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LX.TV and Floorplan Winterize Your Home

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In this episode of Floorplan, George Oliphant is in Litchfield, Connecticut to meet with experts and get tips on how to best prepare all the aspects of your home for the coming winter. With the fall weather finally here, these tips are certainly apropos.

Vince Lafontan, of Mountain View Farm, offers advice for what you should do to your lawn and garden. Vince suggests cleaning debris, turning your soil, and planting a cover crop. He and George go through demonstrations, and if you’ll watch the video, you can see them in action. Bob Keller, of The Trading Post, demonstrates how installing a glass shield to your fireplace retains the heat of your fireplace without allowing the home’s heat to escape.

Marilyn Caselli, of Con Edison, suggests various power saving techniques such as opening your blinds, winterizing your air conditioners and checking the gaskets on your refrigerator to help cut down on exorbitant winter home heating costs. She also shows George a cool test you can do with a dollar bill to check if you’re ready. Finally, Dian Barnes, of Kent Greenhouse, shows George a litany of products that can preserve the moisture of your garden and get your flowers ready to bloom in the spring.

With this much information, you’ll have to watch the video to be sure you get everything George uncovered. After all, fall is in the air and winter is only days away.

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