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Lt. Gen. Honore: Politician of the Future?

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When the war in Iraq started, I thought, well, it’s best to do this with a Republican President; he won’t waffle, waver, or accept excuses! Alas, while Bush didn’t waffle, waver, or accept excuses, he did prove himself to be weak, indecisive, and generally horrible under pressure.

So right now I’m open to anyone, conservative or liberal, as long as he’s not an ineffectual schmuck like Bush.

We should expect our leaders to lead, not take their cues from “political advisors” and poll results. In this respect, we haven’t had a truly great president since… JFK? FDR? Lincoln!? We need to cut through the corruptive crap that has infiltrated politics at every level and in every party.

Lt. Gen. Honore We need Lt. Gen. Russel “John Wayne” Honore. This is a man who is currently busy kicking ass and taking names in Louisiana.

Since he’s a career soldier, it’s a fair bet he’s a conservative, but here’s some advice to the Republicans: look at him seriously. He is the anti-Bush, at least in his ability to lead and make things happen. Regardless of his politics, if he becomes Governor, Senator, or President Honore in 2008, I don’t think I’d mind.

We don’t need another puppet in a blue suit. We don’t need someone who panders to the press, the special interests, and anyone who answers a telephone poll. We don’t need George W. Bush or John Kerry or Tom DeLay or Al Gore. We need a loud, angry, cursing, mustachioed Cajun who knows what has to be done and how to do it!

(And whatever happens, Honore should at least be offered the directorship of FEMA.)

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  • RJ

    Well, the press has been very positive for this man ever since he went down to New Orleans. And he seems to be quite effective.

    However, just because he implements policy well does not make him a good politician…

  • I’ve loved listening to this guy speak to the press. I hope he returns to the spotlight in a different venue.

  • Interesting… see this post

    Where I also call him the “Anti-Bush.”

    Clearly that’s what he is; and what the nation desperately needs.

  • Justin Berry

    I wonder if he would have met Cindy Sheehan. I also wonder how much longer he would have allowed Saddam Hussein to ignore the U.N. resolutions.Then again I know the answer. What do you think?

  • Abbie

    But what ARE his politics? I can’t find anything, anywhere.

  • Henry Evans WWII Vet.

    Love your style, the way you handled the Katrina disater. Remind me of my old “Top Kick” John Culver, Okinawa, 1945. You Go Geneal!