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LostProphets to other musos: Shut up!

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from: CMU

Welsh metallers Lostprophets reckon rockers should stay out of politics and
keep their anti-war ramblings to themselves. The band?s Ian Watkins told
Radio 1: “I don’t think they know the background of what’s really going on.
They just say ‘anti-war is cool – let’s speak out, let’s speak out. More
record sales’, which I think is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many movie
stars say ‘I don’t like the war’ – it will not make a difference. You know,
do you think Bush cares? Like Bush is saying ‘oh, I don’t know about this
war now. Ms Dynamite said it was wrong'”.

Co-member Mike Lewis added: “Mr Bush doesn’t care what George Clooney
thinks. Tony Blair doesn’t even listen to his backbench MPs – never mind
listening to some rock star…”

Marty: All I can say is; here here! Most of the artists speaking out are just doing it for the publicity anyway. Alas, not all publicity is good publicity. Just ask the Michaels (Jackson or George).

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  • and of course all the artists who are standing up in favor of the war (eg. toby keith) are pure of spirit and intent.


  • san

    Why, Marty, do you feel compelled to speak out? Because you are not an artist? Because no one has ever heard of you? Is that your just cause?

    Why do musicians and actors have fewer rights of free speech than your humble self?