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Loves Her Friend, Wants To Improve Relationship – Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon: Astrology-Based Advice

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Hi Elsa,

My best friend and I are having problems. We've known each other for about two years now, and I had never known true love honestly until I met him. He is my soulmate in every sense of the word, but lately, we've been having problems.

I don't know what it is. We've been getting into several disagreements about our friendship. I feel like many people are jealous of us hanging around each other. I feel as though we have to fight to stay together. It's put some strain on our friendship. Sometimes I think he's too impersonal and we both have problems expressing ourselves emotionally, and it's been very frustrating for the both of us. It's just many problems that are constantly popping up.

We talk about what's going on, but I'm afraid another conflict will start up again. Do you have any suggestions on how we can stop the arguing and improve our friendship?

Motivated Friend

aquarius plaid shirtDear Friend,

Yes I do! You are sixteen. I have been able to maintain various friendships from my teens for decades now, and I am happy to tell you how I think this is achieved.

First there, must be an authentic connection and, in your case with this boy, based on the composite chart, I believe there is. And understanding this both intellectually (you’re an Aquarian) and emotionally (you have a Scorpio Moon) will provide you the base you need to turn the rest of these tricks.

Now what I suggest you do is look long term. You want to know this boy in ten years, right? And in twenty? And you love him? Well, if this is the case, then what’s a week or a month or even a year in the scheme of things? It’s nothing. So when your friend has a bad week, or month or whatever, ignore it! Seriously.

Go back to what is in your heart and what is in your gut. You love this guy and he’s running amok. He is not acting true to form. He is not acting the way he did last month, or the way you wish he would, this minute, this second. So what?

Fact is, people need room to grow. They need to experiment. They need to try on different hats and different shoes, and wear ‘em for a while. Or maybe permanently. And if you love them, if you value them, you will learn to transcend your discomfort and allow them the freedom they need.

And if you can do this? Well, you will be a cherished friend, I promise you that. You will have the deep connection you crave. So with that as a prize, how about you quit bickering with this guy and just tell him you love him?

Good luck.

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