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Luna: Romantica

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Can sadness be more sweet? The aptly named Romantica,
Luna’s sixth studio effort, speaks of broken hearts
and misplaced dreams in such a decadent and gorgeous
way that pleasure trumps pain. The band, re-energized
by the appearance of candy-voiced bassist Britta
Phillips, (who replaced Justin Harwood after his
departure to tend to his wife and child in New
Zealand) is back at the top of its game, playing songs
to be listened to with a brown bottle and a comfy

Romantica brings Luna back to the languid guitars and
relaxed grooves of Penthouse. Dean Wareham is at his
wry and witty best; penning lyrics such as “I’m bad
with faces and worse with names. The lost glove is
happy, it’s all the same” and the just plain silly
“Salt and pepper squid and singapore noodles, I could
look at your face for oodles and oodles.”

Sean Eden’s warm and fuzzy (and utterly beautiful)
lead guitar sings and couples with Britta’s playful
bass riffs and Lee Wahl’s persistent drumming to frame
Dean’s warbling and strumming in a picture of wistful
and relaxed intonation. The listener is transported to
a neighborhood café, mid-afternoon, a few drinks in
the gut and beautiful people abound.

Stand outs include the opener Lovedust, featuring
Deans sexy, vodka soaked growl, the more rocked-out
Weird and Woozy and Renee is Crying, and the sugary
sweet Mermaid Eyes (accented by Britta’s erotic, yet
soothing alto)

This album has definitely been touched by the recent
divorce of Dean and his actress ex-wife, but in this
case heartbreak was a fine muse. Dean says it best in
Dizzy, “My life is small and getting smaller, and I’m
surrounded by Demons. It’s fantastic”

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