can imagine. Watch sexist attitudes in Arab and African countries get a real kick in their stinky macho butts, and women there feel inspired to take over, too.

I for one can’t live to see that day.

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  • “Chick” is the best you can do?

    That’s not good.

  • I guess I could say “otherwise a good post” or something, but the use of chick was cheap (cheep).

  • So… we’re supposed to be rooting for Hillary?

    Damn. She’s not all bad? Best I can do.

  • Webbster

    You either have a shortened or no memory.
    Or you were not paying attention in school when the were teaching Modern History.

    One of the G8 countries had a female leader a few years back.

    Beware the Iron Lady
    (For both Germany and U.S.A)

  • Nancy

    There were Marge Thatcher, Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, & Golda Meir just to mention a few, and I didn’t notice ANY other nations scrambling to accomodate or change their attitudes, least of all the socially & politically backwards US of A. We should be ashamed that places like Pakistan & India have had female executives long before, while the US is still marvelling that a woman could be portrayed on TV as president, let alone in real life?! And how many female congresspersons are there? Considering women make up over 1/2 the population, the US can’t do better than a scant handful? That Americans are constantly congratulating themselves on being “world leaders” of this, that, and t’other thing is laughable. We lead in nothing – NADA – except hubris.

  • Politically she’s about dead opposite of Hillary. She’s more like a sign that the left is on the decline in Europe in the same way that it is here.


  • >>This series, if it’s a continuing success, will basically operate as one huge long ad for Hillary.<< Or a positive example of how good a woman president can be which Hillary could never hope to live up to and will look lame by comparison to. Dave

  • Sorry about “Chick.” But would chicks mind that much? I usually call men shits.

  • RJ

    I’m curious:

    What is New Zealand’s policy with regards to American citizens looking to live there for 4-8 years?

    Starting, say, in January of 2009?

    The reason I ask: Hillary looks likely to win in 2008.

    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid…

  • Hillary has turned out to be an extremely effective and competent Senator, winning the trust of New York State’s northern conservatives and representing them as well as her liberal base, like the good centrist she’s become.

    This is not something that can be said for the present Administration under the Incompetent Chimp. The difference in competence and between her and Bush will be breath-taking, to say the least. Expect her to win back our respect in the world, and at home to actually be a uniter, not a divider (not counting the Hysterical Right, of course, who hated Bill Clinton, and who may be ruling the GOP at present, but hardly represents it).

    Dave: As for Angela Merkel being the dead opposite of Hillary, listen my lad, you know nothing about Germany. In American terms, Merkel is to the left of Dennis Kucinich. The moderate right in Europe would be way to our left. Remember, America is the only “civilized” country in the world that does bizarre stuff like jail juvenile offenders for life, believe in superstitions like the Devil and Intelligent Design, and operate a health system that doesn’t work. We’re to the right of everybody, which is what’s wrong about us. With a population that’s 4% of the world’s, we have 25% of the world’s jail population, more than Russia had under Communism or South Africa under apartheid. When it comes to practical things like taking care of our own — take one measure, infant mortality, where Cuba does better than us — we are to the right of some of the most fascist countries out there. We may talk a good game, but we walk so far to the right, we’ve given the right a bad name everywhere else on the planet. A rightwing government like Singapore does a better job of taking care of its people than we do.

  • ss

    Actually, if Shroeder had been willing to form a coalition with the communist party (now calling itself the New Left Party), he could have maintained his chancellorship. The New Left is the party that gained the most new voters in the last German election.
    You’re boy Georgie, he’s quite a uniter there, Dave.
    Shroeder decided to behave in a sane manner, and accept a moderate comprimise at a personal loss, rather than steer his country toward an extreme.
    If you’re an American who voted for Bush, you can think of yourself as a moderate all you want, but in fact, your the reason the communist party of the former East Germany had it’s best showing at the polls since the Berlin Wall fell.
    Put another way, you’re an extremist who’s polarizing the rest of the world, and people like Shroeder are taking the hit to keep it from getting worse.

  • Justin Berry

    Being a “chick” is about the only thing that Hillary has in common with Angela Merkel. Havent we learned by now that the entertainment industrys’ stamp of approval is the kiss of death for a politician? It wouldnt matter if they had Mikey Moore write the scripts for Geena Davis, Hillary still wont win, and not because shes a chick, its because shes Hillary!

  • Justin, when Hillary wins, you won’t be the only one eating your words. Who have the Republicans got to beat Hillary? Bill Frist? Newt? The Republican bench is about as deep as a transgender’s vagina.

  • RJ

    “The Republican bench is about as deep as a transgender’s vagina.”

    You’d likely know… (rim-shot!)