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Magic Junk Radio 9: Cover Me Porkins

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We just hunted down and killed that fifteen month old cold turkey. After all, it's not easy to describe podcast withdrawal, especially since few are suffering from it. While you might call it 'audiosexual frustration', I'd prefer to just paraphrase Robert Plant: It's been a long time since we did the stroll. Ooh, let us get it back, let us get it back. Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. Of course, if you're expecting me to hit the Plant high-note, then you must not like your car windows very much. Remember the NYC blackout of '03? That was me singing "Immigrant Song" on karaoke.

Luckily on our newest podcast, Magic Junk Radio 9: Cover Me Porkins, we only do remixing, sampling, and production. For those who don't know, this episode's subtitle refers an infamous character in the "original" Star Wars movie, as well as indicating that this entire podcast is made of remixed cover songs. The point is that if life is a giant hog, we're just trying to be a crispy slice of bacon. Sure, our toxic slab of audio butchery may not be healthy for you, but as the immortal Vincent Vega stated, "Bacon tastes goooood." After all, we know you cannot ask for too much when you have a eclectic mix like this.

Clocking at a crispy 26:31, MJR 9 consists of three TV themes, two late 60's songs, two early 90's songs, two movie themes, a classic SW overlay, with whipped cream and cherries optional. Be sure to leave us some feedback if you have a minute. It could help save the life of a lonely blog post. Thanks. Take it easy.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Right-click the MP3 link above to download the full podcast in MP3 format, which will play in any iPod or MP3 music player. Left click and the MP3 will begin playing in a new web browser window.

MJR 9 Content of Tables:
1. Get Us Out From Under
2. Shaking Off The Rust 101

3. Sexual Tyrannosaurus
4. Daft Jazz
5. In The Air of Wolves
6. The Hole Fixer
7. Losing My Flexibility
8. One Without The Other
9. Three Choices of Two
10. What's Yours Is Me Me Mine
11. Ewok This Way
12. Frying Up The Pork

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About Mark Sahm

  • as usual, aural brilliance.

    i assume the royalty check is in the mail for the 0.75 seconds of cackling?

  • Thanks man… but royalties? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. That was actually me imitating your cackle. 🙂 But don’t get Josh started on that… he’s be asking for a nickel for every smoky throated f-bomb.

    Any aural moments in particular that were shiny?

  • loved the chunks of Wilco used as s.rod’s “mental noise”…there are others, i just can’t think straight at the moment.

  • I’ve finally returned to life and have it downloaded. I’ll listen tonight when I don’t have a million interruptions and I’ll flow some feedback your way.

    Charging people to drop F* bombs… BRILLIANT!

  • The city of Florence hasn’t recovered from me “covering” The Who’s “Love Reign O’er Me.” Come to think of it, neither has my throat or 11‘s ears.