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Lovedrug, Live At CBGB’s

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Lovedrug, the little band that could from Ohio has released a new live video version of their song “Radiology”. Formed just two years ago they have beaten the music world odds and have already played with bands like, The Killers, Robert Plant and Switchfoot. The video was shot at CBGB’s, the world famous but lease troubled music club in New York City.

Click on one of the following links to watch the video:

Windows Version

Real Player Version

Lovedrug’s sound is called sultry gothic and is compared to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate “with the arena grandeur of Queen”. After the warm reception that their initial 5 track EP recieved the band shunned offers from big name record labels and signed with The Militia Group in order to retain their artistic freedom.

They have been touring for much of 2005 and will continue to make appearances through the end of the year. Click HERE for their tour schedule. I believe I will try to catch their next appearance in NYC and after watching their video and previewing the songs on their album on Amazon I am going to get their CD. I think these guys have a lot of talent and I like their sound. I think it is quite original and very captivating.

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  • They certainly look pretty good! Thanks for introducing these guys, I’ll be checking them out now.

  • I’m already turned off by this pitch:

    “Lovedrug’s sound is called sultry gothic and is compared to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate “with the arena grandeur of Queen”.”

    Arena goth? Oy, vey 🙂

    Jones Violet — do you like dance music? Rock is dead you know, chica 🙂

    That is all.

  • No, bob, i don’t like dance music. Rock’s not dead, it’s just taking a short nap.

    Chica? How 1998.

  • The Theory

    Lovedrug is excellent live. Their cd disappointed me, but I would not say no to an oppertounity to see them live.

  • These guys are a decent band.

  • Indie rock? How 1993 🙂

    Dance music is the future. Embrace it already. Guitar-drums-bass is over and done with and the only ones who cling to every new derivative band that’s imitating some other band from the 80s or 70s are aging, balding, paunchy rock critic types who didn’t know how to rock out even back in 1979. All the new, non-American music on the radio now in Europe and in much of Asia is dance music — house, trance, all that stuff.

    That is all.