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Lumines Exploit Allows For 3.50 Downgrader

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With the recent findings of the “Illuminati” exploit on the PSP, it was only bound to happen that a 3.50 downgrader would follow. With this, Fanjita shares with the world… the PSP firmware 3.50 Downgrader.

Team Noobz, released the “illuminati” exploit on June 23. The exploit allows the use of homebrew and emulators on all version of PSP. The best of it is that it uses any version of the Lumines UMD, except the Japanese version. 

When Noobz released the “Illuminati” exploit, it was bundled with a “Hello World” Application. This is what Team Noobz has to say when running and installing this exploit.

  • Check that you have an EU or US version of Lumines (ULES00043 or ULUS10002). Currently we don't have a version for the Japanese version, but we're working on it, as soon as we get hold of a Japanese UMD.
  • Extract the contents of the 'MS_ROOT' folder from the ZIP file into the top-level of your memory stick. (HINT: If you wind up with an 'MS_ROOT' folder on the stick, you've done it wrong).
  • Start the game, and as soon as it gets to the 'Press START' screen, press START. If you wait until the demo has started, the exploit may not work.
  • The screen should go blank, and the exploit will start after a few moments. It doesn't do anything except look pretty at this stage – but feel free to enjoy the first homebrew on your v3.10 – v3.50 PSP  

Three days after the introduction of the “Illuminati” exploit, Fanjita comes and announces the 3.50 downgrader. This allows ALL PSP’s the passage to Dark Alex’s Open Edition Firmware.  Fanjita warns us that this is a 3.50 Downgrade, thus you must first upgrade to downgrade.  The downgrade comes with HEN (Homebrew Enabler) which automatically detects your motherboard to ensure you have a very safe downgrade.

Since the software is early in development, some risks cannot be avoided. Thus, Fanjita had the following warnings.

  • Any downgrader carries some risk of permanently damaging your PSP. We've done everything we can to remove as much danger as possible, but if you choose to use this downgrader, you are accepting all of the risk involved. Nobody else will be held responsible for any damage to your PSP, howsoever caused.
  • Recent Sony official firmwares (3.30 onwards) have included checks that block upgrade from previously-downgraded PSPs with TA-082 or later motherboards. If you use this downgrader on such a PSP, you will lock yourself out of official firmware updates – although you will still be able to use new OE firmwares when they are released. We intend to release a tool to allow a return to official firmwares in the future.
  • This software is provided free of charge, so that you can use legitimate homebrew on your PSP. You are explicitly prohibited from selling it, or using it to pirate commercial games or applications. If you want to play a commercial game, do the decent thing and support the developers by buying it. If you don't, then YOU are contributing to the death of the PSP software industry.

Everyone must read the How to. I repeat, must read the How to. You do not want to risk bricking you PSP and having a very expensive paperweight for your office.

Enjoy your stay in the Homebrew community!


Editor’s Note: Sony has just released 3.51, so don’t upgrade to 3.51 if you plan on using the Lumines exploit to downgrade your PSP.

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