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Louis XIV The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

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In building a band named after such a prominent figure, Louis XIV frontman Jason Hill surely had his own ego in mind. Despite having only released a handful of self-burned EPs from their own Pineapple record label, the San Diego based band’s already toured with The Killers, Futureheads and Hot Hot Heat. Based on a story about a guy who’s convinced he’s the late king, and recorded in Paris, the locale of the king’s death bed, the band’s first full length The Best Little Secets are Kept is full of sex and murder; an album sure to fare well during the latest Brit rock craze.

This disc opens with “Louis XIV,” where Hill boasts, I’m a weapon of mass destruction, channeling the egos of past and present tyrants. “God Killed the Queen” and “A Letter to Dominique” are some of the album’s cheeriest tracks, despite the latter’s murdering of the song’s heroine. Hill boasts, We don’t have to go the pool if you want me to make you wet on “Pledge of Allegiance,” the album’s most oversexed track. Cheesy one liners are excluded from the album’s finest moment, the Beatles-inspired “All the Little Pieces.” Concept album or not, The Best Little Secrets are Kept’s one worth finding out about.

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