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Loving Judge Judy

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We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to television, shows we love to watch but usually don’t admit to watching. Brady Bunch fans, I’m looking at you.

To the chagrin of my family, my guilty pleasure is Judge Judy. I watch her show every night. There’s just something about watching Judy yell at some pathetic litigant who forgot to bring supporting documentation to court. I love it when she yells “I’M SPEAKING!!!” when a litigant is babbling on about something. Why any sane person would agree to appear on Judge Judy is a mystery.

You may have read my previous post about critical viewing, and Judge Judy is a great example to apply critical viewing skills.

The most important part of the show is at the very beginning. Watch it the next time it’s on. It’s there that the “drama” of the show is presented. Usually it starts with a serious sounding voice-over:

“Did this man leave his wife and kids for another woman?”

Followed by some quick edits: one or both litigants saying something, a quick edit to Judge Judy screaming something at someone, and back to the announcer:

“While fathering a child and not supporting his other children?”

Quick edit to Judy (yelling and, in some cases, saying something funny) and then more edits from litigant to litigant, speaking dramatically, usually ending with Judy yelling (again) and then on to the show’s intro. And you’re thinking, “Man, this case is going to kick some ass!” and you watch and it’s not nearly as dramatic as it was presented at the start of the show.

That doesn’t take away my love for the show. I’d watch a Judge Judy marathon. For days.

It’s a shame it’s not aired on the weekend.


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  • jaketheraper

    she is a fascist…..another hag who thinks because I smoke pot I obviously throw bricks through my ex girlfriends car windows. Furthermore I’ve seen her make rulings on cases without ever seeing a single lick of evidence from either side. She simply picks the side she likes more and rules in favor without ever getting any backround info on the topics. She would be a perfect fit for the Federal govt.

  • Deendjaras

    Just in case you have`nt understood why people go on the show.
    Both partys in these conflicts recieves total compensation for travel and living during shooting (normally 3 days).On top of that,both defendent and plaintiff gets a 100$ to show up and an additional 35$ per filming day.BUT!!!
    What makes it a really smart move to settle whatever petty argument you may have in her make believe courtroom is that the producers of the show pay every cent of the amount set for the “loosing” side.
    Wich makes it the perfect way to settle your and your ex girlfriends dispute.No one needs to pay the debt and besides that you get a free trip and even a couple of hundred bucks in change.The only “but” is that you have to be that fascist old hags bitch for a few minutes infront of millions of people.But if you dont care what people think,why not go there,have a laugh and you will always have a cool story at partys.
    But she is evil!!!!for real.

  • abbo

    I could not find the word ‘forcrudate’ in the Merriam Webster online dictionary.

  • mazie

    i love judge judy. if u want the truth out of someone appear on her show. if we had more judges and jury like her, all the things that go on today might cease. more power to her.

  • Dean

    g – a – y people need equal rights

  • Cathy

    Yea, someone will forcrudate her and she’ll be like “ANSU MY QUESTION!!!”

  • Jay

    Uuh, I take it you meant you like it when Judge Judy yells at people for interrupting and forcrudating her or something. correct?

  • Cathy Lyman

    I like it when forcrudating and interrupting her.

    forcrudate (verb) : An effort to throw another off their subject matter by speaking on an entirely different subject matter or responding in such a way that is inconsistent with the statements of the other

    Marry’s constant forcrudating indicated that she rarely ever listened to what other people had to say to her. I wish you’d stop forcrudating and give me some adequate feedback. I had to forcrudate Billy as nothing he was telling me was very important.

  • i enjoy watching judge judy. i also like juge joe and judge mathis. they really slap people down. i too, wonder why people go on these to be humiliated and embarrassed like that

  • Juan,

    Appear on the show if you don’t mind intense public humiliation.

  • Undecided Juan

    Should I appear on Judge Judy?

  • I have 100’s on tape and I DO have marathons.

  • josh


  • Luke

    “Judge Judy is a fascist who believes very much in denying constitutional rights to people who are not or do not strive to be white, educated, middle class people.”

    Really? I may have only watched about 5 episodes while flipping channels since the show began, and I didn’t see any of that type of stuff.

    Even so, is that such a bad thing? If people aren’t educated middle class white people, then does that make them stupid poor black people? and when you say striving to be, do you mean that educated middle class black people are sellouts who’re trying to be educated middle class white people? It’s just absurd, that nowadays being called an educated middle class white person is almost an insult, at the very least, being educated is suppose to be a good thing, and striving for anything better than what you have is a good thing too, can we all just agree on that?

  • Judge Judy a fascist? It’s a TV show, for crying out loud. It’s not a real court. People know what they’re getting into when they agree to appear on the show. They get their free plane trip to the taping and the free hotel room and a chance at a few minutes of fame. Frankly, I’d never appear on her show — or any court show, for that matter. I’m not quite ready for that level of public humiliation. Apparently scores of people are ready and willing to endure the humiliation, and that’s their choice.

  • Judge Judy is a fascist who believes very much in denying constitutional rights to people who are not or do not strive to be white, educated, middle class people.

    She is against public defenders, saying that the poor have to pay for their own legal defense. I’m not even American and that’s against the Miranda decision.

    I hope her fans like her for her entertainment value…whatever legal opinion she has is for middle class people who don’t have time for what the law is really about but what is kind of needed: evidence and courtroom manner.

    Sure we’d all like to tell people how stupid they are…but does it take a judge to do it?

  • The thing I think most people like about Judge Judy is that she is honest. She calls it like she see it (and most of her audience obviously agrees). I am not able to see the show in recent years, but the thing I recall most is that honesty, which is a dangerous thing if she ever runs for Congress.

  • It is always refreshing to have an authority figure tell some incoherent blowhard to shut their crap siren.

  • nugget

    this is a great thread

    judge judy is a genius and I’d hate to see her pitted against bill maher or o’reilly in some battle royale to the death. She’s impervious and impossible to spin!

  • Wasn’t there some talk about Judge Judy running for Congress recently?

    My fave part of any show of this variety (reality legal show — can we call ’em that?) is when they do canned “improv” sequences, such as when they go to chambers. I don’t think Judy does that as they use real people and not actors.

    That Divorce Court used to be a hoot. Damn, I miss those days when my day consisted of not going to class!