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Magic Junk Radio 1 – A Creative Crossover

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Among the creative people of the world, there are many who dare to crossover. Those who try their hands at genres within the arts that they were not instructed on, or gained their fame in. Just think of actors like J.Lo or William Shatner who have made music albums, while inversely musicians such as LL Cool J or Roger Daltrey have appeared in movies. When celebrities do a crossover, it’s essentially a crapshoot in terms of marketing. While the general public knows the name of the performer immediately, it is difficult to accept a celebrity doing something different.

For those of us fortunate enough to be devoid of fame, we can try any and everything we want within the creative hemispheres, and suffer all the same. How gratifying! Nevertheless, the creative area that I have no formal training or experience is music. I love hearing music, and am constantly surrounded by it no matter what I am doing.

But when it comes to actually composing or playing the music, I have mostly avoided it for lack of natural talent and coordination. My encounters with playing are limited to three months of saxophone lessons in fourth grade, and a brief stint of singing terribly in a tenth grade rock band, to which I got kicked out of at the end of the summer.

I know wholeheartedly that I did not apply myself in either case. But redemption was always waiting for me. Of course, by admitting that I am a writer and artist first, that puts a big scarlet C for crossover on my chest when it comes to me producing a podcast of semi-melodic tracks.

But brand me all you want— producing compositions of words and sounds was as fun as new Christmas toys. For all of the tweaking and timing issues and triple takes that it took to make it happen, I highly recommend it to any creative soul looking for something fun and challenging to do.

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Magic Junk Radio 1 is a creative fusion of spoken word, samples, sounds, and beats. I didn’t play any instruments, but you’re welcome to pretend I did. MJR 1 has no aspirations other than amusement and an occasional foot tap. At 17 and a half minutes, it’s a fast food podcast. But I’m perfectly content with that. Clog your arteries and enjoy.

INSTRUCTIONS: Right-click this link to download the full podcast in MP3 format, which will play in any iPod or MP3 music player. Left click and the MP3 will begin playing in your web browsers (unless you haven’t updated in a while.) The file size is 16.2 MB.

Content of Tables
Intro Music – 0:51

Welcome – 1:18
Identifying the Train People – 4:53
Interlude 1 – 1:12
Serico’s Wake Up Call (from The Art of Getting Bent) 2:02
Not Going Gently – 1:51
Interlude 2 – 1:14
Magically Delicious – 1:40
Mushroom Cloud – 1:52
Farewell – 0:37

To download the tracks individually, go to Blogimus Prime.

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Mark Sahm writes, paints, draws, and makes self-depreciating jokes. This post is part of his Creative Psychosis series. Read the other parts here:1, 2

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  • S. Rod

    I enjoyed it, but it took many tries to download. I liked the Mushroom Cloud song.

  • OK, I’ll think of J. LO when I listen.

    Looking forward to it.

  • Temple: Yes, like J.Lo but minus the 5 million in production costs and backup singers.

    S: Sorry, I think my host server is slow. Not sure what. But thanks.

  • I’ve got to say – Wow. That’s some nice quality production. A lot of nice music segues and overlays.

    Please tell me it took you longer than a week (er, but don’t lie fo rmy benefit)? Course I do mine in about three hours (most of that time waiting on my computer process speed which as never been an issue until now)… I really could easily break down the work on it throughout the week. (I’m getting bumper music now)

    I get all gooey about your effort on my podcast, up today. (Plug it in, Plug it in)

  • yes, i listened to this yesterday and have been meaning to say that it was fantastic. one of the best i’ve heard.

  • Hey gents: Very flattered by the props. Here I thought the podcast went unnoticed like a fart in the wind.

    Mark Sal: One of the best you’ve heard?!? Color me shocked. Thanks.

    Temple: If I could do one a week, I’d have submitted for the recuuring feature label! But in truth, I spent about 3 weeks of off-and-on work while juggling my other projects. I appreciate the plugs on TAS, I’ll check it out later.

  • no kidding mark s. right up there with the duke’s freakouts…though so totally different that it’s not really worth attempting a comparison.

  • We know about your farts. “Unnoticed” is not the word.

  • Nor would I want my mild NJ/NY accent to be compared to the Duke! After all, my lady told me I have a funny pronounciation of ‘clitoris’ in the 3rd to last track. To which I was quite offended, considering my fondness for the button. Heh.