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Magic Junk Radio 5: Go Remix Yourself

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Even in the midst of concentrating on a huge project, one might hear the voice of a smaller project calling, begging to be finished before it gets lost in the shuffle. While such an instance happened to me this month, I will not confess to hearing voices. No sir, not us.

Anyway, that huge project is my second fiction novel. While I know its importance to me takes precedence over anything else, I had started the podcast back in January. Thus, I decided to finish it first. The subsequent result was Magic Junk Radio 5: Go Remix Yourself.

If you’ve haven’t tuned in before, MJR can best be described as an eclectic maelstrom of sounds, voices and samples. #5 catches me on a more serious note than usual, but at the same time tapping into the pop culture groove that I like to mess around with. It clocks in at a magnanimous 18:28— with the funk riffs, hard rock beats, and mix of synths you’re used to. Even some old favorites get revisited through the MJR filters.

Like I mentioned before, this will be the last MJR for a few months, as I focus on the big picture. Nevertheless, I had fun making this podcast as I always do. I hope you enjoy listening. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Right-click the MP3 link above to download the full podcast in MP3 format, which will play in any iPod or MP3 music player. Left click and the MP3 will begin playing in a new web browser window (unless you haven’t updated in a while.)

Content of Tables:
Change Must Happen 2:12
Your Lot in Life 1:50

She Rides The Night 1:33
Jack Bauer Thrash 1:48
Sexy Wolf 2:19
Techno Whore 2:07
Hobby Vs Career 1:34
Celeste’s Theme 2:14
Run Tantive Run 1:41
Farewell 1:06

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Love it? Hate it? Confused? Let me know. Leave a comment.

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About Mark Sahm

  • Downloading as we speak, Sir.

  • I look forward to any feedback you’d like to offer.

  • First, a question. Did you filter your voice in that opening segment or did you have an actual female-type person?

  • Excellent use of profanity. Can I take credit for that? Doesn’t matter. I am pleased to hear an f* bomb.

  • The Pulp Fiction remix is AWESOME! I am going to watch that movie this weekend now.

  • Thanks for the feedback, DJR. The first segment voice is my wife. In my parody of the Raymond K. Hessel scene from Fight Club, she insisted I not refer to myself in the third person, so I let her say it.

    And I think of an f-bomb like fireworks. When at a fw show, the explosions become repetitive. But if a firework went off in your bedroom at 4AM, you notice it more. Da?

    Hmmm, I just mentioned my wife and fireworks in the bedroom in consecutive paragraphs. I hope she’s reading this. Subliminal addition, baby!

  • If I go to a fireworks show, I expect fireworks. But then that’s just me. And I see what you are saying.

    I tried getting The Wife to Whom I Am Married to play a part. Couldn’t get the right vibe. I wrote some dialog and it just didn’t flow from her. So, I shitcanned that segment. Maybe if I figure out the M/F filter I can play that part myself.

    I think it is a shame your podcast is a hobby because you do a good one. Good luck on your novel.

  • If you ever do come back to it, here is another bit of feedback. I think your remixes are fantastic.

    I like the laid back vibe of your voice tracks. I think you should try and work more of them in to the show. They just need a little more confidence. Not too much or you’ll lose the laid back thing.

    Just my 2 cents. I liked this last one.

  • Behold, a merry fucking sack of constructivity! Thanks man!

    If you ever discover a way to make money off of your podcast, please be sure to tell me. Otherwise, a hobby it will stay.

    I have about 5 or 6 unfinished remixes for MJR 6, so I expect to revisit them in 2-3 months. Gracias again… and good luck to you as well.