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Madonna Being Compared to Avril Lavigne?

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In Response to an Article Published by People Magazine Online on April 1, 2003. The article had the nerve to suggest that Madonna was second fiddle to the likes of Avril Lavigne. AS IF????

Dear People Magazine:

Your article pontificating whether Madonna fans could attract Avril Lavigne fans was amusing at best. How dare you even presume that Madonna need to attract anyone else’s fans – especially the likes of Avril Lavigne or (gasp) Christina Aguilera. Was the author of this piece of garbage spawned post-1990?

Madonna is the biggest pop culture icon to ever grace the planet earth. She has had more sociological impact on our society than Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis put together. Many may not realize it now, but decades from now when she is dead and gone, she will remain the biggest pop icon to have ever lived. Her presence in society has influenced America politically, religiously, ethically, socially, sexually, spiritually, and any other “ly” word which you can insert. Good or bad, no matter how you define it, Madonna is NEVER going to go away, no matter how low her album’s sales numbers may ever fall.

This woman has single-handedly provoked thought and expanded the minds of millions worldwide. Using MTV as her own personal vehicle, she has made more people aware of gay and lesbian issues by exploiting her own sexuality in order to deliver the message. She has played religion like a game of tether ball, thus enabling millions of her fans and admirers to question their own beliefs. She bashed the President for not taking a stance when AIDS was ravaging our nation, long before the thought of a real war ever crossed our minds. Over the course of time, she has taken on the Pope, the President, and Pepsi-Cola, each time coming out victorious. By pushing people’s buttons, this woman has broken down numerous taboos and barriers, all of which have practically been accomplished without much protest – especially considering the magnitude of her achievements. That, in and of itself, makes this woman a brilliant survivor!

Bill Maher gets booted off of a show that itself is about being “Politically Incorrect.” Marilyn Manson took a major hit when two whackos shot up a school, even though he had nothing to do with it. President Clinton was impeached when he crossed the line and got caught with his pants down. But only Madonna could be so brilliant enough to portray bestiality in a silver-plated book, yet still come out smelling like a rose. Like it or not, she has the world dangling like a puppet on a string – because she will always keep us guessing.

All of these things should be added to the notion that this woman is a REAL PERFORMER! Unlike the Britney’s and Christina’s of today, Madonna is a true artist. She sends a message from her mind and from her heart. She does not spit out the message of some fat rich man who merely hides behind the corporate clone Barbi dolls of today’s “pop” music scene. Madonna is a self-made megastar with no apologies. Go to one of her concerts and see for yourself. She adds an artistic element to the stage to accompany a first-class rock star performance. And guess what, she does it without the assistance of a karaoke machine because the devine Miss M. refuses to lip sync, unlike the “pop” stars of today. Watch the next Britney or Christina performance and then do some comparisons. It would be a miracle if either of them could even move their lips to their own words with any precision. Then again, it must be hard for them to memorize lyrics that were written by some random voiceless talent.

If you want to talk about record sales, then you may have a legitimate claim – FOR NOW! Madonna’s album sales may be dipping as the years go by. However, what this woman has achieved in a timeframe spanning throughout three decades can hardly go discounted as your article presupposes. What she has accomplished can never be compared to the minimal contributions that Britney, Christina or Avril have added to our culture. If these girls are around in ten years it will be a downright miracle. Moreover, if Americans today are as fickle as the artistic integrity of these three performers, then the shelf-life of their careers has almost expired!

Madonna – may I take this moment to personally apologize for Stephen M. Silverman, the man who dared to compare you to Avril Lavigne. This may be the first time in your amazing career where your ego may be a bit bruised. An insult it was, indeed. For that I am sorry.



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  • Eric Olsen

    They can compare Avril to Madonna if she is still on top in another 20 years – I’m not betting on it.

  • Except for your bestiality point ????, a shit-kickingly great response. Madonna has her VERY bad moments – mostly on the silver screen, she should just stop – but she has many more moments of – hang on a sec I’m channeling Samuel Johnson to get the spelling of this word right – transcendance. Like a Prayer seems to be her best for me. The latest dance songs are great but their moments have little to do with her and more to do with who’s doing the mix and the dub.

  • Now I didn’t read the People Magazine article, so I don’t know exactly what is quoted, but perhaps the writer didn’t mean it in the second fiddle-way. I mean the majority of Avril Lavigne fans are what? probably born in the late 80’s and early 90’s, where they probably weren’t really listening to music until maybe the late 90’s. During the late 90’s, you must admit that Madonna was not quite the hitmaker she was before. Since these Avril fans would most likely have not been aware at the time of Madonna’s reign, they may not associate her with the kind of respect that most “older” people do and thus, may not be fans.

  • sarah

    i can’t believe you think madonna has more of an impact on the world then Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. obviously madonna is nowhere near as good as these other 4 icons and she has defiently not made more of an impact then even michael jacksons pinky and out of all of them he is the least influential (obviously he is still VERY influential but the other 3 more so. get a life madonna is a legend and an icon but she is defiently NOT as influential or DEFIANTLY not as talented as the other 4.

  • Sandra Smallson

    I think Madonna has had as much of an impact but not more than MJ, Elvis, Beatles and Monroe. Look, the world is not made up of just USA and certain parts of Europe. Outside those two continents, Elvis really isn’t as influential as Madonna and Michael Jackson.

    All in all, they are all pretty influential world wide and I certainly can not pick from either on a global scale. I would say MJ is slightly more famous than Madonna on a global scale because 9 out of 10 kids in the most isolated village in Africa would know who MJ is, whereas, probably 7 or 8 would know who Madonna is.

    As far as your comments on Madonna not being as good as the other icons. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. It is her cross to bear, being the only woman whose name often crops up when pop legends are often spoken of, plus she is still alive. It is easier to sing the praises of Monroe because she is dead and can do no more. Madonna is still alive so knock her down. If the same brush that was used to tar madonna often by unfair critics was used to tar Monroe, it would be said that she was a slut who slept with the president, a married man, was self destructive and killing herself with drugs and only got acting roles because she was blonde, big breasted and beautiful. BUT NO. She’s dead. So we must say she was a fabulous actress and almost a saint and talented to boot. That’s the nature of humans. It’s the nature of the beast within humans unfortunately.

    My opinion is that they are all talented and influential pop culture icons. Quite frankly, gorgeous as she was, the person who doesn’t belong on that list is Marilyn Monroe. Other than the Madonnas and Charlize Therons of the world, she really is not that influential. She is just admired for her beauty. What did she achieve that has had a global impact or influenced people globally?

    Plus, she is not as talented as the others. As for her acting, you need to watch her movies again..the very acting we praise right now, simply because she died early, is the very method of acting that Madonna is now Lambasted for..OVERACTING. LOL.

  • sarah

    im defintely NOT say marilyn monroe was a good actor, well actually she was(its not as easy as it looks playing a dumb blonde) but obviously (although this can never be proven)she was not a good serious actor. shes not an icon for her acting, i know shes an icon for her beauty, but she did inspire people (and obviously one of those people were madonna)she was the first women to make that kind of impact. and although i admit i cant really think of what she actually made an impact on, there was obviously something or she wouldnt be as huge and icon as she is now. and by the way i never said anything bad about madonna i even said that she was a legend and an icon, but she in NO WAY made more of an impact then any of those people 4 other people mentioned

  • Nathan

    I really think that they shouldn’t compare them because their music is totally different from one anothers. I love, love, love Avril Lavigne’s music and I hate, hate, hate Madonna’s music. I don’t think that they are alike in any way except that they sell a lot, and that they have blonde hair. Avril Lavigne is a ROCK musician, while Madonna is a Dance/Pop musician. I think this comparison is bad for Avril. Madonna? Eh! I don’t get them!

  • JoJo

    Avril Lavigne is a poser.

  • carlos

    I am sorry but tough i am no more young i am forced to say this: Morally speaking Avril is one million times better then Madonna. Musicaly speaking: creativity lyrics and music Avril is much better than Madonna – Actualy i am schocked by the fact that someone who gives a very bad example for the teenagers is promoting books for children – Often i wonder if the people who is schocked by a little bit of butt of Avril is the same who finds normal for someone who makes or made in the past porn movies – Madonna. Really, is it a question of stupidity? inversion of moral principles? Note that I am not against sexual freedom – it’s a question of selling herself for money. Those who desire make love with one or even more humans will not hear me saying it’s immoral
    or something like that. And please, do not get schocked by those women who show their body which is as would say Seargent Michelle Manhart ‘one of the most beautiful things in this World’.
    A beautiful woman who for some reason think she has the desire to show her body and who does this not for money but for her fans cannot be blamed … I hope i achieve my goal, to show my point …
    As would say french people: à bon entendeur salut

  • The Raging Critic

    This isn’t a morality issue. It is an testament to one’s success as an artist.

    And as for creativity, all you need to do is watch any Madonna video or concert and it is quite apparent that nobody compares.

  • yall need to quit stickin up for madonna and give avril some respect because she has lived a hard life and stop compareing her to other people

  • Jim

    Never liked madona, I choose Avril over madona anyday, anytime.

  • Robin

    Avril is a way better singer and songwriter than Madonna.

  • P!nk

    Where is Avril today? oh yeah, DIVORCE LAND!

  • Rockchic


  • Kar

    I grew up with madonna and I still can’t stand her, but I can listen to Avril Lavigne’s album Under My Skin all day long.