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MAE “Destination Beautiful”

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MAE has been so hype-ridden for so long, a lot of people in the music scene were expecting great things from this emo/pop band long before the official release of their Tooth and Nail debut, Destination Beautiful.

Reminiscent vocally to bands such as Camber and Jimmy Eat World, and musically to bands such as Brandtson and Jets to Brazil, there is no clear way to pin these rock and roll up can comers into one clear style or genre of music. Vocals on this album are phenomenal in range, passion and clarity. Musically, this album is practically flawless—even managing to pull off merging a bit of techno into the hybrid emo groove they are displaying. Yes, not much can be said ill of MAE, and with just a 1 album deal with Tooth and Nail, one would be safe in assuming that Tooth and Nail is just a stepping stone to greater things for MAE.

Overall, MAE is a gifted, solid addition to Tooth and Nail’s roster. Most hyped bands in the scene disappoint, but MAE has managed to not only live up to the hype that was thrown their way, but even surpass it. It was nice of MAE to take a detour through the underground scene on their way to the top, giving folks a chance to get their album for under $20 and maybe even catch a show for less than $35 a head.

Lyrics- A

Objectionable Content- A

Overall Album- A- (A bit over the top at times vocally. Still one of the best things in a while to come out of Tooth and Nail.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • yanni805

    Tooth and Nail are doing Christians justice by signingtalented bands: Mae, Anberlin, MeWithoutYou, Norma Jean, Beloved, and Slow Coming Day. Oh you can’t forget Watashi Wa, they’re our local band.