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Luda Luda How Well We Knew Ya

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Damn…why is it that an artist will put out a kick ass CD and from then on out never really hits that mark again?

Ludacris‘ newest release The Red Light District is OK, just not up to the level of what I expect (think “Back For The First Time” and “Word of Mouf“).

There are, for sure, more than a few club bangers on the CD, but I just am not getting the feeling that Luda is into this. There’s a little dissing going on (Chingy knows he got called out), but other than that it’s really just the beats that get you.

And these beats – all this stuff is starting to sound the same. Good beats, danceable beats, great beats for that Saturday night party … but they all sound the same.

Ok, so now that my rant on beats is over, as short as it was, let’s get back to The Red Light District

The first single from the CD, “Get Back”, is pretty good. I like the video, I like the premise. Many times I feel like telling folks to “Get Back.” I can dance to it, something that T-Square does not do very often. I like it!

The CD has some good tracks, but nothing great and nothing that is gonna make The Red Light District memorable outside of possibly being Luda’s last release on Def Jam.

It seems like lately a lot of the actual good rappers are getting lazy. Me thinks some may have forgotten how it was to be on the grind to get that first hit, how hard they had to work and what level of commitment they had to put out.

I like Luda a lot, I like The Red Light District a little, but that is about as far as I would go with it…

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  • T-Square,

    I have posted your review to Advance.net, which collectively is read by hundreds of thousands per week. The link there is just to the Cleveland site.

    BC is a little heavy on the indie and old rock side of things so its good to see some rap. And, judging from your review, I guess I’ll go back to the older Ludacris. You’re headline was so good I had to leave it as a subhead.

    Thanks for the post. Temple Stark