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Mac Game Review: Tribal Trouble

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Sometimes a game comes along that quite surprises you. Not because of all its bells of whistles and “ooh” moments, but merely because it does what it claims to do so well that you cannot fault it for anything. Tribal Trouble is just one of those games. It doesn’t have the most uber-graphics or the most complicated game play, but it does have oodles of charm.

Basically it’s a RTS that has gone on a massive diet of everything that makes the modern RTS so modern. Gone are the oodles of options that require a wall chart and “simplified guide”. There are not oodles of upgrades and paths to go for. There isn’t lots of technologically to search for or even massive cities to build. It is probably a bit cutesy for the hardcore gamer with no sense of humor.

Its all quite simple. You are a Viking that lost his ship and his men. You are on a quest, with the help of natives that you train up to find your mates and get stuff that vikings like to find. There are other tribes on the islands you explore that are not so keen on the scary Viking invaders taking their gold and women. You land on an island build some buildings, gather rock, gold and wood make more villagers, weapons and a few buildings then get on with it.

The game is very simple, but runs beautifully and is quite engrossing. Like Age of Empires, there is a storyline and there is map play. Multiplayer exists for up to six as well, once you get your head round this easy to play but hard to master title.

Now there are a few problems, like not being able to get high enough when you are on a large island to see much, even if you have discovered it. There are a few islands early on that are a bit harder than they probably should be for newbies. But then again lots of games have these sort of problems. This is a shareware game that is cheap, easy to run and will provide you with plenty of gaming. As you might expect with its simplicity, it might be a good title to teach a younger child or a RTS newbie the whole concept of the game genre.

Tribal Trouble does what it does well. And really that is all that matters isn’t it? A quality, amusing game for not very much is a good thing anytime.

Tribal Trouble is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB. This game can also be found on: PC, Unix.

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