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Magic Junk Radio 7: Gods, Drones, and Cereal

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Never let it be said that I cannot share my creative process. After doing 99% of the work on the first six episodes of Magic Junk Radio, I decided to take in a group of refugees last month.

I promptly gave them each a laptop and some headphones, and put them to work in my digital studio with a simple direction: "Make music that sounds like the lovechild of TV Theme Songs and Kid A."

I'm kidding of course. But I have finally gotten a "sidekick" so to speak. I think the results have turned out quite wonderfully and I hope she continues her contribution as long as the podcast goes on — which probably won't be for much longer, since change is always omnipresent. So it goes.

If you've haven't tuned in before, MJR can best be described as an all-original eclectic maelstrom of sounds, voices, and samples. #7 travels a little further down the rabbithole of life's purpose. It clocks in at another all-time high 37:15 — with the funk riffs, hard rock beats, and pop culture samples you're used to. We even try doing a spontaneous segment like normal podcasters do.

Be sure to leave us some feedback if you have an opinion. Thanks. Take it easy.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Right-click the MP3 link above to download the full podcast in MP3 format, which will play in any iPod or MP3 music player. Left click and the MP3 will begin playing in a new web browser window (unless you haven’t updated in a while.)

Content of Tables:
Hulking Out
God Eat God

Dirty Talk
Sugar Smacks Fairy
Toucan Sam On Speed
The God-Drone Spectrum
Neoprene Latina
Stop Keeping Score
Corporate Drones
Breaking The Fast
WKRP in Sin City
Rejection 77
Live at the S-Rod Lounge

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About Mark Sahm

  • Dear God (if you exist and are an avid blog reader), I’ll make a deal with you— if no one comments on this podcast other than me and S. Rod, then I promise that this will be the last one of these I ever post here. You’re in control. Peace out, big guy. Luv, M

  • S.Rod

    I guess if you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all!

    Oh well… 😉

  • Sorry, Mark. I am going to download this tonight and listen to it. You know there will be feedback.

    One of your other regular listeners has been on radio silence all day. I am sure you will hear from him, too.

  • I haven’t listened to any podcasts in quite some time, because someone (*couldn’t* be me) lost my earphones. But as life would have it, AirTran now offers XM satellite radio on select flights, including the one I took Sunday, and provides free earphones for those who lack them.

    So I’ll try to listen tonight, so you know you have more than two listeners. 🙂

  • And yes, Josh, that means I have earphones now, which means we can try again with that whole connecting-and-recording thing.

  • Hmmm… now I’m left to contemplate if God caused you guys to comment or if I was just being impatient.

    Yeah, that’s what I thought too. :o) Looking forward to hearing the thoughts on the first MJR collaboration.

  • whooowee! two weeks on vacation and i’m back in a sorta-funk…but then there’s some new sonic weirdness from mr. sahm. nice.

    downloaded and ipodded. listening shortly….

  • S.Rod can “Dirty Talk” and I got in trouble for one joke about Puerto Rican midgets? That doesn’t seem fair.

  • Great… the Tetris theme will be in my head for all of eternity now.

  • I never enjoyed any of those healthy cereals- we were just forced to eat them.

  • So your parents made you eat Mueslix, DJR?

    I had forgot NES used that song for Tetris. I only remember the Russian folk song that was used on the Mac version. Too bad it’s stuck in Classic mode.

  • A shout out for DJRadiohead. I have never been excited before. I am most definitely pleased by this.

    First… no, being a native Iowan we were Crispix people. You had to eat it fast or it did get soggy in milk and then it tasted like ass. We also ate some of those other godawful healthy cereals. And S.Rod, I always thought the Cookie Crisp tasted better without the milk.

    As for constructive… loved the remixes as always. I think the banter between the two of you is great- I would suggest putting small bits of it more frequently. Not necessarily after every remix because you get a nice flow but the two of you sound fun- sprinkle it throughout more.

  • S.Rod

    DJR: Regarding Puerto Rican midgets- Sahm dared me to comment bc I scoffed when I heard your comment. I’m also Puerto Rican and about 5′.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Dirty Talk.
    ; )

    ~I still think Mexican midgets would have made a better alliteration…

  • DJR: You should have heard our first shout-out to you. That version never made it to the final, but let’s just say it was backhandedly hilarious. We were unsure if you’d love it or want us skinned alive, so I nixed it.

  • SRod, 5′ is tall enough to squash the midgets at Camp DJ. You’re a giant. And you do make a very good point about the alliteration.
    And haven’t you learned it’s dangerous to listen to Sahm? I did like “Dirty Talk.”

    Sahm, as much hell as I fling on BCRadio and DJRPE I pretty well deserve anything anyone wants to fling back. I have, save for the obvious, forbade myself from ever being offended by anyone. I sometimes forget that but would have probably laughed my ass off at whatever you came up with.

  • S.Rod

    Mark, I told you we should have left it in…it was so funny!

  • S.Rod

    Mark, are you going to post which are my 4 contributions or where you hoping for some audience participation?

  • I think I can guess two of them- not sure on the others. I would have to go back and really listen for it a second time and even then I might not get it. My guesses:

    Dirty Talk and Live at the S-Rod Lounge.

  • You’re 2 for 2 so far… but those were gimmes.

  • Sure they were. But look at this… look at all this feedback and these comments. I’m bringing it. Tell you what, I will listen to it again and try to figure out the other two.

  • With all this feedback, you’re going to make S.Rod start thinking about doing her own show. But we definitely appreciate it… me especially since I’m not a PR midget.

  • S.Rod

    Mr. Sahm, I can’t believe you just wrote that…I scoff in your general direction…

  • SR: I think it’s time you stepped in front of the God Drone Spectrum.

  • Raise your hand if you think Sahm just pulled couch duty with that last one.

    Damn, dude.

  • Silly DJR— you ‘re forgetting who is the host and who is the sidekick.

  • Silly Sahm — you forget who the boss is and who the guy is.

  • No, I know who the boss is— Tony Danza!

    Or were you referring to Bruce Springsteen? :o)

  • Springsteen. Definitely.

  • S.Rod

    Silly Sahm indeed…I wouldn’t pay too much attention to him. He’s just lashing out because he too is a cubicle drone.

  • I listened to the show from my cubicle. Total drone, here.

  • Mark Saleski

    ok, i’ve been busy. finally got around to this sonic beauty.

    first, best cereal if you’re in a hurry: weetabix, because you’ve got to pour and start eating immediately.

    second: since pwinn and herself are still maintaining radio silence, s.rod is now my favorite female voice on the internet.

  • S.Rod

    I have a FAN! YAY!
    Thank you Mr. Saleski.

  • -E

    Congrats! This article has been selected as one of this week’s Editors’ Picks.

  • Thank you, -E. I appreciate the nod.

    As for tying up loose ends on this thread, the other 2 S.Rod songs were:
    • Rejection 77
    • Neoprene Latina