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Magic Junk Radio 8: The Way Is Shut

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Oscar Wilde once said, "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." It's a rather ominous quote for any creative person still trying to find their big break. Nevertheless, since the first 7 episodes of Magic Junk Radio were consistent on a level of composition, it was only natural that we avoided relaxing into any refuge. So a choice had to be made: either retire the podcast or evolve our compositions. Thus, we chose to take the Darwin route.

Of course, you could counter that Wilde was a scandalous anarchist and we shouldn't believe a word he said. But hey, doesn't the reasoning sound much better than "We got some new equipment to aid our podcasts, so this is the last one using the old stuff"? After all, you could say it was only 'Logical'.

If you've haven't tuned in before, MJR can best be described as an all-original eclectic maelstrom of sounds, voices, and samples. #8 finds the creative duo of M. Sahm and Ms. S.Rod trading songs, barbs, and finishing each other's sentences (as only a young married couple can do). This episode is a serenade to their stepping stones, as they try to keep each other laughing about an uncertain future.

It clocks in at a mega-quick 26:55 with all the funk riffs, hard rock beats, orchestra samples, and pop culture references that you've heard us pimp for the past year. Nothing is restricted. Not our former masters. Not our heroes. We even do a 'celebrity roast' style piece of one of Blogcritics' editors. Although be warned — it's not for playing out loud in the office, or in front of your mini-me.

Be sure to leave us some feedback if you have a minute. It could help save an artist from BASE jumping for fun. Thanks. Take it easy.

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MJR 8 Content of Tables:

  1. Six Mill
  2. Four Shadows
  3. Mr. Darcy At The Limelight
  4. Six Years Gone
  5. Between Curses
  6. The Curse Anthem
  7. Festival
  8. Live At The Stadium
  9. The Way Is Shut
  10. Westchester Funk
  11. Farewell

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About Mark Sahm

  • Mark Saleski

    dang, that was a fine way to start the week.

  • Master of the f*word? I happily concur. Backhanded compliment? That was just fantastic. I have never sounded so good… I have never been as funny. That was just fucking phenomenal as all fuck. TWTWIM is going to laugh herself silly when she hears that.

    I’m hiring you guys. I am going to send you my raw files and let you spruce them up. You got that, Snoopy? Or is that ex-Snoopy?

    Just remember, kids, this is what happens to you if you stop by to give feedback.

  • DJR: I’m happy you enjoyed the segment. We had a very good time putting it together.
    Backhanded compliment…in that we do compliment you…but we are also taking a little jab at you too. Basically, for our purpsoses, it means we like you. 😉

    Sir Saleski I hope you liked your shout out. We didn’t want to leave you out.

  • Just know, S.Rod, my retribution will be fucking terrible. Actually, I feel I have already gotten my revenge. You had to wade through a lot of DJRadiohead to fish out those bits… a lot like me having to wade through a shit-filled toilet to fish out an iPod.

    I really did laugh throughout my segment. Let me also throw out there that I loved the other segments. I listened to the full show. I liked Snoopy remix a lot. Did you use the Gary Hoey version of the song to build from?

    When do I get my appearance at Sahm Stadium?

  • Mark Saleski

    When do I get my appearance at Sahm Stadium?

    oh gawd, nobody wants that!

    p.s. loved the shout out

  • Good point, I did just get a feature in MJR.

    And just remember, Saleski, I kick ass.

  • I didn’t want to say anything…but you are right…we did get a little weary from sifting through all of your stuff. OMG I was so glad when it was done and we could laugh. I don’t think Mark had to reuse many of the samples. He had ample material to work with…and we thank you.

    I’m not sure what “base piece” Mark used for the peanuts song. He usually adds some drums and/or changes instruments around.

    As for Sahm Stadium…well, I’ll let Mark get back to you on that one.

  • Now my feelings is hurt, S.Rod. Terrible retribution.

  • Ohhhh….PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE! I know it would take more than that to hurt your feelings.

    Can I now expect to be banned for life from the BCRP? 😉

  • Mark Saleski

    you would have had to work Guster into the mix.

  • Sussman is the only one banned from BCRP, S.Rod. You and M.Sahm are still expected to make your guest appearance when the BCRP returns from an unexpected hiatus brought about by a series of unfortunate events.

  • Good. I didn’t want to get lumped with Sussman.

    To restate what Sahm commented last time…If you come up with something for us to talk about, we would be happy to make merry on BCRP.

    Anyway, I’m happy everything worked out sort of OK. Are you 2 still living out of a suitcase? I know what its like. It was forced upon me for almost 2 months, it sucks!

  • BTW nice pic…I like the one without the hat.

  • Yes, S.Rod, we are still unfortunately living out of suitcases in what TWTWIM has dubbed “The Campground.” It is a vacant apt. in the apt. complex. It looks like Wed. at the earliest for us.

    I am now going to make it my mission to come up with something for the two of you to talk about because… well, if nothing else I must rain down my retribution. Really, though, it would be tremendous.

    Oh, and uh… thanks for the kind word about the picture. I am incredibly self-conscious about the DJRadiohead countenance and I am almost never without a hat.

  • Ah, it’s not like the old days when I had a response for every comment on my post. But such is life at a job that’s about 20X busier during the day.

    The truth about the backhanded compliment song is it was a long time coming. The 1st Version (attempted in June) had the quotes set over ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’… it sounded awful despite my efforts to make it mesh. Same held true for V2 (set over Dylan songs) and V3 (over the song that eventually became AM Smooth).

    I had the music to this around for a while and didn’t like any of the lyrics I had for it. S.Rod suggested I use the DJR quotes and it finally meshed.

    Here is a unattached version for your archives: The Curse Anthem

    I never heard of Gary Hoey until you mentioned him. I work with basic midi tracks of the themes, reworking instrumentation, adding new drum tracks and samples to them.

    Sahm Stadium is a scary place filled with 20,000 raving screaming hysterical Sahm clones all bent on filling the world with creative anti-matter. Not a good place to go, unless you’re a sexy Latin lady with charms to tame the crowd. 🙂

  • P.S. It is also our goal to acquire 2 more regular listeners (and commenters)… is that asking too much?

  • Mark Saleski

    i forced thewife to listen to this podcast last night. does that count?

  • Well, Mark, TWTWIM listened to it last night and laughed so hard she played it for some co-workers. You are getting exposure. I will try to make them comment. =)

  • Thanks for forcing your ladies to listen. Hopefully they actually knew who Mr. Darcy was, as Jane Austen appears to be a ‘chick’ thing.

    We threw in that ‘marvelous wife’ bridge section specifically for DJRadioWife though… hope she liked it.

    Well, that and by that time in editing, I had heard the F-Word about a billion times that I needed a major recess.

  • There’s a whole fucking truckload more where that fucking came from, Sahm!

    MIDI! Hells holy acre, I never even thought of that! Get the MIDI and start taking it apart and putting it back together. That’s brilliant as fuck. Do you have much trouble finding them?

  • It’s everywhere, DJR. I was even thinking of getting a MIDI keyboard, as I would like to compose as well as produce.

    But I question the pertinence of it in my creative schemes… since I already have enough artforms to worry about pleasing!