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The misspelled domain name voyuer.com recently sold for $112,000, the Domain Name Journal reported this month. That’s a lot of money for misspelling a word. Too bad I didn’t know about MisspellingForProfit.com as a student.

Voyuer is valuable because a certain percentage will almost always misspell it. Web surfers no longer have to feel ashamed and frustrated by their bad spelling.

But how can you, too, find success at LousySpeller.com?

BadSpelling.com is usually a product of BadPronunciation.com. And no one was better at bad pronunciation then Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies.

So I tried speaking like Clouseau in my quest for misspelled riches:

For instance, telephone. But as Clouseau may have pronounced it: telepone or telepone.net (sorry, .com is taken)

Motorcar. Clouseau version: Motarkar.com

All were available for registration at time of posting.

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