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LX.TV Goes Shopping at Hermes and Blue & Cream, New York

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This week on 1st/Look New York, it’s Paris by way of Wall Street, as the financial district welcomes the French house of Hermès to this burgeoning shopping district. At Hermès’ second swanky New York boutique (the first is located in a sprawling Madison Avenue townhouse) the Wall Street crowd can shop for the label’s signature silk ties, scarves, and handbags just steps away from the New York City Stock Exchange.

This posh, elegant location is clearly tailored for the finance crowd: a wall of ties greets you when you enter the shop, including a limited edition Bull and Bear tie that nods to the rise and fall of the market. George Oliphant speaks with the president of Hermès U.S.A., Robert Chavez, at the new Hermès shop and previews the luxurious fashion, housewares, and accessories. It’s safe to say that Wall Street has just gotten slightly more chic and the famous orange box will certainly make those last minute gifts around Christmas time a lot more exciting.

15 Broad Street / between Wall Street and Exchange Place
Financial District / New York

Designer emporium, not shop, would be a more appropriate term to describe Jeff Goldstein’s East Hampton digs. Blue and Cream sells the newest, coolest, and latest styles for Hamptonites. This place is packed with hoodies, denim, and limited edition sneakers for the guys and 3.1 Philip Lim, Mint, Development, and Foley for the ladies. This summer Blue and Cream is stocking its most exclusive collection yet, so be sure to stop in before all of the hot styles are wasted on someone else.

Blue & Cream
60 on the Circle
Easthampton / New York

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