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Magic Mushrooms – Now Class A in UK – Why??

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Last Monday, the 18th of July, Magic Mushrooms, whether fresh, dry or prepared, were made a Class A Drug. Previously you had been able to buy and consume them fresh, legally, from over 400 stores in the country. They also grow wild during the autumn in our countryside and can be easily found if you know where to look. They were available legally before due to a loophole in the law that only deemed them illegal if they were prepared and dried.

“The law has not been clear with regard to the status of fresh magic mushrooms and some have tried to exploit this apparent loophole” said Home Office Minister Paul Goggins in a statement.

My local Hydroponics shop had a statement on their wall from the Home Office saying that they had permission to sell fresh shrooms and that it drew people away from more dangerous, illegal drugs. In the last 2-3 years as mushrooms have come more available use of LSD has dropped. Now isn’t that a good thing??? I’ve had two close friends who’ve been sectioned in mental health hospitals due to excessive use of Acid as well as other drugs. Now that Mushrooms are Class A just like LSD, Heroin and Crack, people will rather take the acid as there are the same legal risks involved.

You could now get locked up for 7 years of your life for picking a few wild mushrooms from a field. Crazy! Where is the logic in that? Who goes out commits crimes while tripping out? When have you ever heard of violence or robbery done by someone high on the fungi? Who the hell even wants to leave the comfort of their home and wander into the general public whilst on a trip? Yeah crack and smack heads commit crimes to feed their addictions, but magic mushrooms are not addictive. So why class them as the same?

“Obviously I would not suggest someone with schizophrenia took magic mushrooms but nor should they probably take alcohol,” said Chris Bovey, owner of online retailer Potseeds, based in Totnes, Devon.

“Our customers feel patronised by the government, victimising them for doing something harmless and enjoyable in their own homes, just because they need to sound tough on drugs.”

This I totally agree with. Instead of making shrooms totally illegal, they should be properly regulated. But it’s all too late now; the government rushed the legislation through and by the time anyone noticed, it was too late. Another little freedom we’ve had snatched away from us.

Anyone got anything to say about the subject, I’m all ears.

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  • Eric Olsen

    good argument Minimus, I agree with your position and assessment. Thanks and welcome!

  • Shameful.

    I didn’t even know mushrooms were sold legally in the UK.

  • Well they were sold legally for about 2 1/2 years in over 400 shops untill the government decided to step. My local shop itself sold Columbian, Mexican, Thai, Indian Mushrooms and Philosophers Stones. They were sensibly priced though so no-one abused them, and provided a drug experience without breaking the law or doing harm to others!

    Oh well suppose its all in in aid of showing support for the “War on Drugs”

  • Your comments about LSD are naive and well off the mark. Do you beleive that people are less likely to suffer a ‘bad trip’ from mushrooms?

    I think you will find that set and setting are at least as important as your selection of strong psychedelic.

    I am a strong believer that entheogens should be used carefully and with great respect to avoid unpleasant experiences, whether you prefer psilocybin or LSD.

  • When I was young and my interst in these matters was less academic shall we say, as far as we knew magic mushrooms were legal in Canada. The only way you could get into trouble was for tresspassing sneaking into a farmer’s field to pick them out of his cow patties, or for selling them. Simply being in possesion was not considered a problem.

    I think that loophole was closed long ago. From my experiences with psycedelics I tend to agree with the previous comment, that the whole myth of something guranteeing a safer “trip’ because of it being natural is a bit unrealistic.

    What you were guarenteed was that it hadn’t been mixed with strycnine or any other unpleasent crap that happens to end up in chemical compositions.

    I must say that it’s a shame that the Blair government seems to be reversing years of enlightend British drug policy. I always used to admire their humane and compasionate attitude towards treating addiction. I hope that at least those attitudes are not changing.


  • Sorry, but I had to point out that strychnine in acid is actually a myth, as a google search will testify. I would also point out that it is relatively common for inexperienced psychonauts to end up picking/taking the wrong fungus and end up in hospital with toadstool poisoning, as has happened to one friend of mine who bought his mushrooms from a guy at a festival. That’s not to say the they should be illegal though, just used carefully and with respect…

  • As you are already probably aware the legal status of Magic mushrooms was changed on July 18th to class A. This means that they are now classified with Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Ecstacy etc. Speed is class B, Cannabis is C.

    There does not seem to be any logic for the change in status apart from the Government being worried about votes. Its certainly not going to help anyone out. I think this change in the law is going to cause more problems and maybe some deaths.

    Most government literature states the main danger with Magic Mushrooms is picking the wrong ones. There are many poisonous mushrooms that can kill or make you seriously ill. Selling the mushrooms in this shops took this danger away. Since mushrooms have been legally sold, LSD and ecstasy consumption have reduced.

    Be making mushrooms the same class as Heroin etc. the government is saying that you might as well take Crack etc. as these are as bad. Now when youngsters want mushrooms they might pick the wrong ones which could result in a fatality or they will go to a dealer where they will be offered other dangerous narcotics. Surely nobody wants this.

    How can the government make a mushroom illegal. Its been part of our history for thousands of years. Druids, Pagans, Shaman etc., have used these in rituals for a long time. Surely this draconian legislation restricts our human rights and religious freedoms. This should be the defense for us.

    Sure mushrooms effect your mind and make you think a lot. Most people have a wonderful experience and it can change people for the better. It brings one closer to nature and lets you work out right and wrong and see things in a different light. A minimal amount of people might have a bad trip, but they are the same people who should not drink, smoke or take anything as they usually have a chemical imbalance anyway.

    I have personally taken mushroom on many occasions over the past 15 years of my life. I have experienced the most wonderful thoughts and conversations, seen the most fantastic scenery, been at one with nature and felt at peace with myself and the world around me. My creativeness is far greater and my mind is stronger and more understanding than before. Mushrooms have expanded my mind in a good way enabling me to communicate with ease and sense peoples true thoughts and intentions. I run a design and advertising agency and have no problem managing my life. I am not a drug abuser.

    I think if its natural, its a gift from god or mother nature of whoever runs this mad universe we live in. How can any government stop a human being eating any natural product they want, whilst in the other they endorse children taking seriously addictive and dangerous anti-depressants that can result in sever depression and Suicide.

    I think our politicians need to wake up and realise what’s really going on. People into ethno botanicals like myself are no criminals, we are just experimentalist interested in our minds and ancient religious rituals. I don’t take class A drugs.

    What’s next on the governments agenda, will they ban San Pedro cactus or maybe Salvia Divinorum, Canary grass contains DMT and which is illegal but DMT is also contained in thousands of other plants so maybe ban them all. Our brain has DMT naturallyoccurring, Does that mean our brains are illegal. Where do we draw the line? All around us there are thousands of plants that will effect us in someway, whether its coffee, tea, garlic, wild lettuce etc, it just seems that the government don’t like the things that affect your mind unless it is endorsed by a major pharmaceutical company with a crap name who pay masses in tax, whilst getting the youth of today more addicted to drugs that anyone else. They now have a drug for shyness! Need I say more.

    Lets get these politicians to realise the errors of their ways. We have much power in numbers as there are more of us.

    For more information about plants, drugs etc, please visit http://www.erowid.com

  • There seems to be an idea that taking mushrooms is somehow preferable / safer to taking LSD, because mushrooms grow naturally and LSD does not.

    I think that LSD has been victimised unfairly after 30 odd years of negative propaganda. It is an insult to humanity that individuals who wish to experiment are forbidden from experiencing entheogenic substances including LSD, whose discoverer, Albert Hoffman once said:

    “I believe that if people would learn to use LSD’s vision-inducing capability more wisely, under suitable conditions, in medical practice and in conjunction with meditation, then in the future this problem child could become a wonderchild.”

    The relationship between LSD and the personal computer revolution is well documented elsewhere and acknowledged by industry leaders such as Steve Jobs. To discount and undermine the potential importance of LSD to humanity would be a tragedy.


  • No treb0r i never said and don’t think that your less likely to have a “bad trip” on mushrooms than LSD. Personally my worst trip has been off mushrooms. I ate a load at a party when I was drunk and freaked out more than when I’ve had a bad LSD trip. But that was only because I did them at the wrong time and place, surrounded by people i didn’t know. A Recipe for disaster. For 2 weeks after that night I wasn’t myself and didn’t feel comfortable in a room alone.

    Of course I know that your setting and company heavily influences the way a trip turns out. I’ve had some amazing nights in company of good friends while doing Acid. But LSD trips are usually more intense and longer lasting as well as more likely to leave long-term psychological problems.

    One of my best friends has had a mental breakdown and is now a shadow of his former self who hides away in his house. There are also the 2 brothers I mentioned in my original post that got sectioned under the mental health act for a couple of months each. Luckily they are recovering well but they are now different people. So don’t tell I’m naive to the effects of LSD.

    Obviously the 3 friends mentioned were reckless in their use of LSD (one at a young age), but they had no one to tell them better at the time.

    The point I’m getting to is that when mushrooms here in London became readily available to buy in shops, I noticed a huge drop in LSD use in my area. You could just pop down the shop and know what you were buying for your money, as well as being safe from arrest. And they weren’t too cheap either at £10-15 per 10g depending on the type. This stopped people buying too much. Oh and you also had to be over 18 to buy which can’t be a bad thing as the young mind is the mostly easily twisted one. The guys working there would always give you advice on what the different types were like as well how much to do and the likely effects.

    Pikey King I agree with everything you say. The government have shot themselves in the foot with this one.

  • Out of curiosity, which kind of ‘Magic Mushrooms’ were people consuming in England before they were made illegal? I know that at least one species of hallucinogenic mushroom that does grow in England is Amanita Muscaria, and unless prepared very carefully it can be extremely toxic.


  • The fact that your friend has had a nervous breakdown may or may not be attributable to LSD use. The cases you mention are nothing more than anecdotal. All strong psychedelic substances have the potential for unpleasant effects, especially if there are existing psychological problems in the individual concerned. LSD has undergone many laboratory studies and has found to be remarkably safe, if used carefully in the right environment and with respect.

    And please tell me how you can ‘notice’ a huge drop in LSD use in your area? Exactly how do you calculate that statement. I have friends in London who’ve been taking it regularly for the past 20 odd years…


  • “And please tell me how you can ‘notice’ a huge drop in LSD use in your area?”

    Fewer hallucinatory creatures wandering the streets?


  • Ok my friend who had a mental breakdown did not have it just because he took LSD, but going to squat parties when he was 15 and taking it every week definatly had its long-term effects. He hadn’t actually taken it for a few years before his breakdown (or mushrooms), but it was an indirect result of his earlier use of the drug.

    One of the brothers I mentioned though got locked up as a direct result of taking too much LSD. He got arrested (for what I can’t remember now) and straight away the police thought he was loopy and sent him to the doctors. That trip lasted 1 1/2 weeks and then he had to endure a 2 week comedown.

    “LSD has undergone many laboratory studies and has found to be remarkably safe, if used carefully in the right environment and with respect.”

    Yeah i don’t doubt that at all. And yes my friends who’ve suffered due to use of the drug were stupid in the way they took it. But when you buy LSD, does it come with instructions, where it was made or its potency on it? No!
    You can never REALLY know exactly what you’re taking, unless you’re Albert Hoffman and made it yourself.

    See what I’m getting at (here and in my original post) is that mushrooms(and indeed LSD) are far more dangerous to users when illegal and unregulated.

    “And please tell me how you can ‘notice’ a huge drop in LSD use in your area”

    Ok I didn’t walk round with a pen and clipboard, doing a survey of people on the street, but LSD use in people of my age group, in my part of London did almost stop completely. 5 years ago it was easily available through local dealers and was common for people to take it at parties (not squat parties). Now no dealers in this area sell it and if you want it you have to go to squat parties in central London.
    That’s how I “calculated” that statement. And the reasons I believe for why this happened are

    1) The fact that mushrooms were legal and safe to buy.

    2) The increase of use and availability of Ketamine. But lets not get started on that.

    Oh and remember I was only talking about my area, London is a huge, sprawling city so the situation where your friends live maybe completely different.

  • “See what I’m getting at (here and in my original post) is that mushrooms(and indeed LSD) are far more dangerous to users when illegal and unregulated.”

    Ok, well then it appears we broadly agree. I was only objecting to a perceived bias against LSD, as I am personally very interested in exploring the reasons why so many people regard it as a negative street drug much like coke and heroin, when in my experience it can be wonderful.



  • tommyD

    Greetings from the US;

    For a small group of folks with a very painful coondition known as cluster headache, the criminalization of psilocybin mushrooms is a serious problem.

    Psilocybin and related substances, it turns out, are possbibly the best treatments known for the worst headache known to medical science. (Cluster headaches are sometimes called “suicide headaches.”)

    Psilocybin, along with LSD, LSA and some other less-well-known chemicals, are indole-ring hallucinogens. Natural forms have been used for headache treatment in folk medicine for millennia. Preliminary studies in the 1960’s showed LSD as promisingly effective for the tretment of migraines (similar in some ways to cluster headaches – they are both neurovascular headaches).

    And a group of cluster headache sufferers has found indole ring hallucinogens will end weeks and months of repeated, intense pain attacks with just a few or several relatively small doses of shrooms. The evidence is anecdotal and unscientific, but compelling enough to inspire researchers at Harvard Medical School to investigate. A report on case studies is due out later this year. If all goes well, clinical trials could proceed within a few years.

    I’m an old fart, left behind the idea of taking hallucinogens for fun years ago. But shrooms have literally saved me – and a couple hundred others – from a world of pain.

    These substances are noit to be taken lightly – those with certain pre-existing mental conditions should avoiod hallucinogens. But psilocybin and LSD are surprisingly non-toxic, and we are finding very small, sub-hallucinogenic doses can be effective in treating cluster headache.

    For more info see: ClusterBusters or Maps.org.

    These is also an article on this in the 2 August edition of The Guardian.

    Thanks for listening.

  • HotWireD

    I have been using magic mushrooms (Welsh ones) for 25 years, twice a year on Auspicious days. I have never recommended them to a living soul, never sold them, or ‘pushed’ them. Now, if I continue to use them (for meditation and ‘religious’ purposes) I am to be classed with crack dealers and heroin pushers? A potential seven year prison sentence for practicing my faith & philosophy? When are the government going to bring back imprisoning witches? Are some other religions to be banned as well? I have done my very best all my life to be a kind, accepting person. I was taught to accept that all people have the right to believe what they wish and practice their religion without hindrance from any others. I have supported the Law (twenty-plus years employed by the Home Office and Police Authorities) given 110% every time I have helped another, and now I am to be persecuted by the very government I have spent my whole life supporting. So much for being a free country. I am completely at a loss as to what my life has all been about. I suppose All Religions are Equal, except some are more equal than others (sic).
    Am I taking the persecution of my religion too seriously?

  • HotWireD

    Pikey King basically states everything that I have been thinking in a much more clear and sane manner than I can right at the moment, I have been funing for weeks.
    “I think our politicians need to wake up and realise what’s really going on. People into ethno botanicals like myself are no criminals, we are just experimentalist interested in our minds and ancient religious rituals. I don’t take class A drugs.” Unfortunately, if we continue to experiment, we are taking class A drugs (Now).

  • pete

    You people are making me drool with all this LSD talk. Since the US’s main dudes got popped in Kansas. It has vanished in the USA. It got hard after the Dead stopped touring, but absolutely disappeared when Pickard got popped.

    Can you confirm London has acid?

  • When law enforcement succeeded in decimating the considerable pot supply where I live, the use of ice exploded, spawning a host of evils that boggle the mind. That falls in line with what the person said about LSD consumption going up when mushrooms were outlawed. We have a lot of people now who want oblivion and don’t seem to understand moderation or even seek joy in their use of substances.

    No one saw the pot/ice switch coming where I live. I’ll wager that everyone who made that happen would go back in an instant.

    Personally, I’m against drugs, but I’m also not a fan of some anti-drug policies. They have to be done so carefully, so it seems.

    I grew up in the seventies and from what I’ve seen there are just too many bad things coming from drugs and not enough good things. Every drug sees some people seriously effected in a negative way. Even marajuana, on the whole has done my harm than good from what I’ve seen, even though many people who are into it are sweet.

  • In a world of stupid and pointless legislation, this particular bit new law is incredibly stupid. Who were we hurting? Not even ourselves.

    I used to bill myself as “the most shroomtastic stoner on the internet”, but no more. Thank you British government!

  • if you need to buy some drugs, find an MP`s son/daughter. They always get let off and enough of them in our age brackets get cained on drugs.

    labour banned shrooms to look tuff on drugs after atleast three MP`S kids have been caught breaking the law in the last few years. It`s a shame they were`nt charged like any one else would be.

  • lousia

    well i dont know about you guys but i wouldnt say no to some shrooms right now.
    no idea why they were made legal, sound svery stupid to me.
    Shrooms are amazing and magical, and should be done (in the right circumstances) as life’s too short to worry about never trying unharmful ways of fun and experiencing new life.

  • londan

    never fear, shrooms are still here.

  • london

    i’m so high i can’t even spell london right.

  • to the gov.:
    dont make me be a criminal
    if you make shrooms illegal I might as well go back to crack, heroin, and acid.
    if i save up enough money after I turn into an addict again even coke
    you and me are lucky i still got shrooms saved up in my closet right now so i wont have to start bad so fast

  • Shroomy Jim

    shrooms were a way of life before the bloody government found another way of stopping us having fun.. since july last year ive been taking the acid again for the buzz.. had some shrooms but not as many obviously. before i was growing em and the kits and shrooms were easily available.. its a right ballache getting hold of acid.. and through all of this alchohol and tobbacco is still legal.. they should look at death rates next time theyre classing drugs

  • Raven

    I think its an excellent way for the government to keep us from becoming aware. I mean do you really think the government cares if we get high or not. I think its what we start thinking when we do drugs and how it broadens our awareness that the Government doesn’t like. Drugs I believe open up doors that are usually closed because we are not taught to think outside the box. I don’t think the Government likes that too much. They keep us in fear and confusion so they can keep control of us. Look at the terrorism that they propagate, it’s huge. LOL. I sound like one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists. But I find it very angering how the government restricts us with law after law after law. And until all of us as one stand up and say NO.. we’ve had enough its just going to continue with law after law after law that keeps on restricting us. So we might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride and wait for the day to come when we all get sick of it and stand up as one. And who knows when that will happen. Anyway I’ve spouted my babble and my point of view. Thanks for reading. Peace

  • Chris

    The Great United Kingdom is the mother of enslavement of it’s people. I agree with the previous post, anything they can do to SHUT down your mind and narrow your perspective in life only helps to maintain control of the masses. Since becomming interested in psilocybin I have spoken to MANY people who’ve take this substance. Not once have I come across a negative story of its effects. And yes, I know there are always the rare exception and that you have to be careful because some fungie are poisonous but the same could be said for drinking water! Only the other day there was a woman in the UK who died because she drank too much water in some stupid talkshow radio “water drinking” competition. If you drink water from rusty pipes you’re likely to get ill too. If you breath the wrong air in someplaces (due to high pollution levels) you can become sick. Are these bastards going to ban water and air too? And what about alcohol? Are they planning on banning that too? Alcohol has kills and ruins the lives of far more people each year than psilocybin ever has. No, of course they wont, (because by all accounts) alchol doesn’t have the same positive mind expanding effcts as psilocybin. Alcohol just makes you aggressive, dumb and narrowminded – exactly the way the British government wants their population. If we all began experimenting with psilocybin we might focus more on reality and how our government is trying to screw us over, instead of the latest goings-on in EastEnders or what Briteny Spears got up to over the weekend. You can’t keep us locked up forever!

  • Chris

    by the way, forgot to mention…if you want to know why they’re really so scared of you trying “magic mushrooms” search for a couple of videos on Google Video by a guy called Terence McKenna, a staunch psilocybin advocate. A highly intelligent man, with a hightened sense of awareness. Not really surprising that our government might not want a nation of people like him to contend with.

  • Zhivago

    We should not only band together and protest, but also collectively rally up a team of quality lawyers to fight this outlandish, ilogical change in law– and while we’re at it the countless other ridiculous dogmatic regulations the clueless government materialises!

  • lets start the revolt, even if we get arrested, we’ll do it together for our cause. to be honest i feel like gettin arrested for pickin in the feilds so i can publicly bump up awareness of the lack of common sense in our society today… just like the cannabis granny that went on this morning.(u can watch this on youtube.)

  • deadstuartwakes

    instead of talking to each other, best people to speak to were the politicians too late though

  • Shiv4life

    Sorry just stumbled upon this much later than the last post date…

    treb0r, you say: “entheogenic substances including LSD”.

    By all means correct me if i am wrong, but i am sure LSD is not an entheogenic substance. LSD is an acid, chemically made. Entheogens are ‘organic’ substances. They are considered more of a herbal nature.
    People here are saying that it is wrong to assume that magic mushrooms being sold legally means consumers will stay away from less safe LSD blotters. I think that it is a correct assumption though. Chances of underground LSD being chemically contaminated are much higher than dirty mushrooms being sold at a store. The store would sell safe, clean and fresh mushrooms for fear of being sued.
    Yet LSD blotters come from the underground, dodgy chemists and dealers and that sort of stuff, surely the chances that LSD coming from that can be more ‘dirty’.

    Anyway thats just my 2 cents on the assumption of the relationship between legal mushrooms and LSD.

    As for the complete crimilization of magic mushrooms to Class A, whether fresh, dried or prepared, I personally blame it all on USAs very harsh policies towards drugs and its complete bullshit ‘War on Drugs’.

    Of course Blair is going to do something to impress USA, so why not show that it will not tolerate drugs at all, and have the nerve to put mushrooms on the same league as heroine and crack?

    Did you know that a couple of years ago, Mexico put forward new legislation that up to 5 grams of cannabis could be used recreationally with no penalty. Guess which country called for that legislation to be revoked? The bloody americans, with their influence over the mexican government, managed to persuade them to repeal that law.

    Honestly, legal mushrooms on the streets was the best thing. Shops were good at self-regulation, not selling to minors and giving proper advice etc… thats what it should be like. Good drug education, and more of a liberal policy towards drugs such as mushrooms.


  • Man, as soon as I started reading, I was shocked to find that mushrooms were legal at all, anywhere. People are always mistaking poisonous mushrooms with the “magic” ones or ingesting too much of the “magic” kind, and those are good reasons to stop people from having a right to use it. If this were a more responsible race of people, like the Indians (before Columbus), who did everything with thier seventh generation theory, maybe we could handle the privelage of using mind altering drugs. But in this day of abuse, crime, and selfishness, someone needs to put their foot down.

  • Uh, let’s get it straight people!!!! I am kinda getting the hint tht there seems to be this general concept of LSD or Mushrooms falling into this ‘more dangerous drug’ category. Being compared to crack, etc.

    et me say that as a psychotropic drug that messes with your brain heavily, crack cocaine is 10 to the third power more powerful than LSD. Yes, that is an official number taught in med schools from nuerosciences to emergency room residents.

    Then there is the physiological effects of cocaine also. Very desructive to tissue and nerves. Not so much problem wi/ hallucinogens.

    That is 1000 times more powerful. I have been around. I agree with that assessment. Pure LSD and Mushrooms can be an amazing drug if used proper. Crack cocaine, there is no proper use for that drug. There are many excuses. Cocaine in rock form. Really messes with the brain.

    “LSD, melts in your mind, not in your mouth!” Sorry, I just remember that one from the 60s. Here in the northwest, I remember in the 70s when neighborhood construction (new housing) was out of control. Landscape companies would roll up fields of sod from the Oregon hills. Come lay them in new yards in Redmond, WA (or any other lovely suburb of Seattle). Usually, some form of magic mushroom would be included in the new front yard in the suburbs. Blue Bands. We pick, eat. go see a concert. Well, that was the 70s.

    Anyway, good for the Brit’s!!! Intoxicating drugs come in all forms, effects, strength. I feel crack and meth AND alcohol are the WORST for mind, body, soul and social environment. I can back up that statement with hardcore fact. LSD/Shrooms? Could actually be a good thing.

    Cocaine in other forms, not as bad except for the economic effects. Taking cash out of the USA and handing it over to Columbian drug lords. Not good. Cocaine in the form of crack has a psychological effect like no other. Cooking in impurities added to the product and smoking it is not good. intensifies the effect. Dangerous!

    Actually put them (LSD/Shrooms) way down on the list. Bad acid? Bad. Good acid? good… Probably a positive social impact. Legalize the herb first….

    coffee rules!

  • Mel Davis

    I am not sure how mushrooms are in the same league as LSD and Crack Cocaine! Ridiculous

  • D

    We can have ALL the medical data in the world, stating how safe psychedelics are and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference so everyone quit wasting your time and realize that it’s not really about that. It’s about psychedelics challenging the assumptions of ANY cultural and political system and that makes them dangerous to EVERY cultural and political system. What psychedelics do is they address a deeper level of human neurological organization; they reveal the brain and it’s function, unconfined by cultural norms and expectations and this terrifying to whoever that’s in power. People have a right to think and explore their own minds. This is as intimate a part of their being as their sexuality and any culture which mitigates that is clearly afraid of a full, fair and open dialogue about what reality is and what real human values ought to be. The tension between so called straight culture and psychedelic culture is tension over values so if there is anything a Marxist dictatorship, a high tech industrial democracy or a theocracy, they can all get together on one thing, which is psychedelic drugs are a knife poised at the heart of community values. This is just simply nonsense and then all the reasons brought forth are in a sense, a red herring and don’t hold any water.

  • David

    Theres no such thing as a marxist dictatorship. A bureacracy of any kind goes against everything Marx said. Marx wanted an Oligarchy, spokesmen of all industries.. SPOKESMEN, not dictators, not prime ministers, not presidents. A democracy of majoritism where specific laws could be voted for, so things like this wouldn’t even happen. Im over 18 and i can make my own adult choices and regulate myself, but many people cannot and the government has to speak to those people.

    Although i want them myself as i enjoyed them, i do know it can be for the good sometimes. Too much of anything is bad for you. Eat too many carrots, turn red. Eat too much chocolate, get fat. Laws of nature and of physics. And most importantly common sense.

    “If you sit on a tack, you bleed from the ass.” Doug Stanhope on freedom

  • flynn

    I am deeply saddened that this law has been passed and I am aware that even now many people in the uk still do not know the seriousness of the situation as they may continue to pick. It is abhorant that something so natural can possibly be made illegal. Nature never intended us to abuse them, hence why they only appear in a small window of the cycle of our seasons. They are not easy pickings and those foragers are rewarded for their dedication.

    We have psylocibin receptors in our brains which we have carried with us for a thousand generations. It is a plant which we have evolved due to the consumption of and to which we owe so much. I could talk for hours but I must go as I have not escaped the system as yet and must fuel in. Consiousness expansion is essential or we are going to burn out completely. Peace and love always x

  • Keith

    I agree with the post that make the point that these mushrooms make you aware of the big Government dick that’s being shoved up your ass everyday. Government does not want this. They want obedient workers who slave all day. Give them a little booze so they forget their slaves for a while.

  • dantr.o

    government posishional political shrade’s. carnt live with them, carnt live with them.

  • mike london

    The government knows we hate them for their restrictions and theres plenty of us out there keeping our own minds.
    No worries.

  • kai;

    labour are full of shit. always have been, always will be.

    I am not prepared to stop taking shrooms cause gordon brown/tony blair says so. my body, my choice. he doesnt even know i exsist. hah

  • tim s

    When the government allow ppl to have 40 billion I suppose these are nesasarry precautions to keep the minion workfoce in check

  • fresh oatcake stokecake

    this is not a war on drugs,…..this is a spiritual war,…..most humans dont know they have a soul,……do not comply with any law as long as you dont harm anyone in your life,…..live free,……tony the terrorist blair has no hold over anyone,…be free from those reptilian so called leaders.

  • STM

    Hector Gonzalez writes: “if you make shrooms illegal I might as well go back to crack, heroin, and acid.”

    Hector, I feel for you, I really do. That is some choice.

    But I also have a novel solution to your problem.

    How about you don’t take anything. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel it’s possible.

    Possibly, even Nancy Reagan was right: Just say no, even if any imaginary friends are getting in your ear.

    Then after you’ve saved up enough money, perhaps through having a nice job, instead
    of having to get into the coke, you could buy a nice car – or even a house!

    Don’t spend too much time in the closet though with all those dried shrooms. Strange things can happen in closets, especially when you’re hallucinating.

  • zingzing

    when’s the last time anyone even saw any acid?

    shrooms definitely aren’t addictive. who could take that shit? i’m glad to have done those that i have. i see no need to hallucinate any more.

    but crack. mmmm. that’s a goddamn high, right there. mM! heroin’s nice, but it’s no crack. goddamn, i love me some crack.

    i am telling the truth.

  • STM

    “i am telling the truth”

    That’s what I feared …

  • zingzing

    you ever had any? can’t deny it. good thing it doesn’t come around too often.

    i’ve been addicted to two drugs in my life. coke and e. getting off e was a hell of a journey. a month of insomnia and stomach pains that sent me to the hospital three times in a foreign country. coke was relatively easy. i just slept a lot. but relationships were ruined. i had a good girlfriend at that time to help me through that one, but in the end, both the drug and she left.

    i don’t recommend getting hooked on any drug. that doesn’t take much brainpower.

    but i do love it. i wish it had no consequences. if i could take it all back, maybe i’d not do what i’ve done. but i done did what i done, and god damn if it wasn’t a good time before it wasn’t.

    that said, never been addicted to crack. so i have nothing but good memories of it.

  • Stu

    Authoritarians need to get tough on anything that threatens total subservience to their regime. They need to close our minds so that we are more readily exploited and parasitized
    by the rich.

  • Mushrooms can make the user feel awful and sooner or later they will have a bad trip. This can cause serious problems! What we need is information.

  • Cabeca

    The Shamanistic traditions would ever be weighed with due process culturally, legally, and academically ? Shamanistic traditions are suspect as foreign oddities to begin with, but the added fact that they make regular use of psychedelic drugs makes them especially anathema. But then, shamans do not use the word “drug” nor are they encapsulated in a lifestyle of Western stigmas. They do not use “drugs” at all in our sense. In fact, the closet rendering in English to what they are using is “entheogen” which roughly translated means “creating the god within” and they have been doing it for thousands of years without destro-ying society, without Western values, and with some remarkably positive social results. Irony would have it that eventually Western society would reconsider its positions on ancient traditions beyond which we have thought ourselves to have ” evolved.” Furthermore, that irony is carried into the realm of drugs precisely because these lesser ” backward ” societies have appeared to have found positive uses for psychedelics which our “advanced” society has not and which must serve as a bitter reminder of our failure to do what we do best: profit from nature. The purpose of this report, is to high light changing American trends in the realm of psychedelics. Shamanistic redemption as a form of entheogenic intervention ,also take a look at ayahuasca glimpse 2012 from Goithyja, a great piece of practical knowledge in this subject, helping people to partake with entheogenic substances in a more spiritual way…!

  • hg

    great article, the uk government are a joke, the war on drugs is what makes drugs valuable

  • run13

    what is the REASON? Other humans cant TELL ME how to live my life ! Doing no harm to anyone is the law. They didnt even give a reason! Draconian fools.