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Lou Reed The Raven

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An interesting feature interview in LA Weekly on Lou Reed and his new album(s) “The Raven” (oddly enough not in The Village Voice, which owns LAW – I don’t remember Lou writing an album called “Los Angeles”, which is why there will probably be a profile of X in the next Voice).

What pulls you toward Poe’s work?
The theme: Why am I so attracted to that which I know is bad for me?

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  • Eric Olsen

    Amazing that Reed still feels this way in the neighborhood of 60 years old – maybe that is why he is still creating when so many others have fallen by the wayside, or found something more “respectable” to do.

  • I think Frank Black said it best with:
    “I want to be a singer like Lou Reed / and lose my penis to a whore with disease”.

    However, Lou is a cranky old fuck when you get him going on guitars and amps.

  • I don’t know, is it any better than his album “Exstacy”. I heard that in the store and gave up on him. The Velvets rule.

  • Eric Olsen

    As a rule, the closer you get in time to the Velvets, the better Lou was, but he’s still at it, which counts for something.

  • To my ears, though, Ecstasy was one of the exceptions to this rule: first solid Reed album since New York, I thought, though he could’ve cut that damn possum song in half and still made his point . . .

  • I think Lou Reed, while not necessarily producing anything really great, has remained interesting. I’ve stuck with him loyally from New York to Twilight to Ecstasy and have listened to these albums in amazement. Nothing compares to Transformer but Transformer seemed like leftovers from the velvet days.

    The possum song was great and hypnotic, BTW. He’s best live. If you get the chance don’t pass it up. It feels like a poetry reading set to music. Very beautiful.

  • Lou Reed always writes great stuff. Nobody liked the Velvets, why should anybody care now? I do. I just love him – always. There´s always that great voice – it´s like when it´s very cold and you don´t have car heater working properly, lou´s voice in your car stereo warms the whole car.
    And the new stuff – it´s just as good as the Velvets. Lou is still ahead of our time.

  • Michael Helke

    “Ecstasy” was an album that grew better upon close listening. At this stage in Reed’s career, the subtle nuances count more than the pyrotechnics (ex: the restrained, elegant guitar licks encircling “Tatters”). “The Raven” deserves to be listened to in the same manner.

  • Eric Olsen

    My problem with the last 20 years (with exceptions of course) is the lack of melodies. Reed quote exquisite melodies even on thrash rockers early on – much of the last 20 years just runs together for me. I like TUNES.