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Magic Show Review (Las Vegas): David Copperfield at the MGM Grand

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David Copperfield’s show at the Hollywood Theatre inside the MGM Grand is simply the best magic show that I have ever seen. Criss Angel’s pathetic Cirque show pales in comparison. Copperfield performs his illusions in the intimate 740-seat Hollywood Theatre. I sat in the first row and never ever could figure out how he does his tricks.

David Copperfield is a master and it is no wonder that he has won some 21 Emmy Awards and was knighted by the French government, receiving the Chevalier of Arts and Letters. Next year he is appearing on four separate nations’ postage stamps (never before has an entertainer been so honored) and over the last decade Copperfield has grossed over one billion dollars, reaching more than 20 million people worldwide. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sold more tickets in one week to his show on Broadway than any other show in history. He is Chairperson of Project Magic which teaches magic to persons with disabilities, has written about magic for children, owns the largest collection of magic memorabilia in the world in his International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts, and last but not least oversees his resort Musha Cay on the islands of Copperfield Bay.

Copperfield’s show is made up of a variety of illusions, from simple card and coin tricks to his specially built machines that enable him to walk through a wall and allow him to “disappear” some 20 persons, only to have then show up at the rear of the theatre. His whole manner is casual and relaxed and you are made to feel you are in his living room and that he is doing the magic just for you.

To accomplish this Copperfield roams the audience picking out random people to do tricks with or to bring on stage for one of his more elaborate tricks. My favorite involved a story he tells about a young girl who hid from the Nazis.

Copperfield is a great storyteller and you end up feeling you are like a grandchild sitting at his feet as he unfolds his tales of his family, or of a girl who wanted to fly like a butterfly. As a performer he is warm, funny, ironic, and inclusive. I highly recommend his show for anyone who wants his or her trip to Vegas to be magical. Copperfield no longer does his feats of daring, like dangling from a rope wearing a straitjacket over flaming spikes, but you get to see that on film. It is no wonder that the Library of Congress named him a Living Legend.

Copperfield’s show at the MGM Grand is more than a show; it is an experience that is bound to change your view of magic and what is possible.

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