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Mad Cow… Part II

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I made this post not too long ago. This evening, I came across this news article. So it seems some of the things I alarmed you about in the previous post were in fact true- one of those things being processing “downed” cattle. Another being that every part of the cow is used. “And cow skulls will no longer be able to undergo a process known as advanced meat recovery, which uses machinery to scrape meat from bones..” That is what is in your chili, folks.

Anyway this was also very interesting:

The use of air-injection systems, which drive a bolt through a cow’s skull to kill it quickly, will be banned.

This statement scares me as that how cattle are treated is inhumane in the first place. My question now is how are they going to kill the cattle? I just can’t stand the idea of anything having to suffer needlessly.

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  • You can get the book from PRWatch (1998) online for free Madcow USA as a pdf. There’s also a great NYTimes article about raising a beef cattle (it’s a paid article, search nytimes.com. The whole system has become like the old lady who swallowed a fly).

    In short, a diseased dairy cow shouldn’t have been sent to a slaughterhouse to be made into hamburger and sent to seven states.

    That’s where the investigation should be going, not where the cow came from or what it ate.

  • Ren

    Good, old fashioned shot guns. A quick shot to the back of the skull. Instant death. Not fun. No one could afford the money it takes to buy enough serum for lethal injections – and that’d be useless for eatin’ afterwards.

    Sometimes it’s enough to make me want to turn vegesaur.

  • I’m not sure about the after-effects on the meat from death by my farts, but I’m willing to do the job for a respectable wage. It’s nice work if you can get it.

    You must go to The Meatrix and view the flash movie–take the red pill.

    Also, check out my blog entries Chicken, Bubbles and Nanotechnology and also Chicken Packing, Pharmaceuticals, and the Fanatic America.

  • I’m on the case, too. Yesterday’s Mac-a-ro-nies focused on BCE and today’s does, too. The cow, dairy farm and processors are all from the area where I live. I’m taking a breather from eggnog and ice cream.

    The thing that bothers me most is the evasion of the ‘don’t feed animal parts to ruminants’ rule. Next comes the low rate of inspections in the U.S. and Canada.

  • BB

    Ditto MD.