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Madonna happenings…

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CMU reports some more Madonna news:

Some at Warner reckon Madonna’s public response to the legal dispute between the major and her label Maverick has been relatively muted because the singer is concerned about breaking from the company given the relatively disappointing performance of her last album.

However, the general consensus is that Warner’s competitors are already planning their bids should things turn nasty and Madonna break all ties with the major. The huge demand for Madonna’s live shows are also likely to increase her standing in the recorded sector. By that reasoning perhaps Madonna is waiting until all other avenues have been explored before going

for the jugular – “do right by my label, or I’m off”.

Talking of Madonna – a public inquiry has opened regarding attempts by her and film director husband Guy Ritchie to stop 100 acres of land on their Wiltshire estate being classified as open countryside – and therefore open to ramblers. The couple don’t want to have to let walkers cross their land, coming within 100 yards of their home. Madonna’s case seems to be based on two arguments – firstly that the government officials who classified the land as open countryside were wrong to do so, secondly to have to allow members of the public so close to their home contravenes their human rights according to privacy laws.

The inquiry into the couples’ case began yesterday and is expected to run for about five days. Representatives from the Countryside Agency and the Ramblers’ Association will take part in the investigation – the couple themselves are unlikely to attend.

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  • Sandra Smallson

    Saying that the act was “nothing short of treason” is a muted response? This must be some Warner tactic. Smear campaign. Are they going to say they made no money from the millions it sold in the rest of the world and base the whole thing in America?

    Besides, why should she be off? She’s suing them for cash. Leave now and she’s lost her own personal investment in Maverick. She’s too smart for that. I tell you, if it gets worse, She will just do some covers, pick some cutting room floor tracks and release two Albums of 8 songs each. That will complete her quota with Warner and she can be off. It makes no legal or economic sense to get in a strop right now and say “do right by my label or..I’m off”

    Whoever started this rumour is not very smart. Atleast start something more believeable. Anyway, it’s hotting up, I knew it would get juicier.

    As a fan I knew things were reaching boiling point when after the initial promo pre-release of AL, she bluntly refused to do any promotion for the Album as she was booked to do. Wherever she appeared, she promoted her books instead and it took hosts like Carson Daly or Regis to mention the Album or an upcoming single before she would say even a sentence. Perhaps that pissed them off. Plus, the fight about the AL video. It’s getting interesting that’s for sure:)

    As long as she doesnt go the George Michael or Prince route by changing her name or printing slave on her cheeks, I’ll be fine:)

  • ihateoreilly

    Listen up Madge detractors: American Life made money! It has shipped almost 6 million worldwide (though it hasn’t sold that much…artists make money off of how much an album is shipped). By the way, the rumor is that Madonna is about to finish her contract with Warner. The strong rumor is that there will be a remix album (not an ep like Remixed and Revisited) that will contain some new material as well as a live album by the end of the year. Then, Madonna is free to go and any label who counts her out because of one so called “flop” is really blind.