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Here’s my list of great Valentines Day Songs, Part One

(no real order)


Written by one of the true innovators of new music and British pop, New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” has to be one of the best Valentines Day songs you could possibly select out of your old pile of 80s records. So, instead of doing that grab one of those file sharing programs and turn this one up on February 14th, especially if you find yourself in a similar sticky situation. By “sticky situation” I mean the whole love triangle bit, let’s try and focus here!


“Stay awhile longer sweet tongue of fur and feather
There is a white breast
Waiting for you here…
Between the superheroes – and the electric blanket is warm

I could be sweet
I could be young, and fresh
If I weren’t so old and used
and wet and wet, I am wet”

I am so proud to have met Miss Englishman at Future Bakery in Toronto. She rocks. I can’t wait for the next Esthero album. Her lyrics are so bold and sound great combined with just awesome downbeat tracks. You know, she’s just good at everything she does.

(from )

This is really the only song that I can name that is by Coldplay. I think they sound an awful lot like Radiohead. But I fell in love with someone during a time when this song was on the radio a lot and it sort of reminds me of that and some songs just have that right sound or those right words that you are drawn to it because it speaks to you about a certain moment or it touches some other aspect of your being. Whatever the case, I think this is a great song, nice stripped down accoustic with wicked Thom-Yorke-ish vocals.

(from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, 1987)

Robert Smith’s brand of gloom pop has survived more than two decades. It was horribly difficult to force myself to choose only a single song by The Cure for this list, as they are absolutely one of my all-time favorite bands. In the end, Just Like Heaven seemed to be a fair choice. Howver, I could recommend several that would work well on Valentines Day. [Boy’s Don’t Cry, Lovesong, Friday I’m In Love, and others]. However, I think that lyrically “Just Like Heaven” is superior to many of the other songs. It’s also the perfect blend of passionate yearning played against brillinat piano and guitar work, totally trademark Robert Smith.

(From Lovers Rock)

Sade’s vocals are so soothing in this song that you’d have to spend 100 hours relaxing in the hot tub to even come close. The lyrics and melody are simple yet brilliant. This song can come with me on any Valentines picnic. Plus the chicks dig Sade, really, they do.

(from Pablo Honey)

Oddly enough, this breakthrough song by Radiohead reminds me of an old flame who wanted the world to know that Radiohead was her favorite band and they were taking no prisoners. I said, “Yeah, sure, that’s alright” in my best British accent and we rode off in her old grey camaro. Good times, good times. Cheesy story, yes, but that’s what Valentines Day is all about. Holy s*** I am really getting old. Back then STP was young too, kids.

(from KICK, 1987)

I was typing up the last song choice and all of a sudden I said to myself “Oh YES! That brilliant one by INXS!’ Even my late grandmother liked this song. How do I know this? Well, we sometimed used to watch Days of Our Lives together [a habit which I have given up, but one that lasted many years] and the characters Jennifer Horton [That right, Melissa Reeves, not that other one] and her boyfriend at the time Emilio something or other were both dancers on that show and they practised this skit to Need You Tonight by INXS over and over which I thought was pretty cool. INXS on some soap opera. How about that…. “So, slide over here and give me a moment, I’ve got to let you know, you’re one of my kind…”

(from the Velvet Undergroud – Box Set)

Yes, a Valentines Day song about adultery. It never really comes to mind when I think of the song anyway. Lou Reed is briliant. Nuff said.

SINEAD O’CONNOR – This is NOT a Rebel Song
(from Gospel Oak)

This is my political choice for the list. Sinead would probably like that about it. I didn’t pick Nothing Compares 2 U either. I picked this because it is a beautiful love song, although not a happy one. It should remind us too about the state that things are in… for some reason I was complled to choose this song in light of an uncertain political climate to serve as some sort of reminder to myself… odd but a good choice if you listen to the song. Don’t play this song during your big night out though, kids.

THE CLASH – Lovers Rock
The Clash may very well be the greatest band that ever walked the face of this Earth. So, here’s a love song by The Clash that was on this list before the list even had a theme, get it? Yeah, they rock THAT much. This one is slow and you couples can dance to it yet it doesn’t suck and it wasn’t written by a bunch of sell-outs., How many punk bands these days can say they wrote a good love song?

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