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Dr. Nancy Kalish, a psychologist, started this website more than a decade ago, after she reunited with a college boyfriend.

They got engaged, but he broke it off.

So she did what academics do in situations like this: she started a survey.

She found that, contrary to her own experience and expectations, nearly three-quarters of those who reunited with an early love stayed together.

Even more interesting, she discovered that these unions tend to be extremely happy.

In 1997 her book on the subject, “Lost & Found Lovers” was published.

Over the past 11 years she’s researched more than 2,000 rekindled romances, which she tracks on her website.

[via Abby Ellin and the New York Times]
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  • RJ

    Most of my ex-girlfriends (at least those that I would be interested in getting back together with) are now either engaged, married, preganant, or have a kid (or kids) already.

    Depressing stuff… :-/

  • I am the author of this book. It was just released in paperback, April 2005, and is now available to order at any online or local bookstore.

    Over 3,000 people have now participated in my research on rekindled romances.

  • Dr. Kalish’s website is great, and so is “Love Interrupted” at ezboards for those who have or wish to rekindle with an old flame.