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Love late for court…

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…Ms Love provided another lesson yesterday by arriving for her Manhattan court appearance five hours late. This court hearing was regarding that raucous impromptu New York gig back in March when she managed to hit a fan with a microphone stand. Arriving at 3pm for a 9.30am hearing Love’s lawyer said the singer wasn’t aware she would have to attend in person. But Judge Melissa Jackson wasn’t impressed, telling Love: “The rules apply to you as well as everybody else”.

This snippet of Love news comes via CMU.

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  • I think Frances is 11 now.

  • Natalie, oh yes, she is creating some problems for herself. It will piss her off, of course. It is very interesting to watch her personalities unfold. I wonder if she will ever figure it out. Maybe a judge will order her to take Depakote (mood stablizer) or something. Kurt Cobain did provide for the kid (left behind enuf money)now it is just a case of using it to it’s best.
    How old is Frances now?


  • Eric Olsen

    she needs to learn when she can say “fuck you” and when she can’t – there is less wiggle room at 40 than at 25

  • Shark

    Her best attribute: her chin makes a wonderful can opener.

  • Problem is, saying “fuck you” to the dominant paradigm (as personified by The Man) is likely to lead to Courtney losing her child (perhaps to Frances’ benefit) and her freedom. Sometimes it is better to be responsible than to be cool.

  • Aahh…how can anyone not love her for that? I saw her on Celeberty Justice for that episode. She dropped her court papers, some woman picked them up and ran them to her. She bummed a cigarette after court. How cool is that? Way mass cool I say….

    Anyway, I like how the personalities of her lives cross. The Hollywood starlet mixing with the street punk. Courtney is alright in my book.