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Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in new technology. They’re constantly coming out with new products that techies love to snatch up. One of the first Apple products that I ever received was the MacBook Air. I got it as a graduation gift from my parents. I had done my own research to figure out exactly what kind of laptop I wanted. The MacBook Air won in the end and I’ve never regretted that decision.

The MacBook Air came out in 2008. There have been different versions of it since then, but I still have the first version. It was a completely new concept of trying to make a very thin and very light laptop. The laptop weighs three pounds and is less than an inch thick. One of the reasons that Apple thought this product was such a good idea was because businessmen who travel a lot would most likely buy a laptop to use that would be light to carry throughout airports and cities. It’s a specialized product that is similar to the MacBook. A lot of the same features are installed on the MacBook Air that is on all the other Apple computers.

One of the main things that I like about my laptop is what it specifically was designed for. The thinness of the computer itself allows me to fit it in my backpack no matter how many books I’m carrying. For the most part it’s skinnier than any of my textbooks and when I go to the library it doesn’t become a nuisance. The light weight of the laptop allows me to carry it all over campus without having to feel like I’m lugging a heavy load. It’s hard enough carrying two or three textbooks around campus let alone a hefty laptop.
The fact that it’s an Apple computer makes it user-friendly and not hard to learn the system. I didn’t use anything made by Mac until my laptop, but it took me less than a day to figure out where everything was. The support that comes along with getting an Apple computer is also a plus.  When you buy a computer you can set up times to learn how to use it and if there’s a problem they have people in a store that can fix it for you rather than over the phone.

The only negative aspect about the laptop is that the battery life isn’t the best in its class. It only stays charged for about four hours and sometimes it’s even less. The power cord is only about four or five feet long so when you’re at the library you have to sit right by a plug. Every other MacBook has an extended cord, but since this version wasn’t technically designed for students, it’s hard to complain. The new MacBook Air took the battery life problem into account and made it last longer, so they’re fixing the consumer’s problems.

My laptop is something that I rely on every day. I’ve used other kinds of laptops growing up and I would never go back to using any other brand besides Apple.

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