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M3 Razor: A Review

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I just purchased the new Gillette M3 Power razor after hearing a lot of buzz (from people, not the razor). I used it for over a week now, and I thought I’d share a review.

The razor, very similar to the Gillette Mach 3, is slightly larger than its cousin as it needs room for the AAA battery which power the micro motor which is intended to give a closer, more comfortable shave. The micro motor vibrates the razors and is claims to raise the hairs on your face for a closer shave.

When the button is pressed a soft hum comes from the whole razor, while at first a little scary that you are holding 3 vibrating blades against your precious face, when you start shaving you hardly notice the vibration.

The blades and shave head are also new, with improved blades which are are advertised to stay sharper longer, along with a green aloe strip for lubrication.

I have to say that the shave was a very comfortable and close shave. Usually I have to shave after a shower to soften my stubble, but with this razor I just lathered up with my Clubman Shave Cream and immediately shave off 2 days worth of stubble.

The shave was incredibly comfortable, and even the hard to reach and shave areas around my jaw were easily taken care of. Though I usually don’t get razor burn, this shave seemed even more comfortable than the Mach 3, though still seemed less close then the not as comfortable Sensor Excel.

I’ve been shaving with it for a week now, I have to say from my experience the M3 Power was a fairly close and comfortable shave. The humming blades do as advertised and literaly make your face hair stand up on end for a
comfortable shave.

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  • The Gillette Mach 3 POWER: “Get the worlds closest, most comfortable shave, and then turn it over and let your girlfriend borrow it.”

    Gillette really missed a marketing opportunity here.

  • Dick Lamb

    The Gillette Mach 3 razor is so-so, a real gimmick. I find it shaves no closer than my Sensor. It’s overpriced, as are all of the Gillette innovative rzors of recent years.

  • mjohnson

    I use the new Gillette M3 vibrating razor and it makes me sick to my stomach to purchase $16 replacement blades every 2 months. My friend, who claims to be an expert on shaving becasue he shaves his head, recommended a product call Edgesaver to extend blade life. He claims it works very well but want to get some other opinions. Has anyone used this prodcut? If yes, please email me and provide feedback on performance. -Mike J

  • We, at the above law firm, are interested in hearing any complaints about the M3 razor. You may be eligible to participate in a class action lawsuit.

  • Douglas, your girlfriend is supposed to turn over the razor to experience the humming safely.

    (Sheesh – hafta tell these folks to breathe in and out, sometimes…)

  • pdji@hotmail.com

    whats the name of the law firm and the details of the class? Please resond directly to my email.