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Lost is a dramatic series airing on the ABC television network on Wednesday nights that has also become an internet phenomenon, spawning numerous blogs and fansites, like

Lost has even got it's very own version of wikipedia, started by fans as a place where fans can interactively blog about the show's episodes and characters, as well as the show's numerous mysteries, secrets, and plot twists…which are many.

Lost takes place on a mysterious island, where the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 find themselves marooned when their plane crashes. What they soon discover is they are not alone. There are also "The Others".

The island itself is a place full of mysteries and secrets. Smoke monsters, polar bears, and people who are supposed to be long-dead come and go at will. Shifts in time and space are just another day at one of the island's many hatches — which all have something to do with a secret project called the Dharma Initiative. Or was that the Hanso Foundation?

If you are already a bit Lost reading this, you're probably ready to join the ongoing discussion happening right now at your favorite Lost blog.

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Jan Herman is looking for a copy of the picture Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon carried with him on the Columbia. As he sadly notes, if it was an original, it’s gone now. He links to two other pictures drawn by the same artist, 14-year-old Peter Ginz, before he perished in Auschwitz. If you are aware of a copy of the now lost “View From the Moon” anywhere, especially on the Internet, please let Jan know.

About Eric Olsen

  • Bill Sherman

    The picture can be found here.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Bill, super helpful.

  • Corinna Hasofferett

    Thanks as well. I’ve set the drawing as my wallpaper right now and sent it to friends as well. An intimate memorial. Thanks for the sensitivity.
    Corinna (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

  • Maureen

    Hi, my name is Maureen and I am a student at Ursuine College.

    I am attempting to write a play and/or book about Peter Ginz. I first heard about him when I learned at Col.Ilan Ramon took his picture with him up into space.

    I was just wondering if there was anyone who had any information about him and/or knew him personally.

    Any information that you could give would be most helpful and needed. You’ll be helping an aspiring writer on her way!