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Love, Hate, and Eminem

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I felt like utter crap today, so I sat around watching television all day long. Yay me.

And, ahead of watching a VH1 Ultimate Albums thing on The Marshall Mathers LP, I was starting to think that there might be some redeeming value in Eminem’s music that I had missed.

I would like to officially declare that a wrong answer.

I listened to stories about how songs like “Stan”, “Kim”, “Criminal”, “Kill You”, and “The Way I Am” were crafted, how the label hacks and the producers and the public responded to ’em, and I repeatedly heard the argument put forth that the anger expressed was artistic in nature, not homophobic or woman-hating or any other kind of hating, for that matter.

And I’m dizzy as sin, so I can’t remember the exact quote, but it’s like Eminem says something to the effect of “I write about raping or killing five or six times, then write the flashing-neon lyric that says that I’m kidding, and it’s like the critics ignore the lyrics that say I’m kidding and focus on the rape and the killing.”

Well, duh.

I have a friend who just got pregnant. Completely by accident, mind, but the life is on its way nonetheless. The son or daughter in question is coming into a world where different elements of the culture are out to destroy themselves, where too many people running massive businesses like lining their pockets with ill-gotten dough, where we’re still not sure as a culture whether we have a religious faith that binds us together or not, where kids kill themselves every day and other kids think about killing themselves every minute of their lives and have to fight to find reasons to live in every moment.

And that’s just in these here United States. If we go to Europe and beyond, matters are even more effed up. (Ah, if only Amelia didn’t know how to find this page…another expletive works there far, far better…)

All right, here’s the crux of the matter: which lyrics does this kid need to hear worse in his world?

“These *********** are thinkin I’m playin
Thinkin I’m sayin the **** cause I’m thinkin it just to be sayin it
Put your hands down *****, I ain’t gon’ shoot you
I’ma pull you to this bullet, and put it through you
Shut up slut, you’re causin’ too much chaos
Just bend over and take it like a slut, okay Ma?
‘Oh, now he’s raping his own mother, abusing a whore,

snorting coke, and we gave him the Rolling Stone cover?'”

“Mom, your baby is on his way; he’ll soon be at your side
‘Cause he’s forgotten all he’s known; a part of him has died
Mom may never understand why baby’s come and gone
He left home to find his own, now all he has are lies
In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you
And in your head where it dwells
I’ll give you my hand if you’ll reach out and grab it
Let’s walk away from this hell.”

They both come from very dark albums. One is, of course, from “Kill You” from The Marshall Mathers LP. The other comes from The Juliana Theory’s “Into The Dark”, from the album Emotion Is Dead. Neither is an ideal song for a baby to hear early in his life, granted.

But here’s the thing: One song has hate at its core, the other has love. Forget the arguments about whether Eminem means the hatred or not – it’s there. And any kid who hears that learns it. Learns how to hate early on, and well. The latter song has anger in it as well, but the emotion of love – reaching into this messed-up environment and pulling somebody out of it – overrides.

And that’s why, at the end of the day, I still reject Eminem, and I stand with everybody who wonders why Eminem is getting given a pass despite his violent lyrics. Because there are better options. There are far more important options. You can stand on your soapbox all you want, and you can preach “artistic freedom” all you want, but when you vent your anger so publicly, so explicitly, and with such clear intent to make profit from it (lest we forget: Eminem is under contract to Interscope Records, and he’s changed albums to make his label bosses happy) there’s a better word for it: irresponsible.

Kristin relates this story about my youngest daughter, asking a question about her older sister unprompted: “Mommy, do you love Amelia?” “Why, yes, Anna, I love Amelia.” “And Daddy loves Amelia?” “Yes, he does.” “And I love Amelia, and Mamoo loves Amelia!” (Mamoo = paternal grandmother). And Anna gets entirely excited about the fact that her sister is so loved, moving past the purely selfish and into excitement about the fact that love can be found around our house, in such quantity.

We should not – we must not – ignore how postive the simple emotion of love can be on a younger generation trying to find its way through the world. If there’s a parent who doesn’t want their kid to be so happy, I don’t understand it. And while working to expose a child to love is difficult at times, the end product is so incredibly worth it.

Now, at the same time, I’m not proposing ignoring reality. I don’t begrudge any artist the right to record their emotions frankly, to address the anger and the venom swirling about their world. What I do stand against is the context of hate and the glorification of the violent. Eminem needs to be shouted down not because of his subject matter, but the hateful interpretation of the subject matter.

But I suppose hate and shock are easier to market than love and hope.

Hopefully those takes make sense in my physically ill state. I need some chocolate, I think. Drumsticks ho…

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  • Ian S.

    I more or less agree with this, but from a different angle. See, I *liked* the Slim Shady LP. It was refreshingly free of the stoopid gangsta/pimp schtick nearly all rap drowns in these days, and the backing tracks by Dr. Dre and the Bass brothers were quite listenable. Plus, he rhymes with “Marty Schottenheimer”, which I give bonus points for.

    The Marshall Mathers LP I liked less, because the nihlism was starting to become draining. When I ripped it to listen to, I omitted “Kim” entirely because it’s simply beyond my threshold of violence and I’m uninterested in trying to find any other value in it.

    Finally when The Eminem Show came out I got it on MP3 before even buying the record. I gave it a listen, declared it unlistenable because it was so nihlistic (as I’ve told my friends, you KNOW an Eminem disc is in trouble when the skits aren’t even funny). Then I read the rave reviews in Spin and other mags and figured maybe I’d missed something. So I gave it another listen, but concluded that I hadn’t – rather, music seems to have become like modern art, where critics will extravagantly praise total crap just so they don’t seem unhip. I deleted the MP3s, and I’m definitely not buying the album.

  • “Hello my name is Jon, and I like Eminem.”

    I’m glad that you are interested in music that expresses a positive message, and I admit that the latest Eminem album is not half as good as the Marshall Mathers LP, but this seems like more of an attack on the artist rather than a review of any Eminem album.

    I do like his earlier albums. I grew up on Slayer, NWA, The Misfits, etc. whose messages are much angrier than anything that Mathers has come up with. And NWA was saying all the same stuff 20 years ago, and never got half the popularity of Eminem. Why? I would venture it’s because they were not white and suburban, and white America wasn’t really ready for them.

    This is no secret, and is even expressed on Eminem’s new album on a track called “White America”.

    It’s just like all the boy bands: it’s a business plan. And that’s fine. The reason that Eminem is big, is because he’s clever, he’s shocking, and he’s white.

    But, it’s just music. Kids need angry music just as much as loving, caring music. Sometimes love songs or self-depricating whining can make me much angrier than anything Mathers can put out. As long as kids have loving parents, they can listen to whatever the heck they want to. Music companies don’t raise our kids, and neither does Eminem. They’re not supposed to.

    Despite having some of the angriest musical tastes, but I have yet to kill anyone, and I’m all for being happy. Like most people, I know that it’s music, not a life plan. If kids are angry, it may help kids to release some of that anger. It also may make them laugh. Or it may be something that they get to feel rebelious about.

    And they may forget about it next week…

  • Many thanks for the comments, both here and through e-mail. Double props to Howard Owens, who sends along a link to one of his writings that I think addresses a lot of what Jon addresses directly.

    I freely plead guilty to addressing Eminem more generally as an artist than reviewing any of his albums, per se. Surely I haven’t plowed any new ground in that department. And I’m all about claiming our responsibilities as parents and all that. Of course, you have to deal with the fact that not all parents are concerned about their kids as we are, but that’s another argument.

    Or is it? My biggest concern is that an environment where hate and violence is glorified isn’t one that we want the kids who are growing up to be tomorrow’s adults to grow up in. It’s one thing to be angry, or to write angry lyrics – and whereas I don’t have any Slayer or NWA in my collection, Public Enemy and Ben Folds Five have their places. [I don’t claim to be harder-than-thou by ANY stretch. If I did, I would disavow all the Christian stuff. :)] It’s quite another to so clearly and pointedly fantasize and glorify extreme violence in one’s lyrics, and to direct hatred at (insert your favorite aggrieved group here). Eminem’s stuff disturbs me greatly, and I’m a hundred times more disturbed that Interscope would spend millions upon millions to market Eminem’s messages.

    And perhaps that’s the overriding detail that I’m on about.

    (But the dude rhymed something with Marty Schottenheimer? Heh. Shows you how informed my takes are…)


  • Ashley Cornish

    I think you are pretty cute for turning 30

  • amy marion

    well i think that he is good and every one should shut the **** up.

  • Well on his song, i dont remember what song that it is, he says “got a new baby sister, she dont understand” does he really? can anyone give me the scoop???<3 brianna <3

  • Kellie

    Does anyone have a REAL address for Eminem, where he will actually get my letter? PLease help.

  • Eric Olsen

    Kellie, I am certain his website has a place for fan mail – I’d try that.

  • asdf asdf asfd

    Eminem is the bomb no one could rap like him do not even try because you are not going to do it

  • Ray

    Eminem is cool he could rap and do anything i always listen to his music and i always admire it if any one got a problem with it just kiss my natural white ass and if you do not like Eminem it is because you are jealous of him and you are trying to be like him but no one in the world could be like him i send eminem a letter but he never gets it could anyone help me and tell me his adress please i would give you anything

  • Old Fart

    I hated Eminem out of principle, without ever having listened to his music. Then one night I rented the DVD of “8 Mile”. The following weekend I bought a copy of the DVD. Two weeks later I bought “The Eminem Show”. Now I “get” Eminem.

    At the end of “My Dad’s Gone Crazy”, Hailie says, “You’re funny, Daddy.” And I say, “Yup.” He’s funny, all right. He’s also piercingly honest and direct. And he’s offensive too, no question about it.

    We need offensive artists. We always have needed them. I called a friend of mine and told him that we no longer had the Mothers of Invention or the Sex Pistols, so thank goodness that Eminem is with us.

    By the way, I’m 51 years old and a kindergarten teacher.

  • “Piercing honesty” and offensiveness are pretty thin pegs on which to hang one’s artistry, especially for someone so shallow as Eminem. My daughter got me “The Eminem Show” for Christmas, and while I have a certain liking for the rhythm, Eminem’s excrementious mouth wears me down after about ten minutes. Ironically, he’s not honest or offensive in a way that means anything, that shakes you up, that gets under your skin — it’s just the ravings of some bi-polar inner city youth (or thereabouts) who hates his mother and ex-wife and hopes to see both burn in hell. Oh, and he loves his daughter.

    Hate is far more satisying to feel than to hear. That line of Bob Dylan’s keeps coming to mind: “If there’s an original thought out there, I could use it right now.”

  • daphne

    hey marshall you make new e-mail adress you do add me please ok

    from daphne

  • daphne

    hey marshall do you make new e-mail adress you do add me please ok

    from daphne

  • eminem rules! #1 rapper. u haters should get a f****** life. now beat it.

  • sup em. i am ur #1 fan in nz. get a fucken life all u fucken dickhead haters and put up with his shit.

  • Kracka

    every one knows em is the shit cant no one fuck wit him i been listenin to him for years he is the reson i started rappin you people can say that he sucks or he is a bad influence but in ways he is a great influence in a magazine article some one interviewed people living around him they responded to questions saying he would shake your hand if he met you, use appropriate languge, and people said he was a great father playin basketball with the kids on the block and maken breakfast for his daugter in the mornin, so you can say what you want about him but in the back of your mind you know he is a sick rapper and a good person

  • Kracka

    oh and he is mad funny

  • sophie

    i think eminem is great!!!!
    i have loved all of him albums so far.
    Especially his new album “The Eminem Show” when i listen to the lyrics i just keep going over and over the same piece of music because its so unbelievable.
    Infact i have become so infactuated with the cd i know the lyrics for every single song/skit. Am i crazy? NO i just love him anybody with a contact address please please please tell it to me.

  • This crap is NOT rap. It’s “POP” music,
    losing ground even as I write. Not that
    some of it isn’t GOOD, and some even
    excellent, but 3/4ths is merely mediocre,
    and most less.

    Consider, “Sing For The Moment” basically
    explains this thought. The MOMENT. NOW.

    What is Pop, Pop, Popular!

    PLEASE feel free to BE the first on YOUR
    block to BLEACH your head, cut it like
    THIS, and get in LINE!

    Hey, KISS did this shit in ’74, but only
    the extreme had their faces tatoo’ed
    with permanent stupidity. Luckily, bleach
    wears OFF, and hair grows back!

    Mr. Mathers’ act is a rehash of every
    would-be “Rebellious Youth” scenario ever
    devised by a corporate stooge. When he
    first came on the scene, he seemed to
    have something to say.

    Now, (millions of DOLLARS later)
    it’s pretty obvious Rapboy
    follows his LEADER, historical lyrical
    HITMAN and BIGDOG, Dr. “MF” Dre, hog of
    BIGnuts fame! (Also, provider of
    the LOOT!)

    As is only natural in this setting, since
    it HAS been Dre and NOT “rapboy” who’s
    been CARRYING this show from jump!

    It’s like, for every generation, there’s
    a NEW Jebus!

    Eminem AIN’T Jebus! (Luckily, he
    probably ain’t the “anti-jebus”, either!)

  • Dew

    I didn’t bother to read the other comments so if I am repetitious, forgive me.

    I think most people miss the point of Eminem and songs like Kill you. First of all its not meant for kids. And to say that he should clean up his lyrical content to cater to the lack of adequate parenting is as silly as saying that Eminem is the reason people hate homosexuals.

    I myself have been very angry at times and thought of several different ways to release that anger. Most often it comes out in lyric or poem. Once I’m done the emotion has settled. The difference? Millions of people dont hear my outlet. Is that reason for him to tame it. Not at all, that outlet is what made him famous.

    I am a huge fan of Eminem’s. If for no other reason than because I get it. he embodies, in my opinion, what music should stand for: Release and emotion. If you dont agree, last I checked, all radios, computers, mp3 players, television sets and any other form of electronic transmissions came with an off button…

  • Andee

    I’m sorry for all you people that just hate Eminem. He is a genius, and it is really sad that you can’t ingore the hate and see the artist that he is. How about other rappers? They seem to me that they are rapping about almost the sme thing, hwy not pick on them for a change?….Oh I get it….It’s becuse he is white and he is supposed to be better then all the other races?…And i thought you people said he was racsist…You people are sad…I feel sorry for you. 🙁

  • It is possible to acknowledge his artistry while hating and disavowing his message. I am not a fan, but “Lose Yourself” was just brilliant in many ways. One shouldn’t hate Eminem if one doesn’t know him personally, though.

  • Taloran

    Why am I not surprised that the majority of the Eminem fans in the comments above can’t spell, compose, or, apparently, think?

  • Public schools?

  • Taloran

    That’s a very nice way to phrase it, Natalie. Of course, it couldn’t be the individuals, could it? Gotta blame someone though – society, public schools, parents, aunts, the janitor at the apartment building, the next door neighbor’s cat.

    I don’t think it is the fault of public schools that certain people come out of the system uneducated, semi-literate ignoramuses (or is that ignorami?). Since certain attendees of the public school system gain a knowledge both broad and deep of grammar, syntax, history, geography, mathematics, and other critical subjects, while certain of their peers in the same classes fail to gain even a rudimentary comprehension of such basic tenets of the English language as “their, they’re, and there”, I believe that the individual must shoulder the brunt of responsibility for his or her edumacashional success. In other words, an ignorant, semi-literate lout has only himself to blame.

    That the Eminem fans above either don’t know their English or choose to be too cool to use it properly surprises me not in the least.

  • a.k.

    eminems job is alot harder than it looks, rap is about combining lyrics and melody. Eminem has made his “own style” of rap (white rap) a bizzare mix of metiphores and twisting lyrics. Although, i do think eminem peaked at “Marshal mathers LP”, his eminem show album wasnt all too aplealing. one word: Infinite, when he first started, it was his debut album, only sold 200 copies, and now, absolute millions are downloadin it on mp3, so what was the point? Priciple. He came out with something new that shook us and put himself above the rest, i still listen to his first ever raps battlin against peers on “the hip hop shop”. He is truly the Definition of Originality.

  • Dew

    I don’t believe styles have color. (Sidenote: when did we get a comment policy? How long has that link been there?) Eminem has a unique style but it’s just that: his. It has nothing to do with his color.

    He is a genius at rhyme scheme, melody, the way he works his voice over different beats and octaves is amazing. That is why I respect him and his art form because of his passion to release emotion and his creative delivery.

    That’s the beauty of art, it does not have to be the same for everyone.

  • (Sidenote: Dew, if you carefully parse the URL, you’ll see that the “Official Comment Policy” post was posted today at 15:30:55, about 50 minutes ago. I added the link to individual pages some time after that, probably within the last half hour. So you caught it quickly.)

    Er, and on-topic, um, I enjoy listening to Eminem on occasion, but I won’t keep any of his albums in my house. I bought one and sold it at a used CD store at a big loss. No MP3s in my house, nothing. I think he’s talented and clever, but I just don’t need to hear that stuff. 😉

  • anthony

    listen, eminem is the best god dam rapper in the world. no-one, not no-one can keep up to his standards of hip hop and never will. This man is the greatist and he is my idol forever. If u dont like what he sings about in his songs then DONT LISTEN TO IT! he’s not forcing you to buy his records, so back off and leave the man in peace. P.S. u the man em. peace my friend.

  • anyone who says that Eminem is the best “rapper” in the world obviously doesn’t like hip hop and should go and explore all avenues of it before you go cussin anyone out. there are hundreds of better lyricists and rhyme-spitters than mister mathers, people who also dont breed hate and use it in order to sell music. at the end of the day, he is a average “rapper” who jumped on the bandwagon and got hella lucky when he did so. he will fade like all the others, and his sucess will turn into his downfall…. personally, i cant wait to see it happen.

  • actually, so do i. he’s talented, imo, but it’s so uplifting to see hate-fueled art passed by for something more redeeming and positive. (and i don’t mean nelly.)

  • Dew

    Not quite Proud. Eminem has a distinct flow and a rare ability to yield to whatever beat he is on and although most people have their own personal view of the greats the majority and I stress majority (not to be confused as saying universally) would agree that Em belongs in the top five. That is just speaking on lyrics and style of course.

    Is he the best human being? None of us can make that judgement but being an avid hip hop head his lyrics are no more homophobic than any other (read: black) rappers and sadly enough that is no compliment. Eminem just happened to be the right color for ‘America’ to take notice. Ironically he was smart enough to play on that as well. Luck had very little to do with it.

  • actually, in the competitive music biz, i think luck is a factor — but only one — for anyone who makes it, talented or not. em is talented, and talent is colorblind. but even he realizes that us’s melanin fixation played a part to some degress in the size of his success.

  • all im sayin is that i been listenin to hip hop for coming up on 10 years now, and ive heard plenty of seriously ILL mc’s go totally un-noticed while mc’s that are not quite on par with them rising to the top, but that’s just the industry. i agree, eminem is talented with his own style, but hes only actually capable of writing to his style, which is hate fulled. i think that’s what makes him just an average mc. also, i know he can freestyle, but i also heard his ass gettin beat plenty times by people that arn’t even apparently in his leauge. then again, look at his freestyles… all loosely based on the same thing, just rehashed. it’s alaways a battle rap. when you ever heard em flow thats NOT a diss?? go out, check some other ish like MR. LIF, CANNIBAL OX, EL-P, SAGE FRANCIS, EDAN and then come back and make your judgement.

  • oh yeah, one more thing…. go back, waaaay back and see what hip hop is SUPPOSED to be about…. hip hop was NEVER about hate.

  • Dew

    It still isn’t. The core of Hip Hop is self expression and release. That is exactly what Eminem does despite the fact he is insulting others in the process. Hip Hop has a history of such behavior. Men being referred to as punks and woman being objectified go as far back as Rapper’s Delight. Its sad but thats the basis of most of the anguish these ‘artist’ feel necessary to release. But we will agree to disagree

  • marly

    I think he is hot.you know whos hot eminem so fuck ya bicthes eminem is the shit and if ya dont beilieve in him you a mother fucker and i will make ya. p.s you the shit man.p.s agian my name is marly im a girl and im 9 almost10.

  • 3:16

    eminem is a commercialised piece of sh*t. if you believe that his lyrics have deep sentimental value then u r blind, fooled by the music industry promotion machine. CONTROVESY = CASH. eminem is ruled by the almighty $. if eminem is as ‘real’ as he says he is then why the f*ck is he faking popping pills on stage? if he is so ‘real’ then pop pills 4 real dont promote it cuz its not big and its not clever. mr.mathers sir, to put it nicely, YOU SUCK!

  • Well, Chuck clearly has very strong feelings about Eminem. However, I can’t quite relate to the belief the rapper is teaching pristine, untouched kids to hate. That may be because there are no pristine, untouched kids really. The capacity to hate comes built in to the species, I suspect.

    Know something? In my experience, children reared in rigidly religious homes often turn out to be hateful, probably because they are brought up to think of themselves as the elect and the rest of the people in the world as garbage. I wouldn’t be surprised if some rap listeners turn out to be more empathetic people than some of those of home-schooling oh-so-Christian-we-dare-not-rub-shoulders-with-heathens parents.

  • Skrib

    I like eminem for a simple fact, he’s diffrent. I listen to old school rap, such as NWA and Wu-tang, they’re great, but eminem says stuff no one would ever think of. Jus last night i was listenin’ to a pirate radio station, and the rappers there were only rhymin the last Syllable’s (ie. far, car, bar etc) but eminem sounds much better cause he rhymes many more (and sometimes all) of the line.


    dont get anything mixed up, Infinite, slimshady EP, Slimshady LP and Marshal mathers LP (and to a certian extent: Devils night) were all the best things hes dropped, esspecially Infinite. Those who dont like eminem probably havent heard songs like: Murder murder, and: Our house. those songs are better than most things on any of his comercial albums, infact, ALL HIS UNDERGROUND STUFF (when to stand up/ we shine/ nuttin to do/) IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING RELEASED…

    you shouldnt judge unless you know the whole story, eminem quit school at 14 because of the racial beatings, his mother tried to sue the school but failed.. Eminem spent the next years building himself up for a giant disappointment. But i cant help noticing, people are liking eminem for the wrong reasons, now-a-days, becuase of most “Urban” music, Ten year olds (ie. marley: scroll up) are becoming mesmerized by the contraversy, and think its ok to curse a blue streak. Eminem isnt about the things he says, its abut the way he says it. He could make a rap about somethin like pop-corn and make it sound astonishing. Most rappers i’ve seen can’t do what he does. But he can’t do what they do neither. Its all a matter of taste.

  • Knahlidge

    I think Eminem is good. But if you think he is the greatest rapper on Earth or in rap today, then you just started listening to rap. Eminem is doing a style of rap that is called lyricism. Big Pun made this popular ion the rap game but unfortunately passed away from heart failure before he could ever gain his due success. for those who wrote that he gets popularity cause he’s white, dont you see a problem with that? there is a double standard when ti comes to him. He can tell kids to kill, and rape his own mom and kill his baby’s mother, joke about 9/11 and anything else he wnats yet when another rapper that isn’t white does this they are crucified. also, he is not a white rapper. he is a rapper. if i have a doctor who is black, i dont call them a black doctor. They are a doctor. Stop labeling ths to race. I think eminem’s double standard is no fault of his own, but the people who cover him and promote him. He got an oscar! for what? And if you really believe that rap is full of people who are “gangstas” “pimps” “playas” and all that nonsense, then you only listen to that kind of rap. Listen to AZ, my favorite. Listen to Common, Mos def, even Nas. If you think that, then you dont know rap. IF you think eminem is the best, then you dont know rap. Ask any real rap listener and they will tell you. Eminem will go down as one of the best, but not the best. Thats crazy to even say.

  • bilal

    it is clear that the man have done alot .why?look at the internet it is full of articels about eminem .it is full of chat website just to talk about him .we r talkin about him right now the radio keep playin his songs the tv keep playing his vedios and making interwies with him .
    he is talented he is uniqe he is funny .
    it is true that he keep raping about killing his wife and his mother bla bla bla
    but look at the way he ryhem the way he perform look at the way how he choose his music .
    maybe he got some luck coz dre signed him but am sure that even if he did not joined aftermath he would be as famous as he is now .
    the man is strong and smart every1 in the world is talkin about him .
    and if u hate him then u r a stupid black person or u don’ like hiphop or u dont know the man
    we all can’t say that he is a bad person even his biggest fans coz we don’t know him we never met him in person
    if we wanna make a judge then we have to make it only on his art
    i think that he is funny and smart and strong go and listen to his diss songs he realy destroy his apponent
    maybe there is alot of rappers better than him but they r not in the game
    am sayin that he is the best in the moment once he said that he is not the best there is alot of rappers like 50,nas jay-z r better than me
    he is humbel
    i like him and millions feel like me
    u can’t say he is bad coz he just keep cussing and killing …..etc
    all the other rappers make the same thing but in thier own style
    even a man with have brain can understan wether eminem is kidding or serious in his songs and i think that everything he talks about is just a kind of joking and it is just words on the mic

  • Myke

    I think dat Eminem Is one of the best but what most of yall is fogettin is you have to thank the other rappers of the past fo Eminem even bein here cuz if it wasn’ fo tem he proly neva would have been inspired so damn much an love rap as much as he does. All i have to say is I know I cn’t be the best but Eminem has inspired me a lot since he’s been out jus like all the otha rappers out there that I am having a single cummin out soon hopefully inthe next 3 months to a year. Hopefully one day I couldbe as big as Eminem an all the otha big rappers.

  • tania

    hi iam from israel and iam the biggest fan of eminem in the whole world so please please please give me his adress e-mail and i’ll give you anything!!!!!!!!!!

  • daniel

    i’m writing a paper and i need to know how eminem has positively effected your life holla @ Your BOY

  • comment à les vous

  • emoney

    I think that people spend to much time analyzing lyrics or Eminem for that thought. I think when you do that you get these he trying to be violent and all this bullshit but you people act like he is so bad when there are people in the world that are satan worshipers and shit and your worrying about eminem lyrics. I think that Eminem speaks for the voice that can’t be spoken for and he talk about real life shit. He has open a lot of doors and people crtize and try to pull apart his lyrics and shit. I think people should just lay on the fact that he is great artist and there is never going to be another Eminem.

  • im eminem’s biggest fan. I always sit in my room and make rhymes. i would go all the way to be like him. At school im called lil em cuz i walk, talk, and somehow i kinda look like him. In my free time at school i write rhyms. I have all of his c.d’s and his moovie. He explains me in so many songs like ” that y we sing fo these kids who dont have a thing except fo a dream and a fuckin rap magazine and post pictures an there wall’s all day long idalize there faveorate rapper’s and all there songs or fo anyone who ever been through so much shit in there lives they sit and cry at night wishin they die so they throw on a rap record and they sit and they vibe.” i had the same child hood he did. when i was 2 or 3 i was raped. then my mom got this idea to get this dude who awlays beat us. I never new my father. I no 1 thing if you have a problem with eminem u got 1 wit me. I grew up on the bad side of town. So if u dont no him dont say shit bout him or anyone else like him. I would go to detroit and battle like him. Me and my friends act like were battlein and i always end on top. there’s a group of ppl there they always pick me to win. Thats all i ever do is jus listen toeminem and wright rhyms. so if u dont fuckin no him dont juge him. or any1 else like him.


  • Sandra Smallson

    I did not read the last 5 or 6 posts cos the Marshall fans seem to think they are auditioning for Slim Shady himself. My question is, why has nobody said publicity stunt? So far, I have been reading and not one soul has mentioned it. Lil’ Kim was always accused of publicity stunts as was Foxy Brown. Mr Mathers has one prevailing theme in all his lyrics and nobody has accused him of using controversy to sell records and how it’s all a publicity stunt and so on.

    I don’t particularly like Eminem. I don’t think he is the best rapper either. Give me Jigga man, Jay Z any day of the week. I’m not a hip-hop or rap fan but I can manage a few of them. Eminem has a couple of songs where I like the background beat. The Production behind the rap. I’m aware he is telling a story about his mother or boybands or britney or xtina or his mother or boybands or britney or xtina or the govt or his mother..and the carousel keeps spinning. I am aware he can rhyme. Okay.

    My point is, all sorts of unnecessary accolades are thrown Eminem’s way. He escapes criticisms that they give to other Artists even though he is doing the exact same thing. It’s like they think we must perpetually award him for doing good in a predominantly black field and being welcomed and embraced by the blacks. How brave, Marshall..for that we must pronounce you, clever, talented and the best. Have you listened to an Eminem interview? Why would anybody say Eminem is clever?! He is talented but not the most talented and he certainly is not the best.

    We are undergoing this same problem with Justin Timberlake at the moment. White boy done good in black neighbourhood. Mustn’t criticise him the same way we would others who do exactly as he is doing and we must pronounce him as some exceptional person compared to other boyband members.

    It’s all just complete poppycock!

  • Chuck Pearson. I’m happy theres plent of love around your house and that you have a perfect life but some of us don’t. Marshall Mathers was an example he rapped his emotions and you sit here and criticize that? This is America and Slim has every right to express his emotions as violently as he pleases. If you don’t like his music don’t listen to it. It’s for people like him, and if your kids listen to it. Maybe you weren’t the parent you thought you were.

  • tiffiny

    Ilike the album

  • maryann

    eminem is by far one of the best lyricist in the music business. i love him. i think that most of the things eminem say is just shocking and thats why he is saying them. i dont think eminem is a bad influence because of whaT HE SAY .i love the way he raps. keep doing what you do. anybody that have a problem with him can fucking come see me. i also like the fact that he’s down with the blacks. i love all his albums and every thing he does. i also think he is a great actor and artist.

  • maryann

    most people have a problem with eminem being white in a black business. well,
    ffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • kudd45

    wow this topic sure got slaughtered bad!

    Kids should have to get permission to blog from their parents. I mean this whole thing is pure blather, wtf. I’m sorry your topic got fucked up by little kids chuck, and that im adding nothing.

    P.S. what made these fools think they were actually talking to eminem?? strange indeed. I posted on a george bush topic, i certainly didn’t think i was talking to the prez.

    If i was please… lemme know! lol

  • Anthony

    Alright i think this is getting takin way to seriously. Eminem is nothing but a reflection of this society and what it has come two. People were killing them selfs, hating thier moms and taking drugs long before mr.mathers was around. So how dare you say that a kid is going to be currupted by listoning to an eminem cd. A kid gets currupted the second he walks out of his front door. My mom bought me his first cd when it first came out i was 11 or 10. Look at me now im not suicidal or homicidal or even hate my mom. Eminem is just an artist an entertainer that expresses the way he feals through freedom of speach. I am an underground rap artist right now. And yes i talk about Drugs, having sex, crime and hate. But i grew up in the Gheeto the projects and that is how it is thier. People get killed every day and have been getting killed way before eminem or any other musician came out. Like the late Tupac Shakur said “When we were in the vietnam war we showed it to people, we showed the horror of it and we got out and stoped, well maybe if we show the horror of the gheeto through our music then they wel stop that also” and i believe that through and through. Look art is art whether it is negative, positive or both. If you dont like it then dont buy it. Its funny how people like you use really famous people as a scape goat to whats really wrong with this world. Look all im saying is Eminem has had it hard enough already and with critics like you doing this is not making his life any better. And when i get famous one day i expect the same treatment unfortunetly. Wel thats how i feal and if you dont like it well thats just fine.

  • crystal

    im eminem’s biggest fan i already have 1 note up there. you know most ppl dont understand what other ppl r like and they juge ppl to soon before they know them all. u know all eminem is trying to say is go for what u beleive in. hold ur heard high dont listen to others. just by his cd’s he taught me so many things. nobody under stands pll like eminem. every1 goes through alot of shit in there lives it dont matter if its realy realy bad or just bad they still go thrugh alot of shit where all they want to do is just be alone and they block them self from the world. all hes doing is trying to show kids that there not alone just no1 fucking relizes it. so this is his biggest fan talking FUCK U LIL BITCHES WHO HATE EMINEM U GUYS CAN SUCK A COWS ASS BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    hey i like em im freakin 11 years old i gott all da eminem albums tshirts posters everything fuck what other people say about eminem i idolise him

  • josh

    ok i dont care what anyne saiz about eminem i stay a huge fan if they critisize eminem i fuk them up anyone in da house dis eminem watch out ill send u heeps a shit and do the worst i can my point is eminem is da best

  • doeboy

    The it yall are talking about don’t deserve to have his name mentioned. He’s a punk sell out. He is the new kid on the back street that cant keep nsync with his 98 degree hanson cd. He is why white people are not taken seriously in hiphop. His fans consist of 12 your old girls. He is the frat fag soccer playing brownie hond that is the skid mark on the draws of music. He’s nothin but a comedian who got booed off the stage at the laugh factory. But then again so is most comercial c/rap. Everlast is better, 3rd bass was better,n2deep was better. That’s just a few if we’re only talking white rappers ( M&M is not an emcee). He’s a joke. Plain and simple, hell even Scott Ian (from Anthrax) was a better rapper, so was tommy lee. Lastly you little pre-teen knuckle heads need to know what real music is, and if your white from the subs act like it, if your black from the subs act like it, don’t try to be something your not, it’ll just get ya hurt in the end. Also I do know everybodies got there’ own oppinion this was mine. WHITE KIDS FROM THE SUBS YOUR NOT THUGS, BLACK KIDS FROM THE SUBS YOUR NOT THUGS.

  • anis

    luv u eminem whatever happend bro
    peac out man
    our life is fucked up
    same u bro
    bye homey

  • Pamela Alva

    well, i don´t have petty much to say about eminem, but, please, please, if anybody knows his adress, send it to me,cause i´ve written a letter for him but actually don´t know where to send it, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!, at least his e-mail adress!!!

  • Pamela Alva

    by the way my e- mail adress is anjanethpam hotmail.com

  • Forgive Me Not

    To avoid penalities for comment, let’s get down to the point. I am trying to shed my obsession with Britney and anyone who is like her. That’s why I like Eminem. He hurts the right people at the right moment. No matter how I feel, I can choose who I want to listen to. I much prefer his albums to any of the pop, rock, or much worse, romantic and highly sexual jazz music. Eminem rulez!

  • jordan

    I love eminem and i want to meet him so bad it would be so cool if i could talk to him.

    I absolutely love your music….
    I am 11 years old and you are my idol
    please dont stop making music I love you
    I have lots of dreams where I meet you and it makes me feel happy all day.I have pretty much all of your songs and I have heaps of posters.


  • toree takazo

    LUV YA

  • Eminem

    Thanks Toree.

  • yo u r a coolcat i like alot

  • you are so cool

  • Lil

    YO ! look ….. i reeded almost all of the comments and i liked it . my parance ware devorced when i was 2 years old , but i know my dad (he didn’t left me), i hawe the same stile as eminem ….. you know : the “just dont give a fuck” stile ….. and he always was my bigast fan ….. i first heard eminem when i was 10 at a birthday party …. know im 15 and sence then hees my favorite …. he always was my favorite ! he has the exact stile that i have and i like , and i listen to him every day and i listen almost just to him . i have all hees videos , im trieing to collect all hees songs . im not saying that im hes bigest fan caz half of the world is sayin it so ….. it dosent mater aniway .from eminem i learnd english …. only my gramatics arent the best so sorry ….. and i learnd rhimyn …. some technincs . you gotta listen to the songs “closer” and you realize hess tricks . and hee is the reason that i make songs and i write shit and rapp it to. i take it very seriusli …. iw been in a studio and am about to make an album . its realy cool and even in the music my stile is like eminem’s (that’s why i call my selfe Lil’ Shady) so you can imagine that how cool is it 😀 . a lot of people are sayin that i have talent only i dont have a lot a of monny 🙁 . and i live in romania but i speak hungarian so all of my songs are hungarian . but the fact is that i learnd BIG THINGS from eminem and i whould be some nut right know out there if it whosent for eminem . i realy apricheiate him and i like his music . hees the A C E . and somwhone sed it !! there will be only one eminem on this world . but sad that just this thusday proof deid . i dont know whats next . im sorry for him . i do chat with any1 who wants .[Personal contact info deleted]

  • this is so stupid wtf everbody knows most of these suckas sayin’ i love eminem are suburban white kids who dont really listen to hiphop.They are the kids who come to school sayin sup my nigga and get glared at.They are the kids when some one ask if they listen to rap they say “yeah eminem” and no other rap artist.sure some black kids buy eminem but not very many the main reason behind his succes is the white kids who say “im your biggest fan” and buy all his products.makes me sick.

  • i hate Eminem i hate rap i like classic softrock like Billy Joel Elton John James Taylor Gordon Lightfoot John Denver the Eagles Kansas Seals and Crofts America Chicago Jim Croce Bread Don Mclean Cat Stevens Harry Chapin Hall and Oats Simon and Garfunkel Harry Nilsson Toto Neil Young SteelyDan AirSupply the Bee Gees Bob Dylan SuperTramp Journey FleetwoodMac Peter Paul and Mary Phil Collins Steve Winwood Leo Sayer Paul Mccartney Tom Petty Crosby Steels and Nash Pure Prarrie Leauge Sting Creedance Clearwater Rivival Dan Folgelberg the Animals the MoodyBlues Abba the Mamas and the Papas England Dan and John Ford Coley Dave Loggins Christopher Cross and the Little River Band

  • Gosho

    All i want to say is Eminem is cool.I love his music.He’s the best in this busines.Hip Hop 4ever

  • look,eminem is one great man,of course that most people think that he isn`t cool,cuz` they think EMINEM is one of the supids rappers which sing just for money,girls and cars…he sing for the life,and for the way how the people live…i will be really happy if someone tell me eminem`s mail adress cause i wanna send him some things to see 🙂

  • and the song The Way I Am give a proof that he is sensitive about the life and about the people,in his songs,there is a hope for better…EMINE I LOVE YOU !!!if someone know something for eminem`s adress pls tell me [Personal contact info deleted]

  • jessi and adam

    we agree eminem is the bomb but we have no way of getting his e-mail or of anyway for him write you all or git in tact wit.me i think eminem is sooooooooo fuckin hot its unreal!i have loads and loads of posters in my room.its cool but sometimes when im not payin no attension they start to scare me cuz thier all lookin at me!lol i have like all his albums and thts mostly all i ever listen to i started listenin to him when i wuz 10 nd now im 15.
    alls i got to say is that em is the fuckin shit!

  • eminem is lush no matter wat anyone says. no one in the world could be lyk him it is lyk so impossible

  • catta

    Hi, I LOVE Eminem <333
    but I've heard his gonna stop with music :'(
    thats what he said year 2006 at least, I hope he wont!!!!

  • gpdk

    From a 8mile review:

    Eminem has been the scorn of many for song lyrics that include racial slurs, comments on homosexuality and violence. His songs do discuss these things, but so do people. It is those that want to sanitize art of any realism that have the biggest problems with Eminem. For others, there is a passion in his work that makes him among the most respected of modern artists. His songs are not about women and gold chains, but about the emotions and fears that affect so many of his listeners.

  • zarka

    emenui is a bitch he should have diead the michael jackson all he does

  • zarka

    i hate emenium he makes fun of everybody he even made fun of MICHAEL JACKSON he is just jelous.Ilove michael jackson.he is also a rasist would you like it if he made fun of you so dont listen to his music it is trash.He cant even rap anyway we all love michael jackson more so leave your comments about him (postive)me to read thank you