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Major League Baseball Playoffs: A Change Has To Come

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You know that Sam Cooke song, “A Change Is Gonna Come”? Well, it should come soon, because as far as the Major League Baseball playoffs are concerned, tons of changes need to take place. For one, the instant replay on home runs is a nice touch, but not enough. You now need to integrate it into the infield and make it so that a play at home plate does not cost a team the game on a missed call. It is the playoffs, and every call is crucial.

major league baseball needs changes to their postseason nowNow that you have the instant replay taken care of, now is when you change the first round of the playoffs to a best of seven just like the rest of the postseason rounds. The NBA did it years ago, so why can’t MLB?

That question has yet to be answered and the public keeps asking it, so I might as well reinforce it. Let’s make it so that instead of having to win 11 games to hold up the championship trophy, a team has to win an even 12.

Also, why not have 10 teams in the postseason instead of just eight. Gone are the days of the same thing over and over again when it comes to sports. We are in a new age in society now. Instead of the same old thing over and over, let us try something new. The wild card was a great touch several years back, so now let us add a second wild card or even add more teams to a division. Last time I checked, the National League Central had six teams. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Baseball is a great game, and a pure game at that. It is not only fun to watch but the general public can relate to it and everyone plays it at family picnics, as well as for recreational fun. We invite the game into our living rooms and driveways every night during the season, and we just make it a part of our lives, a huge part of our lives.

With these changes, the postseason can be more entertaining and more relevant. Look how quickly this past postseason ended. We need changes and changes soon, so come on Major League Baseball, think about it. There, I said it!

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  • Charlie Doherty

    I can see a 12-team MLB playoff, but don’t see how a 10-team tournament would work.

    That means 5 teams in each league make the playoffs, and one team from each league would get a bye for the first round (the ones with the best record in the AL & NL).

    That would be different, but too radical for most fans (at least for me).

  • Dude, the NBA’s playoffs are way too long. MLB’s is short and sweet.