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Do you realize how Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi's capture and death really affects this country? It cleared the air for the moment. It gave the Republicans a little light!

This administration has avoided, sidestepped, danced around, and flat out ignored this problem for as long as it could. With the ratings sinking rather quickly, daily, someone had to call for a show of hands. Lewis (Scooter) Libby wouldn't flip on any one; he's a good ole boy, that Scoot! So, where was the indictment for Karl Rove?

What were the Democrats waiting for? The guy all but came out and admitted guilt. He didn't know he was breaking the law? Bullshit! What kind of defense is that? What is this, a bad episode of Judge Judy? Hell, even she wouldn't have swallowed that! Why were the Democrats waiting so goddamn long? The time has been right from the start.

One thing I do know is that I would love the opportunity to sit down with the Democrats for a game of poker. (No, not poke-her, the Clinton kind; I mean cards.) Or maybe this is the Democrats’ way of bluffing! Were they waiting for things to get worse? You've got to be kidding.

Karl Rove was indictable and they knew it. He had already openly admitted that he did, in fact, discuss the identity of a CIA operative! The only argument the administration could fabricate was that Rove didn't know this was an illegal activity.

The argument that Mr. Rove had no idea as to the sensitivity of this matter doesn't hold water. Since when does ignorance of the law provide defense from prosecution? If any civilian held ignorance up as a defense, they would be cut short immediately and sentenced!

How can any public official (or any civilian for that matter) be held to any other standard? Now, it's a done deal! Why? Because the Bush team had nothing to lose by keeping this on a back burner, hoping for that miracle! What did they get? That miracle! What could they lose? Everything, the whole enchilada! So, they wait, something good's gonna happen. It always has before! Something…

Al-Zarqawis dead!

Who's Al Jarcowee?

The top man in our War Against Terror!

Groovy! Break out the “Mission Accomplished” banner! Should we do that aircraft carrier thing again?

Nah; looking back that was kinda gay! I know! A surprise visit to Iraq! Fantastic idea!

Whoa, now! You mean ME? Go to Iraq? I don't know about that! Can't we build a set out in the desert somewhere and get us a bunch of happy Iraquis or somethin?

Sir, I believe we should actually go there, shake some hands. This is a big thing sir; we can make this Zarqawi guy the most dangerous man in the world! This will raise your popularity a whole level! Right up to Orange maybe! This may even be the time to get that indictment thrown out on Rove!

Yea? Ya think so?

Yes sir, you're a hero again, this is good, Trust me here!

OK, if you say we can get Karl out, let's romp!

That's Roll, sir.

Yea, sure, get me Karl on the phone!

Dammit, I knew this would happen. Every time I think he's finally stepped in something he can't scrape off, well, you know what happens. Now, I get serious; goddamn serious! Bush is no hero! Nobody sitting in Washington even remotely resembles a hero!

The heroes are our troops, our men and women overseas who planned and expertly executed this operation! It pisses me off to no end that these talking heads, who aren't worth the turds on the boots of our fine fighting men and women, will benefit from this courageous act in any way, shape or form!

The sheer audacity, using a surprise trip to the troops, as though that was anything more than a photo-op! I'm sure there are W diehards who actually swallow that shit — wipe, you got a little on your lip!

I've gotta say, if these conniving bastards put as much energy into running this country the way it should be instead of making backdoor deals for oil and harassing the Democrats, (not siding with Democrats here, they're one as bad as the other, like two goddamn spoiled children fighting over something that they don't even remember!) the Republicans could have done a lot for this country! Too bad they forgot what their job was!

But now, back on track. Just because Bush finally had a good day doesn't mean he gets a get out of jail free card for one of his staff! Does it? Christ, why can't anything work the way it's supposed to anymore? Can I rob a bank and get off because I got mixed up and forgot it was against the law? Of, course not, what a silly thought. But I'm no Bush! He gets the card!

Look at that, ain't it just grand seeing Karl’s old smile back again? He even looks like he lost a few pounds! This is gonna be a good thing for us, I can feel it. Old Karl will even get the people behind the war again! This guy's incredible!

Yes, he sure is!

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  • JustOneMan


    All this inane Bush Bashing is putting the Blogosphere to sleep!!! Sorta like Al Gore!!


  • zingzing


    all your comments are the sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    go to sleep and never wake up, or wake up with no fingers. or something.

    either say something, or be quiet.

  • JustOneMan

    Ding Dong…if you took the time to read Peter J’s post you would understand that my response is just as cerebral….

    How come I mention EGore you go insane…

    Respect Peter and stay on topic

    “Oh! I didn’t realize it was happy hopping moron day!” Sponge Bob Square Pants

  • zingzing

    stay on topic? look up “hypocrisy.”

    i don’t really care about gore. if you take the time to look around, you’ll never see me really defending a politician, be they republican or democrat. i don’t care for the whole lot of them.

    your “response” is the same as any time someone bashes on bush. you divert attention by claiming boredom.

  • JustOneMan

    yaawwwwnnnnnnnnn…Oh Im sorry…did you post something?

  • zingzing

    it’s like talking to a child.

  • JP

    JustONe–Please sleep quietly so the rest of us can have a rational conversation.

  • I’m sorry,,I thought I posted on BC Politics.
    Somehow I ended up in a Yahoo 5th grade Chat room.

  • Well, Mr J, you didn’t exactly choose the most dignamified writing style yourself.

  • Then wouldn’t you think the best action would be to say nothing rather than ‘dignamify’ yourself?

  • Nancy

    JOM, either liven up the thread by contributing something meaningful to it – which does not include juvenile comments on how bored you are (or is that, boring? That’ll do; it fits), or stay out of it if you can’t think of anything to say besides how bored/boring you are.

    That said, this is a good rant. It sticks the stupid, feckless, spineless Dems AND the rancid, corrupt GOP. I particularly like the line about if any of them would exert the same amount of energy to running the country the way it should be run, etc. etc. Pure gold truth.

  • Thanks Nancy, I guess I need to at least dis one party or another. If there’s no name calling it’s not worth commenting, sorta just like the Jerks in office!
    No wonder this country is so Fucked Up! If I ever heard a politician who said only what his (realistic) plans were, without all the bullshit and name calling, placing blame or flat out lying I would vote for that person , regardless of party.
    Be right out front and tell all the crap that’s no one elses business because it’s just going to come out in the campaign as though you were hiding it! If you smoked dope or snorted smack,,just admit it, be truthful, be the first.
    And for all the people on the Blog who don’t contribute anything except insults and wise cracks, that’s cool. Just try to throw something relevant in along with the bullshit, then I’ll say your an asshole but at least you’re an intelligent ass hole. Lighten up!

  • gonzo marx

    well then…

    intelligent asshole here…

    try this linkage…So You Want To Defeat An Incumbent Republican?

    then we can talk

    i’m such a stinker…


  • Nancy

    Well, I still think name-calling denotes that one has gotten to the point that they can’t think of any more good arguments on their side.