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Lucid Dream Induction: A Guide for Beginners

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Lucid dreams are clear, very vivid dreams in which the dreamer is consciously aware that he or she is dreaming. In addition, lucid dreams allow the dreamer to work within their dreams by changing the course of the dream and controlling its outcome. By combining positive energy and positive affirmations with lucid dreaming, you can learn more about yourself and work on various issues within your life.


Before you begin, prepare to be patient with yourself as you learn to take advantage of lucid dreaming. While some people, usually those who meditate on a regular basis, are successful with lucid dreaming immediately, others find that lucid dream induction takes focus and practice.


With that in mind, here is a guide to making lucid dreams a part of your own practices.

Plan to Remember Your Dreams

As you settle down for the evening, tell yourself that you will awaken from dreams and remember them. Place a journal by your bed, so you can record the dreams you have (usually just a short sentence will do).  When you do wake up from a dream, lie still until you remember it completely, and then record it in your journal.

Focus on Acknowledging the Dream State

Once you can remember your dreams with regularity, focus your intent on recognizing the dream state next time you are dreaming. Tell yourself: “Next time I am dreaming, I will recognize that I am dreaming.” Repeat it over and over and really focus. If other thoughts enter your mind release them and continue focusing on acknowledging the dream state.

Visualize Yourself Experiencing a Lucid Dream

One good way to visualize yourself experiencing a lucid dream is to awaken from a dream, then fall back to sleep as you visualize yourself back in that dream. First, focus on acknowledging the dream state, and when you are fully focused, put yourself back into the dream you just had. Imagine that you recognize the fact you are dreaming within that dream. Tell yourself: “I’m dreaming!” and then fantasize about what you would do within that dream – for example, fly over the mountains or ride a winged horse.

Keep on Working At It!

Keep on focusing and visualizing, and soon you’ll discover that the boundaries between dreams and waking are narrower. As you recall your dreams, search for signs that you were indeed experiencing lucidity within them, and focus your intent on becoming increasingly more lucid as time passes. Continue working on recognizing the dream state, and continue imagining yourself back in dreams that you have. When you do this regularly, you will discover that lucid dreaming is simple – and you can enjoy it each time you are asleep, if you like!

Once you have had your first few lucid dreams, you can start working to solve problems and work on waking issues while you are dreaming – or you can simply experience the release of limits and the joy of exploring your internal universe.

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