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Magna-Fi – Burn Out the Stars

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This album was pretty good. It’s like poison meets goo goo dolls, more goo goo than poison, but like a decidedly generous amount of added like rough & tough, or pissed offness, like hmmm, how bout combine alkali trio vibe with skid row. I hope you kind of get what I’m talking about.

They sing about how they been fucked over by the man, he being the record industry as a metaphor of some kind, er, wait, I don’t know if it’s the record industry so much as it is, uh, that they’re pissed off they’re playing everywhere & no record deal. But who blame for that? Hmmm, seems interesante.

But the joke is that the songs sound like they’re these deepfelt meaningful songs about some chick they’re pining away for, hmm, editing central. No seriously, hmmm that seems to put it properly in perspective.

It entertained me. For that I thank it. If I could take it out to dinner. It, being the album, I prolly would, but only to like some mid grade semi nice restaurant, not out of disrespect, but you know, in many ways it kept the central heating fumigating practically constantly, but there were those moments of having a thought of a fly in my soup. Just an imaginary elliptical version, but still, you know it’s there. Even though it’s not.

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  • Jesus Christ

    “prolly” isn’t a word, nor are you a credible music critic.

  • Eric Olsen

    I actually found it quite amusing, and subjective, stream-of-consciousness type reviewing is as legit as any other. Thanks!

  • “prolly” isn’t a word?

    no wonder i don’t go to church.

  • Smarter Than You

    Hmmm, what an ill attempt, hmmm, to be a creative writer, hmmmm.

  • i know jesus christ = smarter than me, but this is reedeeculous.

    btw preciate the feedback!

  • Eric Olsen

    we tidied him/her up a bit