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Love Biatch: Deal Breakers

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Dear readers,

I once dated a guy who seemed pretty great. That is until he provided me with WAY too much information about his intestinal distress and worse yet, used my bathroom to deal with it. That was our last date! Shallow of me? Yes, of course, but we all have our idiosyncratic deal breakers. Those things that just make us cringe, that we simply can’t get past. Maybe I could have dealt with that guy’s yucky stomach problems had we been dating longer when it reared it’s ugly head, but at the beginning, it was a fatal death blow to our burgeoning relationship.

The following are some of my other deal breakers that have killed past relationships…
Temper tantrums (so unappealing on a man!)
Creepy baby talk voice
Living in the Valley/Geographically undesirable
Bloody Jesus tattoos
His secret preference for other men

What’s a girl to do? What are your deal breakers?



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