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What is magic?

We’re not talking about that spine-tingling Jr. Prom you went to with that special someone. Although that night may have been very “magical,” that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about real magic. That strange ballet that every magician must dance in order to keep their illusions alive, keep their tricks a secret, and keep their audience entertained with new, fresh magic tricks time and time again.

That is magic.

It takes so much more to be good at magic than just having an appropriately-sized top hat and rabbit. There is a whole art form to the slight of hand, diversion, and trickery that few people bother to learn. Even fewer bother to perfect.

That is magic.

Danger is the magician’s dance partner and Deception is his co-pilot. He is a performer and his audience is eager to try to figure out his ruse. They want to figure out the sham. They want to be in on the con. Therefore, the magician and the audience play against each other in a delicate symphony every time magic is done.

That is magic. And bloggers speaking about it can be found at sites like ellusionist and freemagictricks4u.

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‘I’ve never come across a single person who was addicted who wanted to be addicted.’ – Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

I am very interested in Dr. Volkow’s observation, because I would have used the word “addiction” to describe my relationship to my blog, bookofjoe. I love doing it, seven days a week.

I can’t wait to get started every morning, and can spend 8-12 hours sitting here in front of the computer, taking a break every so often to drink, eat, pee, make the phone calls I need to make, get the mail, bring in packages etc., and tidy up around the house.

I can go days without going further from the computer than my mailbox and the bushes where the brain-dead newspaper guys toss all my papers.

But by Dr. Volkow’s reckoning, the fact that I want to be doing bookofjoe differentiates it from heroin. So I guess it’s not an addiction, after all. Can we call it love?

“Magic,” a superb, chilling 1978 movie, starred Anthony Hopkins as a troubled nightclub performer, a ventriloquist whose dummy, Fats, becomes almost demonic. Fats begins to first intimidate his master, Corky, then gradually takes over his life and destroys him.

Sounds like bookofjoe watched the movie, and is now imitating Fats. Stay tuned.

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